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 on: Yesterday at 23:46:11 
Started by fenice1 - Last post by Nichrome

If you have doubts, best if you ask BeQuiet directly as it;'s their cooling you are interested in.
Board itself has nothing to do with this to be fair. Though I think you should be fine. Your RAM is very low profile.

Heatsink itself has 40mm from the CPU plate to first heatsink fins. I am unsure how much higher CPU + socket gives, but lets assume 5mm.
That gives you ~45mm clearance between motherboard and heatsink.
Installed fan has clearance of 23.5mm. Adding ~5mm CPU + socket height, makes it ~28.5mm.
Your RAM is 32.5mm in height. So the only real issue I would see is where the fan would go. 

BUT if you check their website, they actually have a photo of that cooler with your RAM model on gigabyte motherboard:

And in worst case scenario, I think you can move the fan a bit higher which should give extra clearance for RAM.,2.html

 on: Yesterday at 23:36:58 
Started by 702enigma702 - Last post by citay
New Firmware for the G6:

This download supports and is applicable for the following hardware:
  • Sound BlasterX G6
  • Fixed slow boot up on MSI MEG Z390 ACE motherboard
  • Fixed jerky mouse movement in the MSI MEG Z390 ACE motherboard bios config page
  • Fixed LINE IN unable to unmute at maximum recording level
  • Added voice chat support on Nintendo Switch on selected Nintendo Switch games
  • Decouple mic monitor level and mic recording level sync on PC and Mac OS
  • Improved power saving when device inactive for 2 hours
  • Fixed RGB LED not able to turn off in SB Connect software
  • Fixed Mic level revert back to 68% upon reboot

 on: Yesterday at 23:31:43 
Started by Krank - Last post by citay
ThrottleStop seems to think it's enabled alright. But as far as normal use, i think it only goes down to C7. Anything lower wouldn't make much sense, unless in instances like locking the machine with WIN+L (which also turns off the graphics card output after a while), there you expect some sort of wake-up latency.

You know, i always used to select the deepest Package C-State Limits on my previous MSI mainboards. On the Z390 ACE with an early BIOS however, there was a bug which prevented Windows 10 from booting (or even loading from USB stick for installing), so after much trouble with that, i never touched the setting again. Today i tried it again and they've at least fixed that issue.

So all my other problems with this latest BIOS version (otherwise i wouldn't have found this thread) were at least good for some power savings in the end.

 on: Yesterday at 23:13:40 
Started by Krank - Last post by t0yz
By the way, thanks for that idea with the Package C-State Limit. In my case (Z390 ACE), the lowest possible option i can set is actually C10, not C8. And it works wonders for idle power consumption!
That's the Modern/Connected Standby mode, by the way. Which makes your PC remain connected (wireless) just like a phone would, even when in standby. Z390 was the first desktop platform to have it. You should try testing if it's properly enabled.
For Z370 C8 is the lowest you go, and yes, it works miracles for idle/low usage power usage and for me also PCH temps, while also shaving like 6W off the top max load power draw. PC seems just as stable with it.

 on: Yesterday at 22:43:01 
Started by rob - Last post by brehus07
Rob I was using adaptive volt of +0.025 I originally mention to you in the thread but I found that +0.035. also seems to be sweet spot for my z390. Gaming Carbon Pro it really makes you really wonder.
They have not release a Bios with the fix for my board yet

 on: Yesterday at 22:42:58 
Started by anuraggoswami75 - Last post by anuraggoswami75
When playing high end games like batman,gta 5,NFS etc the msi i5 9th gen 1050 ti is heating very high
Is it harmful

 on: Yesterday at 22:37:07 
Started by akiraxxf2x - Last post by akiraxxf2x
So here is the info


Is this the most up to date 2080ti Bios?

~problem solved~~ lock thread since it would not let me delete it thx

 on: Yesterday at 22:33:49 
Started by odtl - Last post by flobelix

 on: Yesterday at 22:17:50 
Started by fortincarl11 - Last post by fortincarl11
I have tried everything in vain... Windows 10 is reordering the boot order in the NVRAM even with a BIOS password.
What I did that work great is this:

1- Write an img image (refind-flashdrive-0.11.4.img) of refind with UltraISO to a USB flashdrive in raw mode.
2- Disable all HDD in boot menu of BIOS and put the USB flashdrive first.
3- Once I boot the PC the boot manager will see my 2 windows installation and will boot the first drive after a timeout.

No more problem!

 on: Yesterday at 22:16:09 
Started by theengin33r - Last post by Chike
Even if it will be twice as fast it make no real difference.
There is not much difference in user experience between nvme and sata ssd that are 5-6 times slower.

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