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Title: mega-685
Post by: forsocdude on 02-November-03, 20:31:24
does anybody know when the mega-685 is scheduled to hit the stores? i've been looking for about a month now and i still haven't been able to find news on it. i even called MSI in New Jersey but when i asked about the new mega PC's the only answer i got was "i didn't know we were coming out with new products in that line." if anyone know new about the 685 or any other new mega pc please post and tell everyone.

Title: new mega.. when!?
Post by: djmac20 on 03-November-03, 14:56:38
I've been prying on this subject too. I've been looking for either the Mega 400 or Mega 180 (with either the new 685 or Nvidia chipsets and SATA support) for over a month as well. There are pics and reviews out online but NO-WHERE to buy them. Both the press releases I read date back almost two months and say the box's should have been released late September / Early November.
  It's November now and still no word. MSI- Please let us know when or if these machines are going to hit production, and finally- where to buy them! :)

Thank Again (this is my 3rd post on this)

-Mac Harris
Title: RE: new mega.. when!?
Post by: wyliecoyoteuk on 06-November-03, 08:07:08
If MSI support it as badly as the original, I wouldn't bother.
Post by: Wonkanoby on 06-November-03, 08:26:38
im afraid none of us moderators have any idea of an answer to this

and niether do the tech people we deal with,as your local msi stockist or the distributers
Title: well that just sucks then doesn't it.
Post by: djmac20 on 06-November-03, 15:35:03
:wall:  well maybe I'll just stop waiting and buy a shuttle, icube, or iwill
Post by: Wonkanoby on 06-November-03, 15:57:09
up to you i could not give a frig what you buy ,dont put any money in my pockets