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Title: question on MSI K8T Neo
Post by: Dremel on 16-December-03, 03:42:33
does this motherboard support dual channel memory?

Just wondering because I have read multiple posts and such about this motherboard but nothing that says exactly if it does or does not if it does ill pick up a stick of (

otherwise ill just get a 512mb stick thanks for the help :)
Post by: cwigster on 16-December-03, 03:50:07
No, it's single channel. I think you have to go the Opertron/Athlon FX for dual channel support. Other's can correct me if I'm wrong.

Post by: Dremel on 16-December-03, 03:55:33
if your right how does a stick of this sound? (
Post by: scottg26 on 16-December-03, 13:40:19
Athlon 64 is NOT dual channel memory, only opteron/FX supports dual channel. but you dont need dual channel anyway, in games the Athlon 64 3200+ flies past the p4's...