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Title: X370 Gaming Pro Carbon - No post problem
Post by: xkillerpn on 15-May-19, 11:36:10
Hello guys, Just got a used x370 gaming pro carbon, ryzen 1600, all booted fine got to windows,  cinebenq r20 just to check temps all good 50c. 
Opened a game to check the new performance from my old fx, and system just black screens, power button does not shut down the system.
System only powers off with psu, and cpu led is on and it doesn’t post. 
Tryed no ram, no gpu, Cmos clear still no post(removed battery). 
Now the big question can I solve this?
Is my cpu dead or board?
System specs
x370 msi gaming pro carbon
8g of team group delta ram
psu Thermaltake tough 750w gold
rx480 4g
2 ssds 
2 hdds
Thanks in advanced.
Title: Re: X370 Gaming Pro Carbon - No post problem
Post by: xkillerpn on 15-May-19, 16:55:48
Is there any way I can upgrade Bios on this Board without the cpu in. I think its running a 2017 version. Maybe thats the issue.
Title: Re: X370 Gaming Pro Carbon - No post problem
Post by: rbleroy91 on 15-May-19, 23:29:06
Unfortuntaely, this mobo has not Flashback+ so that a compatible CPU is required to update the bios. :undecided:
1/ Build a minimal configuration:
- Get the mobo out of the case and place it on a non-conductive surface like a wooden table or the cardbox (never he antistatic bag).
- Keep only CPU (+ CPU-Cooler), RAM stick in DIMMA2 (2nd slot from CPU), RX480 in PCI_E2, PSU connected to CPU_PWR1, ATX_PWR1 and RX480 (only with cables furnished with this PSU), monitor connected to the RX480 and keyboard/Mouse, nothing else. Do a clear CMOS:
- Power off PSU, unplug the power cord and wait that all mobo's leds light off.
- Either
    . short JBAT1 during at least 20s
      (if you have not a jumper cap, use something like a screwdriver but be cautious to touch only the 2 pins of JBAT1) or
    . remove the battery cell during 30mn.
- Plug the power cord and power on.
- If you have display, you would have a message. Choose to use bios default values.
2/ If problem remains, retry all #1 after to have replaced the RAM in DIMMA2 with another stick (if you have).
3/ If problem remains, move the RX480 in PCI_E4 and redo a clear CMOS.
4/ If problem remains, move back the RX480 in PCI_E2, replace the PSU (use only cables furnished with each PSU) and redo a clear CMOS
Good luck,
:hat tip: