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Title: SSD randomly disappearing in BIOS and W10 and other issues on P65
Post by: michel.fouvet on 11-June-19, 14:56:56
I bought a P65 RE in December and have some issues, i would like to know if you experienced the same and maybe get some help from you on my SSD issue

Pb 1 : my computer was some time not wanted to restart without being plugged even if battery was fully charged. I had also some time same the laptop going dead and same thing to restart only when , mostly when moving it physically.  this seems to have disappear so maybe the bios update was the key... anybody having the same issue?
pb 2 : one of my fan is starting making noise, I don't want to have the laptop for several days or weeks at the repair shop even if under warranty, any ideas if we can get the part from MSI and do the repair myself.
Pb 3 and more serious : I installed an additional SSD Crucial in NVMe and from time to time, it does not show up in Bios or disappear from Windows. it reappears automatically after some restart of the laptop but it is scaring as one day it may not appear again. the SSD is perfectly mounted physically so it cannot be a bad contact. 
for same reason than above I would like to avoid to get the laptop immobilised for weeks to get this fix at the distributor shop and would prefer fixing the things myself

Waiting for your comment or from MSI support. I tried to write to them but the server seems always off :-(

My BIOS version E16Q3IMS.105

thank you in advance