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Title: ms-aa5e AIO Case + Upgrade?
Post by: sean.mohrhoff on 18-May-19, 22:19:04
Howdy! How limited are the shells for the MS-AA5E system, otherwise known as the Wind Top AE2051 All-In-One PC? Hopefully its a bit universal, as I managed to install an mATX board into an old DELL Dimension 2400 series case.

Are there any compatible system boards, CPU/APUs and discrete GPUs available to install?
Is the PSU replaceable if I need more wattage?
Are there water cooling systems for AIOs?

I have this unit as it came in the form of a WOW! computer system for Seniors. It belonged to my late father and it was passed to me and it still works but its a bit limited as its only 1.x GhZ and I can't increase RAM any further but I am digging as it has a Touch Sensitive screen. I swapped out the hard drive for something better and installed a light weight OS, LUBUNTU.

Thanks in advance!
Title: Re: ms-aa5e AIO Case + Upgrade?
Post by: Nichrome on 18-May-19, 23:00:42

With some modifications you might fit ITX board with some basic cooler, but I wouldn't bother with it to be fair.
Discrete GPU? Forget about it. This is an All in One, not a desktop.