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Title: 6600 GT - race car(d) theory - FREEZING solved
Post by: akeer on 20-February-05, 12:01:06
hi ppl, I am one of the sad owners of MSI 6600 GT who have freezing problem since beggining....

In some forums, ppl compare the 6600 GT cards with race cars... You simply cannot use it like a normal car(d), you simply have to to know "the rulez" of handling...

THIS IS MY ADDITION TO THIS THEORY - yeah, it is crazy, but it works  :smash:

1. Firstly I need to say that I had tried all (and I mean ALL) the trix to make it work (not freeze after few minutes) which I found here or like:
a. disabling FW, AGP 4x, setting prerendered frames to 0, equaling 2D and 3D speed, etc., etc, etc...
b. all possible drivers for chipset or card
c. new PSU, better ventilation (new case) etc. etc.
d. umounting heatsing, replacing greese, making veeeery firm contact of GPU with heatsink (believe me)...

NOTHING HELPED (I havent tried just flashing BIOS coz I don't have FDD)

How it was behaving withouth "RACING CAR approach"

It was possible to run the card only at 400/900 withouth freezing... (CS:S, NFS2, Live For Speed etc withouth problem) but there were some games which were playable only at 300/900 (like Thief 3 or Settlers 5)

There was a "deadly" temp around 56 C where card frooze (measured with thermal probe at the back of the card just on the opposite of the core so it is like +10 or +15 C in core)

with RACING CAR aproach
1. I start the card at 300/900 and run the most demanding game... then wait till the temperature rise to 56,5-58 C...
2. Then ALT+TAB from the game (or quit, doesn't metter)... and overclock (or backclock :)) the card to factory 500/900...
3. Go back to the game... and booom, it works... temperature goes up (to 66 C after some time) but NO FREEZE...
4. It's not a fake... the card really works at 500 withouth problem - 3Dmark score doesn't lie....
5. So it's something like rising gear at RACING CAR (yeaaaah, it iiiis crazy but it really works!!!)

Seems like the card have some kind of weird (and corrupted) internal temp. monitoring... or power throttling problems... I don't know but this is the only solution that worked for me...

Other settings I use (but I think it is not necessary for me, but I don't want to touch it anymore :))
- 71.50 MSI driver, agp 4x, FW disabled in BIOS, Changing the core speed via "MSI tab" in "screen setup" (where screensaver or themes tabs are)
Title: Re: 6600 GT - race car(d) theory - FREEZING solved
Post by: miroslavkievsky on 11-January-19, 20:07:04
Cool car
Title: Re: 6600 GT - race car(d) theory - FREEZING solved
Post by: flobelix on 11-January-19, 20:14:00
:bonk: yeah cool car.... It is a graphics card but really good move to resurrect this 14 years old thread. Don't try this again. >>Please read and comply with the Forum Rules.<< (