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 on: Yesterday at 17:11:22 
Started by delcour.pierre - Last post by chc
Today I tried to install the latest AMD driver for the 5500M(which came out on march 17th), but after the first restart it got BSOD with the same code. Did somebody find any solution since last time, because on the support page I didn't find any new driver that could fix this issue? In 5 minutes, it restarted 3 times.
Did all three restarts have the same error code(0xA0000006)? In those five minutes, what step di you take and see the three errors?

 on: Yesterday at 14:58:20 
Started by philipfroese - Last post by next3r
output from ac is ok ?.test multimeter ..my19.5v 230w is 19.75v

 on: Yesterday at 14:50:35 
Started by marc20juin - Last post by marc20juin
Here are tests I have just done:
1) with BeQuiet ventirad:
 - PC works fine with RAM stick#A in Dimm#2
 - memTest86 (on USB booting key) completed and ZERO error
2) without the BeQuiet ventirad:
 - PC works fine with RAM stick#A in Dimm#2
 - PC does not boot with RAM stick#B in Dimm#2
     - memtest86 (on USB booting key) does not start
I assume that there is no other conclusion than RAM stick#B is defective. Unfortunately the web merchant told me that replacement is delayed until end of Covis19 crisis (Service workshop is closed).

About "debug code", anyone has a suggestion about where I can find them with "MPG Z390 GAMING EDGE AC". From I see on the board itself and read on the user-guide, there is no LED display.


 on: Yesterday at 14:39:00 
Started by gonzalo.lopez.gomez7 - Last post by ngkiankiong1995
I had the same problem as you, after updating my Windows with the aforementioned "A-Volute - Extension -", all of a sudden the audio does not work anymore. I've tried a lot of ways and only restoring the system to the time before the update works for me. However, after further messing around, there's one other solution for my case, I tried unchecked the audio enhancement box in the speaker properties, and somehow it works. I'm in no way a tech guy so I don't know the reasons behind, but hopefully it helps you.

 on: Yesterday at 13:37:46 
Started by adriano.bis - Last post by zbyszekb44
Hi, there is no adapter needed.
Stay in health.

 on: Yesterday at 13:27:54 
Started by tinkisa - Last post by tinkisa
Hi, i don't know if this is the right section to ask about dragon center but i will ask anyway...
I have b450 tomahawk max and windows 10 x64, i have many problems with dragon center. latest version of dragon center, windows and bios installed.  Tried remove DC multiple times and perform a clean install either with windows uninstaller , with revo uninstaller and even with msi removal tool for DC.  I tired to clean register as well. 
First thing is every time i start windows i need to shut down DC and restart it to make it work. 
True color disappeared from the menu and i cant get it back, i used to have it before and i used eye rest option.
As you can see true color is installed but i don't have it on the menu.
I dont have option to reinstall it because it is already there i guess.
When i am switching between user scenarios it messes up the fun speeds and i need to restart windows and DC to fix it.
Any suggestion to fix it is appreciated. 

 on: Yesterday at 12:53:23 
Started by orxan.efendyev - Last post by orxan.efendyev
Guys, hello!
I wanted to make reset of my msi gt72vr dragon edition some time ago but i somehow delete recovery or something else.  Basically after that i wasn't able to use laptop recovery mode.
Anyways, i ended up making a clean install of Windows 10 all again.
HOWEVER, after purchasing my laptop on the second day i made a full backup with MSI Burn Recovery and saved the laptop backup on DVD iso files.
So my question is, can i burn these recovery iso's to DVD discs and try to recover my laptop back to its state?

I have 5 dvd iso files that i backed up back then:


Also one more question:
Is it possible to use these iso DVD files on single USB flash?
or i will have to use DVD to use these?

 on: Yesterday at 12:03:21 
Started by bap_tsagio - Last post by zipper
What kind of fps do you get on those games? Have you tried 3DMark?

 on: Yesterday at 11:35:49 
Started by marc20juin - Last post by marc20juin
Ok I will try this test, but I don't expect anything new.
Remember that with BeQuiet ventirad :
 - PC does not boot with RAM stick#A in Dimm#2 and with RAM stick#B in Dimm#4
 - PC does not boot with RAM stick#B in Dimm#2 and with RAM stick#A in Dimm#4
 - PC works fine with RAM stick#A in Dimm#2
 - PC does not boot with RAM stick#B in Dimm#2
Whatever I will keep you posted of the results.

About "debug code", anyone has a suggestion about where I can find them with "MPG Z390 GAMING EDGE AC". From I see on the board itself and read on the user-guide, there is no LED display.


 on: Yesterday at 11:20:22 
Started by ishitarya - Last post by 60mpgph
Maybe i found answer to my question but it only theory. Because i didnt connect front headphones panel to mobo Realtek and Nahimic recognise only 1 input and let choose if its headphones or speakers. When you have both front and back panel plugged into mobo  Realtek and Nahimic recognise 2 inputs 1 front one for headphones and back one automaticaly for speakers.
If you can disconnect front panel from mobo and plug headphones to back and see then if you see sound quality diffence because i did notice none

Important. Can you use Realtek hedphones panel when you plug headphones to back panel in your current configuration. Like set to ultimate or dynamic etc.  Because it makes sound diference in my setup and i like these options

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