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 on: Today at 20:47:26 
Started by jacob.abney - Last post by jacob.abney
I know this laptop is a bit dated, but I figured I'd give it a try. Anyone got an unlocked bios for this guy and vbios? Just upgraded so I want to overclock this thing
to it's very edge.

Current BIOS Version:    E16J2EMS1    Ver5.08

Thanks in advance

 on: Today at 20:09:32 
Started by info - Last post by info
Of course, that is all done. All things that are needed are there. With a normal ssd drive, everything is fine.

The problem is just the bios that has problems with hardware encryption when the drive is a nvme drive, more information can be found here.

And I want to know, if MSI has upgraded the bios for this. There is something about tpm, but it is not precise.

 on: Today at 20:04:25 
Started by windowsfails - Last post by GeforceDK
Nope, this is definately NOT a software problem, driver problem etc.

Bought a new keyboard of ebay and problem solved. (You have to buy a new top plate as the keyboard is integrated into the top plate)
I think that this is a question of a very bad batch of keyboards from the manufacturer!

 on: Today at 19:51:57 
Started by rmilliner02 - Last post by rmilliner02
Hi, I would like to have a custom BIOS made so I can give my CPU a slight overclock. Please send me more information on the donation, and the time it will take. Thanks a lot.

 on: Today at 19:45:48 
Started by pullmoll - Last post by rbleroy91
Please, what is the result for each of these tries:
1/ Use the first kit in DIMMB2 and D2 (used in double channel)
2/ If previous works, add the seccond kit in DIMMA2 and C2 (all used in quad channel)
3/ If #2 does not work goodly (pc does not start, or is unstable or not the full RAM capacity is usable), move the second kit to DIMMB1 and A1 (each kit is used in double channel)

 on: Today at 19:42:48 
Started by dn83 - Last post by rbleroy91
You are using the VH.G0 version having the "Update Intel Micro code for security vulnerabilities". It is the equivalent of the V1.50 I dither to go because of bad reports including too hight CPU voltages. In your case, I would downgrade to previous version to verify. For that, use only M-Flash and reset bios values to optimized defaults (press <F6> in Bios Setup) before.
Good luck,
:hat tip:

 on: Today at 19:41:37 
Started by pullmoll - Last post by pullmoll
I didn't know it makes a difference if you by 2 x 2 stick vs. 1 x 4 stick RAMs. My bad.
I now tried to install all 8 sticks in the ABCD1/2 slots and use 4 channels with a total of 128GB.
In practise I now see 96GB, i.e. 2 times 16GB missing.
I'll play around with swapping the sticks to see, if I can get more out of it.
Otherwise I'll just use 2 sticks on another board and live with the 96GB, which is sufficient for my intended use case.

Thanks again,

 on: Today at 19:31:01 
Started by dn83 - Last post by dn83
Thanks for confirming. Your CPU SA voltage settings seem to be working fine and that SA voltage with XMP disabled is the kind of figure I should be seeing with my board & CPU. I wonder what's up with mine? I've actually noticed the same issue with a couple of other MSI X99 boards. Maybe mine and some others don't have a sensor for the SA voltage? Your BIOS shows the actual voltage next to the "auto" setting while mine just shows a blank space with no voltage.

 on: Today at 19:09:32 
Started by dn83 - Last post by rbleroy91
Does that value change when you disable your XMP profile?
Of course it does. As in my previous post except XMP is now disabled:
:hat tip:

 on: Today at 18:53:30 
Started by flobelix - Last post by flobelix
This topic has been moved to Technical Discussions (MSI Notebook Technical Assistance ONLY!).

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