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 on: Today at 11:38:23 
Started by mountaindew4u2 - Last post by pandaz
Does your system not working with Mystic light LED happened just recently ??
or is it working before and that it just happened not to work after you update some stuff??

What is your current bios version?  Can you try to update the motherboard bios again using MFLASH?

Please check what is your current LED FW version which could be found in Dragon Center --> Liveupdate --> System Info?

 on: Today at 11:33:44 
Started by richard - Last post by richard
Many thanks for the thorough explanation, much appreciated!

With all this said, I think I'll go with one of the other boards suggested instead.

Can't see any reason to spend almost twice as much when I still won't use the full potential.

 on: Today at 11:04:09 
Started by casper.sanko - Last post by casper.sanko
Hello all of you,

When i install windows through a usb media, which i've done several times on other machines, after the initial installation where it has to restart, instead of booting up the ssd, where windows 10 has been installed to continue windows 10 setup, it boots the usb media again.

I have the MSI x299m Carbon pro motherboard. I have restored mobo to default and set my crucial 1tb ssd to 1. priority boot. Saved.

I'm new to msi bios so i thought i'd take the ssd and insert it as a main drive into one of my other machines. However, from booting, BIOS wants a password, what? Then i thought, well i'll just format it and try again on this machine, but connecting it to sata and even a sata usb adapter, windows 10 wouldn't see/read the ssd.

So i started all over and tried on the first machine again cause the msi mobo might have locked it somehow or?

Is there anything i'm missing?

Thanks in advance for your time and effort to help me sort this out!

 on: Today at 10:58:50 
Started by mike.haemers - Last post by mike.haemers
No i looked, they have a 5v argb (3 pin) connector, look at the picture i will provide, it looks like a 4 pin but 1 of the pins is blocked off, all of the fans have the same pin blocked off.

 on: Today at 10:57:58 
Started by caribba - Last post by Yang
This is BIOS for Nightblade X2B on MSI website and no this information you provided.

This systme is full system that with Windows 10 OS for shipping.

If want to support 7th Gen CPU, it will be lost key of Windows 10 after flashing test BIOS.
You must be buy key of Windows 10 again form Microsoft.
So not suggest support 7th Gen CPU.

 on: Today at 10:56:33 
Started by erikandjakegaming - Last post by erikandjakegaming
thank you glad to know its 8th gen more upgrade options

 on: Today at 10:55:42 
Started by mattmaddux - Last post by Yang
[font=新細明體]G27C2 is not on NVIDIA list so cannot 100% guaarantee it.[/font][/color]

 on: Today at 10:50:59 
Started by erikandjakegaming - Last post by Yang
This system is Trident 3 8RA-008US so please refer Trident 3 8TH.
GTX 1050,DDR5 2GB
Intel Core i5-8400,2.8GHz
230W power supply
1TB 1TB,7200RPM HITACHI/HTS721010A9E630

It is specification for Trident 3 8TH on MSI website.
It is recommend list for Trident 3 8TH on MSI website, please click "Recommend" first.

 on: Today at 10:43:36 
Started by martinbalu2 - Last post by whitecat8890
You can go back to the shop where you bought the laptop.
And I guess they will bring you to the repair center or something.

 on: Today at 10:38:55 
Started by manerovendetta - Last post by anneht
Yes, both are on the lastest version available on the downloads page of my laptop and fans still don't work. After installing my BIOS, the update showed a message which was saying to press any key to reboot but my computer didn't rebooted at all.. when the msi logo at start showed up, the computer suddently turned off.. but after pressing the power button again it started normally. I checked the BIOS version and it was correctly updated.

In terms of software, things related to the fan problem are ec firmware and Dragon Center. Since you've already tried updating firmware, if reinstalling Dragon Center doesn't help, there's not much you can do then.
To remove Dragon Center completely, you have to remove a folder under C: > Program Files (x86) > MSI >Dragon Center.
If you want to maybe change the fan or something by yourself, I won't recommend it. Working on parts other than SSD or RAM could void the warranty. If you break something, it'll cost you more in order to repair it (unless you're confident in yourself).

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