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 on: Today at 00:09:44 
Started by roybannock - Last post by roybannock

bought this card on black friday this year and think i probably need to update the bios 

my card serial number is - 602-V372-41SB1907000024

current bios also attached

i also have no idea how to actually update it if it is needed either?

thanks for any help

 on: Today at 00:02:56 
Started by lSHOCKl - Last post by pb.williams
I too have a strange problem with XMP

I have 4 x 8gb Corsair Veng RGB Pro memory @ 3200 (16-18-18-36)
When I use two sticks(16gb) I get the full 3200 mhz on profile 2. However whenever I use all 4 sticks (32gb) the best I can get is 1465 x2 on profile 1
Profile 2 seem to revert me to 1066 with 15-15-15, even though I save is as 16-18-18-36


 on: Today at 00:01:48 
Started by aleksander.sagebakken - Last post by Svet
on your download link, upload file is not found

 on: Today at 00:01:09 
Started by MisterE - Last post by MisterE
Thanks.  Do you need the other information to be certain that 2C0 is correct for my card?

txt and rom file attached

 on: Today at 00:00:41 
Started by ronald - Last post by ronald
What temps should i start worrying??
>60 Celsius ?

 on: Yesterday at 23:59:17 
Started by haimxlegend - Last post by Svet
>>Posting Guide<<

 on: Yesterday at 23:58:26 
Started by ronald - Last post by Chike
Monitor the cpu temps see how high they get Core Temp under more download you can download the portable version.

 on: Yesterday at 23:54:11 
Started by vsdotnetguy - Last post by Svet
check the specs with msi here:
>>How to contact MSI.<<

 on: Yesterday at 23:52:38 
Started by ronald - Last post by ronald
well this is not the boxed version, i'm using the Arctic Alpine 12.
not quite ready to remove that as that makes me have redo the cooling paste i think. Don't have that handy just now.

 on: Yesterday at 23:50:38 
Started by baguacircle - Last post by flyzone
Hello everyone,
Sorry to bump this thread after two months, but this is also the most visible result returned from when looking for issues with linux/x570/msi. I wanted to share my investigation and fix.

After two days of headache I found the root cause and fixed it.
This motherboard came - according to the official website - with two SATA chipsets:
AMD x570: 4x SATA 6Gb/s ports(SATA1-SATA4)
AMS 1061: 2x SATA 6Gb/s ports (SATA5, SATA6)
However the 1061 chipset looks buggy (or with minimum compatibility) and it does not support many devices.
The compatibility devices list confirm it:

Now, attaching a device not compatible (almost anything that is not a HD/SSD) on port SATA5 and SATA6 will get stuck the full ACHI/SATA bus (from SATA1 to SATA6) with the "AHCI controller unavailable" (usually at boot, but it can be also later on for hot plug devices).
Workaround: detach the not-compatible SATA device or try to attach that on port SATA1-SATA4 (AMD chipset).
BIOS settings does not influence this behavior (with or without UEFI/SMC), and crappy SATA cables neither..

I have tested this with the motherboard in Subject, using latest firmare 7B93v15 (v1.5) on:
debian buster (kernel 4.19.0) - with or without the proprietary firmware
ubuntu 19.10 (kernel 5.3)
ubuntu 18.04 LTS (kernel 5.0)

Regarding hw configuration using it with a (GPU) MSI rx560, and a ryzen 3700x.

Hope this will help other MSI users to avoid headache.

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