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 on: Today at 17:47:37 
Started by ayaya1111.ya - Last post by hightone.alex

After days and weeks of searching and reinstalling everything, windows, drivers, bios, everything many times.
I even changed the thermal paste, and gave a good clean to the ventilators !!

My MSI GT72VR 6RE Dominator Pro (with 1070 inside) doesnt crash anymore !!!
Downclocking with MSI Afterburner is not enough !

Flashing the BIOS is THE solution for now,  the gpu core is now running 1442 mhz or 1645mhz if boosted.

Again thanks for the solution !!

I copy paste here what worked for me :

I installed the "chinese" BIOS (8A), link given in previous post :
I followed those instructions to install the BIOS, link given in previous post :

 on: Today at 17:45:15 
Started by flobelix - Last post by flobelix
This topic has been moved to Graphics Cards.

 on: Today at 17:44:59 
Started by ilia.cvetkov91 - Last post by flobelix
You are already using the latest vbios (NV373MH.203). There is no update.

 on: Today at 17:43:40 
Started by rebelos - Last post by flobelix
You are using vbios version TV341MH.152. Latest is TV341MH.154:

 on: Today at 17:40:47 
Started by Sploofer - Last post by flobelix
As it only happens in that special game it is most likely a game bug.

 on: Today at 17:36:30 
Started by Wobblyo - Last post by Wobblyo
Thanks for the advice, I'll stick to official manufacturer driver sites.

 on: Today at 17:31:13 
Started by nijedy - Last post by nijedy, in that case it's booting up the very first time without shutting down for a second. - Even if this is a feature and not a bug I wonder whether MSI's gonna "fix" it in an upcoming BIOS release...?

 on: Today at 17:20:36 
Started by loveyourbrotherman - Last post by loveyourbrotherman
After several year of intensive use, the motherboard of my GT70 2PE-1054 died
I would like to replace it, the origin's model is ms-17863 with the REV:0.c version
The issue is that they are not made anymore. the only version still available are the 1.1 or 2.0
So here is my question : is there any chance for my pc to run smoothly with the same model of motherboard but different version than the original one
thanks for your help

 on: Today at 17:09:01 
Started by nijedy - Last post by rbleroy91
well it seems I have to live with the double posting, or just leave the PC on or in sleep state.
Enable "SETTINGS \ Advanced \ Power Management Setup \ ErP Ready" and do a full shutdown in Windows but do not power off the CPU. Have you also a double post when you then press the case's start button? I repeat, it is recommended to not power off the PSU and you can verify that power consumption is near 0 with EuP2013 enabled (even the PSU should go in a sleep state).
Have a good day,
:hat tip:

 on: Today at 16:54:31 
Started by m.dorner - Last post by m.dorner
Can not adjust the brightness, it is grayed out and I do not know how to do it

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