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Title: I can't update bios on H61M P25
Post by: lm.mclaren on 16-May-19, 00:32:21
Hello! I have an H61M P25 motherboard, and i bought a new graphic card (Asus GTX760). everything is fine with the video card, my power source meets the requirement, the motherboard also, and the space in the cabinet perfectly fulfills. After installing the video card on my motherboard, I turn on the computer, and on the monitor the only thing i can see is a "B2" in the lower right corner. I found in google what could be the problem, and I found that many people had the same problem, and the solution was to update the BIOS, and after updating to the latest version, the graphics card would work without problems.

Now my problem. The version of my Bios is 28.0, and I need to update it to the latest version. On MSI page says is 28.3. I followed the process to update my BIOS to the latest version with the HQ USB flash tool, and when finished, it says that my BIOS was successfully updated, but when I checked the BIOS version again, I still have the 28.0 , and my video card still does not work.

Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

Thanks a lot for your time!
Title: Re: I can't update bios on H61M P25
Post by: flobelix on 16-May-19, 20:09:06
Follow the instructions below exactl using the exact bios archive linked and nothing you already downloaded:

A.) Download >>this<< (;topic=299176.0;attach=65058) (!) archive and place it on your desktop. Do not decompress.
B.) Download and install the >>the MSI HQ Forum USB flasher<< (
C.) Insert your FAT32 formatted usb stick.
D.) Make sure the legacy USB is enabled.
E.) Start the forum flash tool and select option 1. Then point the tool at the compressed archive we downloaded earlier. Then to your USB Flash Drive.
F.) Boot to the USB and follow the directions. MEMTEST is included with the forum flash tool and it is recommended to run this prior to any flash.