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 on: Yesterday at 20:05:21 
Started by keith_starkey - Last post by keith_starkey

While building my machine, I couldn't find a USB 3.1, gen 2, Type C plug-in connector on the MSI Tomahawk B450 mobo for the Type C port on the front of my Define S2 case. I can't test that port to see if it works without a connector because I don't have anything at hand that uses Type C. Am I just not seeing the port on the mobo? If there isn't one, how would I get the front Type C to work (if it doesn't work)?

Additionally, page 24 of the MSI manual shows two 2.0 USB connectors (JUSB 1, 2) supporting four USB ports total on the front of the case; however, there was only one cable in the case to connect to one connector. I found, though, after plugging in a USB to all ports, they all four recognized the USB stick. How is that possible?

Thanks very much.

 on: Yesterday at 20:04:02 
Started by veganfanatic - Last post by veganfanatic
I intend to continue to scream, rant and rave until AMD/MSI came cough up with a BIOS that accepts the first gen Ryzen processors 

No reason I can see why the will not do any worse than Zen+ etc

So the way I see it there is an artificial basis which only reinforces the compulsory tied selling

 on: Yesterday at 19:57:43 
Started by michacz18 - Last post by Svet
Check PM

 on: Yesterday at 19:57:37 
Started by LpMatt90 - Last post by Svet
Check PM

 on: Yesterday at 19:52:49 
Started by sylox2010 - Last post by pennknig
smartconnect is a part from killerwifi. so i stopped killer wifi at the autostart and my thermals became better ( gpu 45-50 degree and cpu50-60).

by clean install do you mean like installing the whole windows without bloatware ?
i actually dont know how to do that on windows 10.
I suggest this .....

Update your BIOS from the Device manager.
Notebook will start and stop like 6x.
You will have a black screen.
It will take about 6 minutes.
Do this with a full battery and AC power.

Update your EC to current version and reset it using the instruction included in the zip folder:

Install a clean copy of W10 via USB:
Update it like 20x ... then 10 more just to be sure.

From the Device Manager update:
  • Display adapters > All listed here
  • Mice and other pointing devices > Synaptics TouchPad Driver
  • Network adapters > Killer(R) Wireless
  • Sound, video and game controllers > Realtek(R) Audio

Download/Install System Control Manager:

Download/Install MSI Help Desk:
Open Driver & App Center .... Install everything here.
Windows may have installed newer versions that what is available here, skip them.

If you run into problems with Nvidia ....
Clean install with DDU:
Nvidia Drivers:

 on: Yesterday at 19:47:42 
Started by Osfries - Last post by me.msi
Should mark this post as 'Solved'.....
It would be nice if someone else could confirm this as a fix too since my issues seem to have been slightly different than most here.

I could work around problems by booting with the driver disabled and then enabling it after boot.  That didn't work for anyone else.

 on: Yesterday at 19:46:44 
Started by telofthouse - Last post by Chike
Okay so the current bios it is on is E7994IMS.550 and the build date is 7/29/2016. So I guess I need to update it. So just update to the latest one 7994v5B then?
Yes, good luck.

 on: Yesterday at 19:41:00 
Started by telofthouse - Last post by telofthouse
Okay so the current bios it is on is E7994IMS.550 and the build date is 7/29/2016. So I guess I need to update it. So just update to the latest one 7994v5B then?

 on: Yesterday at 19:16:17 
Started by rahmanjaysyu - Last post by pennknig
Encountered this problem today. RFC and backspace dont work anymore excpet when pressing another key. Google led me straight here.

Tried all the install / de install shizzle. Reading further down this thread made me convince its hardware related (lose freaking cable). Still under warranty but not looking forward to missing my laptop for a month.
Try reseating the ribbon cable with a really thin shim to better the contact points.

 on: Yesterday at 19:10:58 
Started by BMDJag - Last post by BMDJag
To contact MSI: >>How to contact MSI<<. But, I'm afraid that you have to register the mobo to be helped by them! :cry: Unfortunately, I think that your only remaining option is to find an >>Older CPU like a Summit Ridge<< to update the bios. Really sorry to have not a better option to suggest, :hat tip:

Thank you very much! I used the contact form you provided which I couldnt find for some reason and was able to set up a RMA. Bonus was that the repair depot was local and I got the board back the same day!

To save time (but spend money) go to the nearest pc repair shop they will flash it at no time. I doubt MSI support are going to be help in any way.

Time and money saved! MSI did help. With that said my aim wasnt for them to help me, AMD requires you to attempt to contact them before they send out a boot kit. Luckily I didn't need to wait for that. So time not wasted.

If you aren't very adept at computers, etc....then find a local shop. See if they can flash it for you. Maybe it'll cost you $20 or something, but in the end, it'll be done and worth it.

Thanks but I know what I am doing with computers, just didnt have access to a Ryzen/APU that coud be used to update my board and I rather not pay for updating the bios.

Thanks for the help

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