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Title: Not enough power...?
Post by: kohlerj on 01-October-02, 00:11:59
My problem is as follows:

Win 2k (Tried WinXP aswell)
Mobo: Abit KT7A
MSI Gf4Ti4200
PSU: 300W

Various "high-end" games tend to crash my system, usually re-boots but sometimes only to desktop. I know that some games are buggy but this happens with all new games(except IL-2, dont know why).

The combined power of 3.3V and 5V is 180W on my PSU.
I've read that for this card it should be 200W.

Is the reason for these crashes my "weak" PSU. The PSU is Herolchi Electronis  HEC-300LR-PT model. Max A for 3.3V is 20A and for 5V 30A.

These problems first appeared ~3 months back on a VERY hot day when all of a sudden my cpu crashed. At that time I had a Gainward Geforce4MX420 Golden Edition card. The Mobo refused to start with this card in. Changed the card to a old 12Mb card i had (AGP aswell) and cpu worked. Took the Gf4Mx420 card to the retail where they checked it and noticed that it worked in 4 out of 8 machines...Weird...

Bought this MSI card. All is well, except crashes ~every 3 minutes into games. Older games work well, especially 2D types like Jagged Alliance 2, Combat Mission etc. As well no probs when cpu on whole day, surfing etc...

Do you think that my problems are in my PSU? Something is weird with my Mobo aswell. I cant update the bios by flashing it. Get an errormessage "Not all spare parts listed" or similar when flashing it (correctly in DOS-mode).

Which one do you guys think is the probem? Mobo or PSU?

Dont have a lot of extra cash so dont wanna go and spend 100's of € on this...

BR, Jussi
Post by: Wonkanoby on 01-October-02, 00:35:19
sounds like psu to me

reboard ask herelink (
Post by: kohlerj on 01-October-02, 04:48:59
Thanks Wonkanoby!
I'll give it a shot.

Post by: Ex Forum User 3 on 01-October-02, 08:32:55

I would take the CPU-cooler off there, clean it, regrease it with WHITE-paste and put it on there the right way....
Your CPU would have enough juice to feed it all....
Post by: kohlerj on 01-October-02, 15:48:57
Thanks for the tip Bas, but I dont think that is the problem here... The temp on my system is low, both system and cpu temp way below 50C... The fan and the heatsink are both new on the cpu, shouldnt be anything wrong with them...

I've actually noticed the following problem with my computer lately: When I start/restart quite often the Mobo wont find my DVD-drive(finds my cd-burner every time) out of my IDE-drives.

Do you think the psu doesnt give enough power at startup to the DVD-drive and it fails to recognize on the mobo???

VERY irritating ?(