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 on: Today at 22:46:53 
Started by - Last post by
Yes, I had a power cut. But I am stuck in this analysis. How can I get out?

 on: Today at 22:41:58 
Started by - Last post by Nichrome

It's not motherboard that start this analysis tool, but Windows itself.
This can be a faulty drive, or some virus. Sudden electricity cut may also trigger this.

 on: Today at 22:40:04 
Started by Nichrome - Last post by Nichrome
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.

 on: Today at 22:33:42 
Started by AoiCider - Last post by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
To be clear about this, Dont Use Cable Adapters For DP to HDMI
Upgrade your monitor.

 on: Today at 22:31:43 
Started by ben_tje_ - Last post by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
Probably ganna resell it
Can this be reballed or put a new chip in it?
Is it worth upgrading to something like gtx 1060 and is this part available?
What price am i talking about?
No sockets on the MB for CPU or GPU cards.
About 750 USD fro a new MB.

 on: Today at 22:26:13 
Started by kegen51543 - Last post by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
The advise to do your thermal paste is incomplete, you should replace the Thermal Pads as well, so you will need 1 sheet of .5mm and 1.0mm

Throttling of your CPU can be cause by Dragon Center delete it for now, clean out any remnants from C and the Registry. 
Install MSI Silent Option for fan speed control

How is the throttling now?

 on: Today at 22:20:17 
Started by malibuyukadam - Last post by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
Which updates? Windows?
LOL ... Is this your 1st computer?

OK .... 
  • Bios, update from the Device Manager (Firmware).
  • EC and reset
  • Open MSI Driver & App Center and update everything in there, if W10 has installed newer, skip them.
  • Open Device Manager, expand Hidden Devices, update everything there.

 on: Today at 22:17:54 
Started by warrenbuc - Last post by Chike
While there is no ard in pci_e6 the m.2 is gen 3 x 4.
You can boot from either m.2 or pci slot.

 on: Today at 22:14:48 
Started by msmstud - Last post by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
Thanks for paradigm shift: had no idea 1909 was optional.
I thought like so many other updates I'd have to wrest control from MS by tampering with Windows' guts.
Holy crap, I can't believe I was too dense to investigate the option of uninstalling the update.
Too late to grab a clean copy of 1903 from the MS site, its updated to 1909 now.
You might find it out there, but be careful, it can get repacked with all sorts of nasty's included in the OS.

 on: Today at 22:10:26 
Started by ingrahamzach - Last post by WƧI ꓵƨԍʁ Էoʁnw
I’m fairly new to my otherwise old montherboard, but I was wondering if there was something that I could do to get my computer to run smooth and maybe a little quicker?
Buy a new motherboard .... PSU, RAM, SSDs, processor.

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