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 on: Today at 13:21:33 
Started by szloser.lukasz - Last post by deniska.sedoy
Downgrade EC Firmware to version 16q2ems1.106 ( resolve this problem on my GS65 8RF for me.

Now on FAN1 ~2000 RPM in idle.

 on: Today at 12:49:53 
Started by gs70user4711 - Last post by gs70user4711
Sorry, that I don't use quotes, but your sentences are broken.

  • RST in BIOS: Never seen. Will double check.
  • Yes, I use virtual memory. Default settings.
  • Older drivers didn't fix the problem, so I'll risked to update.
  • "Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued." occurred even long before. But now I think the SSD is broken! And the log is just an indicator.
  • UPDATE: The blue screens had various reasons. NVIDIA driver was also a candidate. My dam memory eater just revealed a bug, that was probably not the cause.

So right now I cloned my disk. Too early to say it's fixed...

Although very time consuming, I was lucky this morning: Backup and clone possible without blue screen in between.
But right after cloning finished, bam, blue screen. Perfect!

 on: Today at 12:42:02 
Started by Caleb_Dume - Last post by Krank
Below is a pic of my Setup. The case fans and the radiator fans are all connected to the motherboard fan headers and controlled by the customized BIOS fan profiles. I don't have Corsair LINK or iQUE installed. I only used Corsair LINK to set the pump speed to Extreme and set the pump LED's to the liquid temperature profile. I then saved the settings permanently to the pump's onboard memory and uninstalled Corsair LINK. The pump LED's are set to change according to the liquid temperature, it is only possible to do this with Corsair LINK. iQUE does not allow this and needs to be installed and kept running in the background to have the liquid temperature active.

The USB driver is still needed to monitor the liquid temperature with HWiNFO64 so I saved the H150i USB driver by exporting it using Command prompt.
Code: [Select]
dism /online /export-driver /destination:C:\DriverBackup
The H150i USB driver can be manually installed with Device Manager. I make my own customized Windows 10 setup media so I slip-streamed the USB drive into the install.wim, after I've done a clean Windows install I can immediately see the liquid temperature with HWiNFO64 without installing LINK or iQUE.

The three radiator fans are connected with splitters to the same fan header. The three font intake fans are also connected with splitters to a fan header.

You need to manually set the fan profile settings in the BIOS, click and drag the blue dots:

Click on Hardware Monitor

These are screenshots of my preferred fan settings:

VRM Fan.

Radiator Pull fans.

Radiator Push Fans.

Case Rear Exhaust Fan.

GPU Rear Exhaust Fan.

Front Intake Fans.

 on: Today at 12:21:00 
Started by nonoox - Last post by nonoox
Thank you, I found some for sale there indeed. Are there some equivalent models sold nowadays? I saw that mobos with DDR4 sockets are much more common these days but apparently they're not compatible with DDR3 modules.

 on: Today at 12:11:24 
Started by albrechtmyers60 - Last post by albrechtmyers60
Model: GE72 2QF Apache Pro
BIOS and EC Firmware *: E1791IMS.10D
Video card: GTX 970M 3072 MBytes of GDDR5 SDRAM [Hynix]
Processor: Intel Core i7-5700HQ
RAM: 2x4GB Kingston 800.0 MHz (DDR3-1600 / PC3-12800) MSI16D3LS1MNG / 8G
Storage (SSD & HDD): HGST HTS721010A9E630, 1TB, 7200rpm
Acceleration: (Yes / No: No
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 64bit

In general, I have 2 problems with a laptop.
1) After loading the laptop after 5 minutes, the discrete video card spontaneously turns on (there is no load, only the browser or just the desktop). The speed of the fans increases, the temperature of the processor and the video card rises, although there is NO LOAD. voltage rises from 25 to 100-120W. It only helps if you pull out the laptop’s charging cord for 5 seconds, then you can turn it back on and the discrete video card is turned off until the next computer restart or when it is turned on again.
What could it be?
2) A couple of weeks ago, the laptop started to get very warm. from the start to 50-60 degrees, it warms up (room temperature 20-25 degrees), and after, for example, when watching YouTube or a movie, it can heat up to 70-80 degrees (processor). In games, the video card warms up to 80-85 degrees. The processor is 80-89 degrees.
The laptop was purchased in 2016

 on: Today at 12:10:46 
Started by jstanley1976 - Last post by jstanley1976
Ok so after trying a few things I saw online that were hidden in windows I had no clue about the system is now running in UEFI with Secure boot. My main drive shows now in the boot drive area while in UEFI. Windows does still boot ok, but still not able to run A-XMP settings on the RAM. It does a hard shutdown twice in a row then boots up into windows with the ram clocked down to default speed. I was able to get the system to boot at 3466 which is where I am now. It actually cold booted this way as well. Everything in windows SYSINFO mirrors your posted screen shot now. So time will tell if 3466 is my sweet spot or if I have to go lower. I am hoping not. Should I now go back to trying your previously mentioned voltage adjustments for the RAM and such now that the UEFI issue has been sorted?

Thank you for all your help to get me this far. You have no idea how frustrating this has been. But looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel and doesn't look like a train ;) .

Thanks again,

 on: Today at 12:05:42 
Started by Zelenia - Last post by Zelenia

I'm a newbie when it comes to desktops and pc parts and all the terminology so forgive me for my stupidity. I got a brand new desktop that store did build for me (I did pick the parts).  I did pick B450 Mortar Max for motherboard because it was getting good reviews and it seemed to be quite nice mbo for matx sized case.

The GPU I got in the other hand is quite trash when it comes to cooling (some heatsink issues and fans are loud if they hit anything above 55%) but I can't get refund from it because the law here states that store doesn't need to refund or replace working items if they are "tailored for preferences of customer". I can't afford to spend another 400€ for GPU atm so I'm stuck with this one. Only thing I can do is add more high quality fans and hope for the best.

Anyway, I did check from the motherboard manual that it has 4 fan headers, 1 for CPU fan and 3 for case fans. I got all of them occupied. How do I add more fans to the system? I got 2 slots in case free for 120mm fans. I'd prefer to have them connected to motherboard so I can control them from BIOS.

Other thing is fan control... Speedfan doesn't recognize this motherboard and so far BIOS has been the best way to control the fan curve.  Is there any other way though so I can also monitor fan RPMs while gaming? Afterburner doesn't show fan speed for case fans and Command Center didn't have setting to have overlay for games.

Last thing, upgrading the GPU. Is there any GPU series on MSI that is sort of "mid-pitch" that doesn't sound like cutting steel when sitting 30cm away from it when playing high/medium settings 1080p (assuming case fans are cooling just ennough)? This mobo has one PCIe 3.0 x16 slot and one PCIe 2.0 x16. What I've understood is that GPUs with PCle 4.0 x16 are backwards compatible with PCle 3.0. Is is still total waste of money to get let's say RX 5700 XT for example?

Sorry about long and complex post.
Thanks in advance!

 on: Today at 11:56:11 
Started by fortincarl11 - Last post by fortincarl11
I am running version H.60. I did not try clearing the BIOS yet.

 on: Today at 11:31:08 
Started by duindain - Last post by duindain
I've raised a support ticket with MSI on the weekend
I've almost broken free from 1st level support now (Have you tried another monitor, is your power supply a potato and so on)

At a suggestion from a friend, I've downgraded to bios 7A34vMB and it has immediately resolved the issue

I can now post and get into the OS using just the R9 295x2 gpu only 
so between that version and the latest two 7A34vMF and 7A34vMHQ(Beta version) they have broken compatibility with this GPU at least if not others

I'm waiting to hear back now on how to proceed obviously I want to be able to update my bios in the future and possibly upgrade my CPU which I cant do until this is resolved

 on: Today at 11:26:32 
Started by 90veselin - Last post by andreimindru96
The stock paste really sucks.
I had the same problem as you but  after repasting mine with Kryonaut temps droped by 15 degrees. 
My CPU doesn't go past 81C degrees  on max load now and it never throttles.

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