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 on: Today at 01:09:39 
Started by bddewis - Last post by bddewis
Thank you very much for your help!

 on: Today at 01:08:58 
Started by ganhood - Last post by david
Hi ganhood,

It's impossible to say what you've got without seeing detailed photos or inspecting it because it is such an old model. The GT70 0NC isn't even listed in MSI's storage device document (the oldest model its lists is the GT70 0NG).

It could have four SATA ports for storage devices (not counting the optical drive bay). This seems to be the case since SATA ports 0, 1, 2 and 3 are listed in your HWINFO screen capture. All four ports should be SATA-3 (SATA III) which is what "6 GB/s" refers to. But the MSI's storage device documents says that all four SATA ports are SATA-3 speed.

The four ports should include two mSATA slots and two 2.5-inch drive bays. You can install an SSD in any of them or all of them---it's your choice. However, you need to install the correct kind of SSD. The mSATA slots will only work with an mSATA SSD like the Samsung 860 EVO mSATA SSD here. The 2.5-inch drive bays were originally designed for notebook 2.5-inch HDs but you can install a 2.5-inch SATA SSD here. The 2.5-inch SSDs are HD replacements and look very similar to HDs like the Samsung 2.5-inch SATA 860 EVO SSD here.

You'll have to determine what slots and ports are actually present in your notebook. Just because HWINFO lists four SATA ports does not mean the hardware for all of them was installed (HWINFO sees what your motherboard can do---not what ports were provided physically). MSI has a bad habit of sometimes omitting parts from the factory that were not needed. For example, if no mSATA SSDs were installed at the factory and an adapter is required, that adapter may not have been included. If only one mSATA SSD was installed at the factory, it might not have the adapter for two mSATA SSDs.

Finally, mSATA SSDs are still available but they have been replaced. New MSI notebooks use M.2 SSDs. M.2 is not compatible with mSATA at all. They are different standards and the SSD modules cannot be interchanged. So don't waste time shopping for an M.2 SSD for your notebook.

Kind regards, David

 on: Today at 00:58:48 
Started by Julien C - Last post by Julien C
Hi everybody,
I need your wisdom and help on this.

Issue (short):
Motherboard RAM B1 slot doesn't seem to be working while putting 4 sticks of RAM.

- Motherboard:
X299 TOMAHAWK AC (with latest BIOS: 1.80)
Default configuration, no overclocking.

- CPU:
Intel i9-7920X

- RAM:
4 sticks x 8GB (2x 2x8GB)
(two Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2133 PC4-17000 16GB 2x8GB CL13 kits)
(RAM kit P/N: CMK16GX4M2A2133C13)

Issue (detailed):
So, I have an X299 TOMAHAWK AC Motherboard with four 8GB sticks of RAM.
All those sticks are put in slots A1, B1, C1 and D1 as instructed by the manual.
However, the motherboard detects 4 sticks but registers only 24GB of RAM (instead of 32GB). See image below.

RAM sticks are well detected:

When I populate only slots A1, C1, and D1 (so not B1), I can see the 3 sticks of RAM correctly:

But slots A1, B1, and C1 populated (so not D1), the 3 sticks are seen but only 16GB of RAM are registered (instead of 24GB).

I tried all RAM sticks by pairs in slots C1 and A1, they work perfectly. I tried to move around on {A,B,C,D}1 slots, there is no difference, and when I put them on {A,B,C,D}2 slots the BIOS tells me they are uncorrectly populated.

I checked for bent pins, I don't see anything special.

Conclusion and questions:
So, my conclusion is that slot B1 doesn't work correctly.

Did I miss a configuration option ? Does the motherboard have an issue ?
Is there a way to investigate more ?


 on: Today at 00:57:52 
Started by bddewis - Last post by darkhawk
Neither MSI nor AMD give information as to which GPU's are compatible with their Mobo's and CPU's that I can find.

The B350 PC MATE has on Board Graphics and is designed to work with the AMD Ryzen CPU, correct? How come the on Board Graphics do not work?

Svet, I unplugged all of the drives and connected the DVD Drive to SATA 1 and powered up. No beep(s). The EZ LED's lit up for VGA and BOOT. BOOT I can understand as I did not have the Win 7 Installation disc in the drive. I am presuming that the MSI N8400 GS is just too old to work.

Earlier, I posted the following. Is there anyone from MSI in here that can address this?:

"I saw somewhere in here not to set the MoBo on the bag that it came in when assembling the PC. I also saw that I should press the power button to discharge the capacitors after unplugging the power.

I used the bag to assemble, disassemble and re-assemble the Board and did not press the power button as stated.

None of that information is in the instructions. Did I roach the Board and possibly the CPU? If I did I am sheet out of luck as I reckon that MSI will say that I am at fault."

Sorry to be a bother but this shouldn't be that difficult to do.

I thank all of you that are helping!

MSI does give the information, as badboy2k states....
The graphics outputs on the board usable when you use an APU. The normal AMD Ryzen CPU's are NOT APU's, and therefore the outputs on the motherboard will not work.

A 6450 and 5450 are very old GPU's, and it's anyone's guess if they would even work with the computer.

Seeing as how you're in the US.....

And there's plenty of other cards out there you can get in the same price range as a 6450 and 5450.....just saying.

 on: Today at 00:51:07 
Started by RemusM - Last post by darkhawk
I have an X470 Gaming Plus motherboard. So far, everything seems to work fine except the memory. I have this memory here ( I can boot successfully to Windows with either stick in slot 1 or slot 2, but not in slot 3 or 4. I can boot successfully with both sticks in 2/4 or 1/3, but Windows reads it as "16.0 GB (8.0 GB available)." I can put them in slots 1/2 and use all 16.0 GB, but then I'm stuck in single-channel mode. It defaults to 2667MHz, but has no problem running at the default 3000 or even overclocked to 3066. I've increased the voltage to 1.37 to see if that would allow it to use both sticks, but it doesn't make a difference (though it appears to be stable—I'm using my PC to write this now). I have updated to the latest BIOS. Is the motherboard bad? Is the RAM bad? How else can I test it to be sure?

Hardware problem that really isn't meant to be discussed here and really should have your own thread opened....

That being sounds more like either your CPU is bad, CPU socket is bad, motherboard is bad, or memory sockets on the motherboard are bad.

The only way you get those kinds of issues is if some of the signals coming from the memory in sockets 3 and 4 aren't making it all the way back to the CPU. Usually it ends up being bent pins on the CPU or CPU socket.....but occasionally it's been the motherboard.

 on: Today at 00:47:15 
Started by Julien C - Last post by Julien C
Dummy topic created because I'm unable to create a normal one with images.
Apparently, I can't delete this topic ?

 on: Today at 00:21:54 
Started by yukki1988 - Last post by yukki1988
No, that's what I'm saying. Problem isn't solved. My webcam and mic aren't working.

 on: Today at 00:17:04 
Started by martp - Last post by martp
I can confirm I've welcomed back the blue light with the latest driver from NVidia too :)
It does seem a little undecided though, flicking between orange and blue quite a bit since a reboot but predominantly blue/Intel at the moment.

Nice to not have the fan working over the top when just browsing the web now!

 on: Yesterday at 23:57:45 
Started by ganhood - Last post by ganhood
Hello everyone!
My laptop is MSI GT70 0nc (M-1762). I’d like to install SSD drive on it.
When I opened the laptop, I found that there are two SATA connectors inside of my laptop. But I don’t know which interface they are support. Is it only SATA 2 or SATA 3 too?
I’ve found some information here:
They are suggest to use the following programs to check the interface: HWINFO and CrystalDiskInfo. So, the both these programs shows only HDD interface (and it is SATA 2), but doesn’t show me a motherboard interface (for drive connection).
In the HWINFO program I see, that my motherboard have “SATA Port 1 6GB/s” and “SATA Port 2 6 Gb/s” and, as I understand, it means SATA III interface (see attached screenshots).
I need to know where are these SATA III connectors and is it possible to connect SSD to one of them.
Maybe someone know where can I find this information? Where can I find tech manual for this motherboard? (MS-17621 ver1.0)? Or maybe there are another way to find out which connector support SATA III interface?

Thanks in advance!

 on: Yesterday at 23:47:22 
Started by jamin280672 - Last post by miklet
Best I have managed with 4 DIMMS is 2933MHz. I have tried every suggestion I could find.
If I only use 2 DIMMS I can get 3333MHz on auto settings. I can just select 3333 from the "try it" section of the BIOS.

I could not get any feel for which configuration was best for my use. Which is PC gaming. Pretty sure I will stick with the 4 DIMMS at 2933.

Just ordered a 470 M7 MOBO. Eager to try all over again.

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