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Title: Read, write speed
Post by: mikemcguire1987 on 17-May-19, 13:47:36
Is there anyway to get better read write speeds? I have a 8th gen i9  ws65 8sk with 2 512gb 970 pro with 32gb of memory. My bench stats are 3200 gb/s read and 2300 fb/s write but when I try and and transfer files the prompt comes up and it says it’s only transferring at 120 mb/s. Is there any way to get faster speeds?
Title: Re: Read, write speed
Post by: hossein.g on 07-June-19, 00:42:28
By 120mb you mean 120MB or 120Mb?
The transfer speed is dependent on both source and destination speeds, did you transfer files from one of the drives you mentioned to another one, or you transfered from a USB drive to your hard disk?
Title: Re: Read, write speed
Post by: sunscreen on 15-June-19, 04:22:02
The maximum read and write speeds are for sequential read and write for big files.
What are you using to measure the transfer speed?  Many apps only sample every 2 seconds and estimate badly for fast transfers.
What size files are you moving?

If you are running Linux, use dstat to measure read and write speed.
If you are running Windows, you can use Windows task manager, or better still (
Title: Re: Read, write speed
Post by: gk2377 on 19-June-19, 03:49:33
ws65 8sk with 970, interesting spec combo

the data transferring speed between source and destination would relate to the pipelines it going through. 
can't define the destination speed the same as the source speed.