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 on: Today at 16:52:09 
Started by etienneleroux - Last post by xspeed69
i bet they pushed it to next week

amazing how a 1600$ gpu is useless when a waterblock is installed
If they can fix it by simple bios update then great!

But for some reason I'm fearing there is a bigger issue on the card...

 on: Today at 16:51:43 
Started by mattgomery.scott - Last post by mattgomery.scott
I have the same laptop cpu what is your clocked to ? Is it on turbo in dragon center ?

Hi Sydneyblue203,

Thanks for the reply. According to system monitor the CPU is clocked to 3.98Ghz, and power plan is "High Performance." Pretty sure that's how it was when it came, as I don't really have the tech savvy to be doing things like overclocking and such, so I just leave it as is.

I'm not sure what you mean by "on turbo in dragon center" though sorry. But I've only really used the System Monitor and the LED Wizard, so maybe I'm missing something there. 

Thanks again for the help.

All the Best,

Mattgomery Scott.

 on: Today at 16:50:05 
Started by Masked Ninja - Last post by Masked Ninja
You can refer to this video. The method and steps are almost the same for each key.

Hello freeyh,

Thanks for your reply.

I've seen the video when I was looking for help before posting my issue. The video does not help for the very specific numeric keys which are different.


 on: Today at 16:44:37 
Started by stanimir03stan - Last post by stanimir03stan you can see in the title i have problems with the monitor.everytime it gets a little heated when im on youtube or somewhere else it crashes after some minutes or maybe hours.The crash just happens when im watching or doing something on the internet.The crash doesnt happen for games or else.most of the times when it crashes,it gives off a random colour and after that it stops working and i have to restart it.if anyone can help me here it would be greatly appreciated

 on: Today at 16:42:18 
Started by harmeshbalu - Last post by harmeshbalu
I know what you're thinking why am I commenting about a GPU purchased from a different brand on MSI forums.. Well believe it or not I Was told by their support to contact MSI lmao.

So let me just give you a quick run down of my problems. 

1. Purchased The ZOTAC RTX 2080 TI AMP EXTREME EDITION earlier this week it arrived Thursday, was really happy and surprised it came that quick, I live in the UK so I had to purchase it from the amazon global store. 

2. So I took out my Asus 2070 Strix and installed the Amp into my system, it booted up no problems at all, however only showing 1 LED light coloured Blue. I assumed this was normal since I would have needed the software to configure and optimize the card for use anyway. Similar thing happened when I installed my Asus Strix had to download the software to use the RGB lights. So I thought nothing of it.

3. Downloaded the latest version of the Firestorm software, installed it and ran it as administrator and I would get the following message 
"Software Testing" Then two seconds later " The software has failed to load" "Please power down and turn the computer back on" I ignored it asking me to just shut down the system, so instead I just restarted my PC, tried the run the software again and I got the same error message. Reason why I restarted it was because sometimes as we all know software gets buggy and requires a simple restart to fix it so we can use it. But in this case I cannot run the latest version of firestorm at all..

4. So After trying everything such as using Display Driver Uninstaller to remove all drivers for Nvidia and doing a fresh install of the drivers that didn't even work, so then I took out the GPU put it back in that didn't work, basically neither of those things helped the software at all, even using older drivers such as the basic driver NVidia installs for you if you haven't updated 411.70 I think and I used a relatively recent one 417.35 neither worked nor helped it at all. 
I even uninstalled Asus GPU Tweak 2 to make sure it wasn't causing an issue but again that didn't work, Even uninstalled and re-installed Firestorm 10 times still didn't do nothing, changed its compatibility mode, disabled my antivirus, allowed it through everything still doesn't work. 

5. So I gave in and thought okay I will just shut down my PC and turn it back on then, and so I did, and when I turned it back on the Blue LED light didn't come on at all. So the ZOTAC Gaming logo didn't light up nor did the RGBs at all nothing. So the card is in my case just pitch black. 

6. I eventually got annoyed contacted support asked them what they could do for me, the recommended me to try different versions of the Firestorm software and so I did, the versions before 7E and 8E all work however spectra software does not (the software that controls the RGB and lets you configure them) It was a greyed out option. I looked all over reddit and YouTube many people had issues with this software with the 1080 ti amp extreme editions of their cards, but people resolved that issue due to either a fix for the spectra on the 10 series cards, or a button that helped reset the GPU that was located on the back of it, or since GPU sag was stopping the 10 series from utilizing the spectra people found that stopping the sag fixed the issues for their 10 series amongst the others that I just stated. However for the 2080 TI that's not the case. I have tried to reroute the psu cables, tried different cables nothing is working. So now my GPU is basically in my PC it works don't get me wrong for gaming performance is amazing I have no performance problems at all getting 150+200 frames plus whilst playing battlefield 5, the division 2, anthem, blacktops 4, shadow of the tomb raider, metro exodus with raytracing enabled etc. The performance is there. 

But I just feel cheated I spent £1.3k on a card and I'm not even getting access to all of its features which honestly really bothers me. 

Now back to the story about why I am here talking about this, I spoke to someone from Eurotech, they told me that MSI worked on Firestorm, or well a department or whoever helped write the software had worked on it, the same people who worked on MSI afterburner. I am here looking for answers.

I just want this fixed. Zotac support directly are telling me that its my Fan Heat sink on the GPU, that doesn't make sense, How can that cause Firestorm to not launch on my PC? 
I have used Asus GPU tweak it picks up my GPU and acknowledges it, it lets me overclock it if I want to and also lets me adjust the fans all three of them to 100% if I wanted to, so why can I not use the firestorm? even gaming the temps are at 60c and I've played metro for three hours this morning not a single frame drop below 100 well give or take in smoke areas but the performance was smooth and bliss.. 

back to the point at hand, I was told that MSI or whoever wrote the software worked on firestorm and that someone here might have answers.. I cannot send them a ticket directly since Its a GPU from a different brand. So can someone help me here? They told me its time to RMA the card but I don't want to wait for 3 weeks or so to send it back (oh and btw that of which I have to pay for the shipping fees) only to get a new card to replace this one just to have the same problems... They keep telling me that all the revisions of the firestorm software work in their "factory" and their amp editions work fine with the software that's all I keep being told.. Its just really infuriating that I feel like they are not taking this into consideration. 

My system specs for anyone who's interested maybe it will help idk

Intel Core I9 9900K@5Ghz
MSI GODLIKE MEG Z390 Motherboard
Corsair Vengeance 3000mhz RGB 32GB RAM 4X8
1TB Samsung 860 Evo SSD
ASUS Thor 1200w Platinum PSU
Corsair H150i 360MM RGB CPU Cooler
Cooler Master C700P RGB Case
Windows 10 64-Bit Operating System

 on: Today at 16:32:31 
Started by fajardoken - Last post by sydneyblue203
your using a Emulator ? wouldnt that be the application fault not the laptop ?

 on: Today at 16:27:52 
Started by mattgomery.scott - Last post by sydneyblue203
I have the same laptop cpu what is your clocked to ? Is it on turbo in dragon center ?

 on: Today at 16:23:02 
Started by kiba1212 - Last post by kiba1212
I have a second problem. 
Now that I returned i7 6700 my dedicated graphics wont start to spin. 
I've tried 2 gpu's and both won't work anymore. Integrated graphics work. Is it a settings issue?

 on: Today at 16:22:33 
Started by etienneleroux - Last post by mrkingx11
i bet they pushed it to next week

amazing how a 1600$ gpu is useless when a waterblock is installed

 on: Today at 16:15:44 
Started by xylos1333 - Last post by rbleroy91
:confused2:  V2.F0 is listed:
See >>Here<<.
Have a good day,
:hat tip:

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