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Title: 2nd Ram slot stopped working
Post by: ollimarc on 15-July-19, 13:17:58

I have a MSI GP70 2PE Leopard since a few years now. Until today I used both Ram slots (8gb each). Now the Laptop did not start anymore and I started to look for whats wrong. After removing the 2nd Ram it worked again. If I put the RAM back in it doesnt work (startup). I just bought another Ram bar with the same result. So somehow it is the Laptop Motherboard I suppose.

What can I do? Is this issue known?

Title: Re: 2nd Ram slot stopped working
Post by: ollimarc on 17-July-19, 20:42:01
please help someone.. cant use that laptop properly
Title: Re: 2nd Ram slot stopped working
Post by: david on 17-July-19, 22:30:27
Hi Olli,

There's not much anyone here can do. We're all just end-users like you.

Since you've used both memory modules for a number of years without problem and the notebook suddenly stopped booting when the second one is present, that leaves just two possibilities: (1) the second memory module has failed, or (2) the motherboard is beginning to fail.

It should be easy to test the memory module and you didn't need to buy a new one to do it. Simply remove the good memory module from slot 1 and install the second memory module in slot 1. Since slot 1 is still working, if the second memory module works there, you'll know that it is okay and slot 2 is probably bad. In similar fashion you can also confirm that your new memory module is good by trying it in slot 1, also.

If slot 2 is bad, it's time to save for another notebook. In that case, if you need to keep your GP70 2PE alive, the only option I can think of is to buy a used motherboard on eBay. Or buy an entire GP70 2PE on eBay and you'll have a notebook full of spare parts from which you can pick the best to assemble a working model. However, if you replace the motherboard, your copy of Microsoft Windows may need to be re-authenticated. You'll have to contact MSI and/or Microsoft for help with that. My advice would be to try and obtain your Windows product key before you make the swap.

Kind regards, David
Title: Re: 2nd Ram slot stopped working
Post by: ollimarc on 20-July-19, 20:21:41
thanks david.