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 on: Today at 00:37:00 
Started by burnsBVO - Last post by rbleroy91
On my EZ debug led's it showing CPU light then DRAM light and repeats (again system boots up fine)
Right, it sounds like a CPU (probability 20%) or RAM (80%) problem!
Have a good day,
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 on: Today at 00:33:11 
Started by jonathank1996 - Last post by jonathank1996
RX 580 4gb MSI Armor S/N: 602-V341-370b1711008324 msi 4gb
Looking for original bios thanks!

 on: Today at 00:25:57 
Started by TisellM - Last post by TisellM
Hello there!

First of all, forgive my bad english.

I've got an Z390 ACE and my JRainbow header is not working.
I've tried it both with my case lightning (Phanteks Evolv X) and my case fans (Fractal Design Prisma) but neither of them are lighting up when connected to the motherboard.

They are both working properly when connected to the RGB controller in the case.

I have tried enabling the header in Dragon Center.

Am I doing something wrong?

 on: Today at 00:19:22 
Started by david.leng114 - Last post by david.leng114
Was troubleshooting my game's slow speed when customer support replied with this:

It is clear this is being caused by your CPU speed. As you can see in the screenshots, your speeds are dropping to 800MHz. This would be related to the MSI "Slow mode" setting on the motherboard. 

You can find multiple posts about this on the MSI forums:

It will require to manually use the switch on the motherboard, or go into the BIOS and disable the feature. If you do not know how to do this, I would highly recommend reaching out to MSI to have them help you get your CPU back up to a constant 3.40GHz instead of 800MHz.

I can't find the safe mode switch anywhere on my motherboard and my manual doesn't seem to mention it at all, so I'd like to try and disable it through BIOS. How do I go about doing that? 

 on: Today at 00:18:50 
Started by manazillatees - Last post by manazillatees
used a really old amd gpu radeon hd 6850 and didnt work, same symptoms except gpu fan would keep on spinning

 on: Today at 00:13:40 
Started by ray - Last post by ray
S/N is 602-V341-1120B1905001468

Thank you.

 on: Today at 00:12:34 
Started by mohnahed - Last post by mohnahed
Here are my own videos while running Need for speed payback and PES 19. They have power throttle. The wattage in Need for speed payback is so horrible, every short time it throttles to 9 watt then it gets back to 33 watt. My cpu didn't exceed 35 watt at all unfortunately.
I hope anyone who can contact the admins to inform them about my issue. 

Need for speed payback

PES 19

 on: Today at 00:10:51 
Started by andrei391 - Last post by rbleroy91
This mobo has Flashback+, so a CPU is not required to update bios. To use it do that:
- Download >>Bios V1.82<<.
- Extract then copy the file "E7C02AMS.182" on the empty root of the USB pen (no more than 16GB and FAT32 (not FAT) partition).
- Rename "E7C02AMS.182" to "MSI.ROM".
- Power off.
- Plug the pen in the Flashback+ port on the back panel:
- Power on and wait 5s.
- Press the Flash Bios button on the back panel (see upper figure).
   Does the Flash Bios LED (+ USB pen light if there is) flash (you could have to wait around 2mn)?
     . If definitvely not, try with another USB pen because Flashback+ seems to not recognize some model (I don't know why).
     . If yes, be patient because load process can run up to 10mn.
- If Flashback+ has goodly ended, power off PSU, unplug the power cord and wait 10s after all mobo's leds light off.
To finish, one remark: if you do not use a Ryzen 3000, load rather >>Bios V1.50<< (E7C02AMS.150). V1.70 and 1.82 are buggy for current CPUs and AMD (not MSI) refuses any downgrade from them (fortunately a tool permit to do that).
Have a good day,
:hat tip:

 on: Today at 00:07:11 
Started by burnsBVO - Last post by burnsBVO
Actually ended up being Ram new sticks came in today and i'm all set up again!

 on: Today at 00:06:07 
Started by manazillatees - Last post by rbleroy91
Ok, I think we have found the culprit: there are a lot of case where Gigabyte GPUs are incompatibles with MSI mobos:cry:
I do not know why but it is a common problem (to verify, it suffices to search on this forum).
Try with another brand of 1050 (or another GPU) and I am sure it shall work.
Sorry for this bad news.
:hat tip:

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