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 on: Today at 02:07:59 
Started by amiganut - Last post by
My son put a password on the BIOS which took me a while to get into my own PC, but now I cannot alter any of the settings. Can anyone help me in getting all of this sorted plz...thanks

You can reset the BIOS which will remove the password. Windows on the other hand is not so so easy.

Consult the motherboard manual for details on how to reset the BIOS

 on: Today at 02:05:15 
Started by twen84 - Last post by twen84
Prior to this I had help my friend to test if the Samsung ECC DDR4 2400 ram work on the X570 Tomahawk and the EZ-Debug light up for the cpu and the system wouldn’t boot at all. After trying the different slot and single to dual combination I gave up as it wouldn’t boot at all with the other component running. Then when I assemble back something went terribly wrong as I saw the cpu temperature soar to 110c normally it was 38-40c, and I immediately power down to check and power on again the same thing happen so I immediately shutdown. I tried to reseat the Kraken X63 and replugin the USB and fan for the AIO then my system would boot up but now the surge error message start to appear.

So I guess my whole system was taken down by a faulty ram?

 on: Today at 01:56:18 
Started by amiganut - Last post by Svet
We don't assist with password cracking
check it with MSI here:
>>How to contact MSI.<<

 on: Today at 01:21:07 
Started by amiganut - Last post by amiganut
My son put a password on the BIOS which took me a while to get into my own PC, but now I cannot alter any of the settings.

Can anyone help me in getting all of this sorted plz...thanks

 on: Today at 01:15:19 
Started by dogupakdil - Last post by dogupakdil
My Current BIOS version is E1795IMS.11D. 
I would like to change the whitelisted WiFi cards and change the RAM settings if possible.
If there is a fully unlocked BIOS I think it will help.
Thanks in advance!

 on: Today at 01:01:18 
Started by hermesX - Last post by naydisolma
Looks good, Nice dragons also. 

 on: Today at 00:52:14 
Started by EY - Last post by naydisolma
I love this reward site.

 on: Today at 00:28:30 
Started by N3gn4v - Last post by N3gn4v
If you mean in BIOS yes.

 on: Today at 00:21:19 
Started by N7 - Last post by N7
Hello MSI!

I'd like to bring your attention to something with the Z490 MEG Unify (and probably the boards above it using the Tabbed memory traces).

I've been messing around with the RTL/IOLs and I've noticed some stuff that needs improving/fixing. I'm using the latest bios before anyone asks.

1. The IOL offset doesn't do much for the IOLs. It just tightens the RTLs. Now that's great, definitely do not change that (!) but please look into tightening the IOLs as well to improve latency! Maybe make a separate RTL and IOL offset. 🤔
Asus automatically sets the lowest RTLs and allows you to tighten the IOLs with an IOL offset. I had them at 2/2 on my old Apex board. Here they're 13/14 and above as you'll read below. I know this has 4 slots but they should be able to go lower for sure.

2. RTLs and IOLs train inconsistently between boots and I can't do anything about it. Please let us lock in the RTL/IOLs manually like Asus does! Their boards also have this inconsistent training issue but I can lock them in in the bios.
I tried doing it but the board just ignores my saved settings and does what it wants. In fact if I try to lock in the values it sets higer IOLs making the latency even worse.

3. This is the main point why I'd like to draw attention to this. Your latencies are somewhat worse than other manufacturers. Nothing drastic but it definitely needs improving unless it's a hardware issue meaning the tabbed traces have higher latency or something.

4. This is a minor point and is related to timings. If possible allow for lower tRDWR settings. I used to have them at 12 at 4133 on my old Apex board. Don't know if that can work with 4 slots or this memory topology but I wanted to mention it.

This is the best I could do with my Aorus Master with 2x16gb (I replaced it with this board because it allows much higher clocks). With your board I'm getting much better performance but the latency is a bit worse and the latency is inconsistent between runs.
Sometimes the IOLs train at 13/14, other times 14/14 and I've even seen 14/15 at which point the latency goes into the 43ns territory. The GB board trained it consistently every time. I'm really enjoying the board otherwise, it's awesome and reminds me a lot of
my previous Apex board (which is quite a compliment) but this needs attention to make it perfect.

Please relay this to the bios team! Thank you!

(sorry for not posting the same timings on both but I literally just got the board and this is the first thing I tried. Theoretically 4266c17 should have a bit lower latency then 4000c16 anyway)

 on: Today at 00:18:05 
Started by reborn_me - Last post by Svet
Not possible to check for such anymore:

thread locked.

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