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Title: Audio Driver Issue
Post by: malayshukla1 on 11-September-19, 15:29:16
I am having a problem with the audio driver after the new windows update that is the windows 1903 update.
The problem is that when I plug-in my earphones into the headphone jack, the audio continues to play on the pc speakers. But after I restart the pc or disable and again enable the audio driver from the device manager, the audio is transferred to earphones, but again after I unplug the earphones and plug them back in the problem still persists.
Please somebody help me in automatically transferring the audio from my pc speaker to the earphones when I plug them in.
Title: Re: Audio Driver Issue
Post by: RaiderGamer on 11-September-19, 18:45:52
look for some type of setting like this in your realtek hd audio manager or realtek control panel or whatever its called, yours may look different


audio driver here you could try updating