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Title: MSI RX 5700 XT Evoke OC
Post by: 1v4n.1v4n on 11-September-19, 13:13:54

I bought EVOKE OC weak ago,not knowing about thermal pads and VRAM temperatures.I looked few reviews online,but not gaming nexus one,I was in a hurry.

What is worst GPU-Z(and other) can't read MEM1 VRM and MEM2 VRM temperatures . Like there are no sensors. But I know that there are.

I have "new" (factory one) BIOS that have disabled sensor readings. It looks that this is part of your "solution" of dealing with customers. Instead dealing with problem directly,you decided to disable temperature memory sensor readings, so that now buyers can't know what is going on with theirs GPU memory temperatures.
MSI you are the worst. I will never buy another thing from you.

I will spread the word of what are you doing.

Title: Re: MSI RX 5700 XT Evoke OC
Post by: flobelix on 11-September-19, 20:10:31
You are not even contacting MSI here. There are just users. For complaints contact MSI: >>How to contact MSI.<< (