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 on: Yesterday at 16:09:38 
Started by Svet - Last post by w45361
Hey Svet, I'm interested in your tool, but I have a very specific use for it I'd like to see if it can do.

I bought a fake GPU on eBay by mistake, and was promptly refunded after launching a dispute, but I'd also like the card to work as it's a shame to see it rot. The card is marked as a "GT 730", but definitely isn't.
Card looks like a Geforce GT 610 PCI in stats. The VRAM was spoofed to report 2GB, but physically only has 512MB, so it obviously quickly starts corrupting video data as it goes over its VRAM limit.
The device IDs and data have been modded to look like a GT 730 as well, though GPU-Z sees it properly. Additionally, the original clone modder messed up and made the card report a GF116 chipset, when it physically has a GF119-200-A1 chip on board, like the Geforce 605. The PCI and hardware IDs would need to be fixed for whatever this poor frankenstein card really is as well. I intend to make the fixed VBIOS public to help other victims of this scam as well and maybe prevent more e-waste.

I'll attach the VBIOS and pictures for review if you think it can be fixed to report correctly both its VRAM and actual GPU version, and how much you'd want to do it, assuming it's outside the scope of the utility you're offering.
I've included the GeForce 605 VBIOS I found that appears to be the only other reported card to use the GF119-200-A1 GPU revision. Note that the VRAM chips are designed to only run at a maximum clock speed of 800MHz, so it couldn't be used directly. Note that the card does actually have a 1Mb (128KB) SPI Flash chip, a Winbond 25X10CLNIG for reference, so it can handle the larger VBIOS in terms of memory size.

Thanks for taking a look, and have a great one!

 on: Yesterday at 15:50:01 
Started by Kab - Last post by Kab
Hello everyone! I got delivered a new MSI PS63 Moden 8SC last Saturday... The notebook is rather good, however I became quite disappointment with the display.

During testing and setting up on Sunday, I have noticed the white bleeding on my screen in all four corners, which is especially annoying if you watch movies or work with dark backgrounds. It's my first MSI laptop and first issue of this kind. I have attached three pictures: 1) Closeup with the keyboard lights on, 2) with ambient light as a reference, and 3) with my finger pushing lightly against the bezel of the top right corner without the screen moving yet. (I did not adjust the photos.)

Right now I am thinking to return the notebook but not sure whether this white bleeding is normal or as in case of a replacement, I'll get just the same issue.

What do you think?
Is this normal or as I think, a manufacturing issue?
Does MSI provide a warranty for this issue in case it will become worse, especially since the display will be opened and closed on a daily basis (see 3rd photo)?

 on: Yesterday at 15:46:45 
Started by sadanandkshatriya - Last post by sadanandkshatriya
I already have latest bios & ec. Should I reflash the same boss & ec?

 on: Yesterday at 15:31:37 
Started by giacomo.gio - Last post by porschefan76
I have a newer gen CPU, its not available. Silent option in DC for me just turns the fans to Passive (Just a heatsink) in Power Options>System Cooling Policy I keep my fans going@ 30% at idle, my ramp is quite aggressive as its easier for the notebook to stay cool rather than try to cool down from a hot state.

Hi pennknig! Yes, I have the i7-9750h (Coffee Lake) so I didn't know if Silent Option would work with my CPU but it works great.

I have pretty much the same deal going with my fan profile. I think somewhere else you wrote, "... easier to keep it cool than to cool down..." and I find that to be very true!

 on: Yesterday at 15:17:26 
Started by hughgreentreeshopping - Last post by porschefan76
Hello Hughgreentreeshopping, I'm not sure if this will help or not, and it will sound silly at first glance, but the only time I've had a similar situation on multi-monitor setups it is due to the high polling rate of the mouse I was using. If I adjust the polling rate of my Logitech G703 from 1000Hz down to 500Hz, the snap issue disappears. You can test by trying to move the window from one monitor to the other as fast as you can. If I move the windows from one monitor to the other very quickly, it doesn't auto-snap. You can also test by connecting any old daily-driver mouse and see if the issue resolves.

If this didn't help, my apologies.

 on: Yesterday at 15:10:16 
Started by mohnahed - Last post by porschefan76
Hi Mohnahed, others are having the same issue and have come to similar findings as you. I've got an open Support Request with MSI that hasn't been responded to yet. Others with the same/similar issue here:

 on: Yesterday at 15:09:59 
Started by ydw - Last post by ydw

Motherboard: MSI Z390 MEG ACE

My situation: I have a 500 GB NVMe M.2 in PCIe mode (in slot M2_3) which is not enough so i want to upgrade by adding another 1TB NVME M.2 (in slot M2_1) into my system so i have 1.5TB in total

So my question is: can i run a second NVME M.2 in PCIe mode? I think I remember reading a while ago this board supports only 1 drive in PCIe mode.

I tried looking in the motherboard manual but i dont understand how the "M.2 and SATA combination table" works

Can anyone here advice me what I should do? Thanks to anyone taking the time to read and answer this

(if relevant my specs are: I9 9900k, MSI MEG Ace, 32GB 3733, MSI DUKE 2080 Ti)

 on: Yesterday at 14:03:19 
Started by mohnahed - Last post by mohnahed
I wanna attach videos about the issue. 
In this video I used a very demanding application "xenia  Xbox 360 emulator on pc", the i7 8750h didn't consume more than 35 watt unfortunately.

Even though it can't consume more than 35 watt, on some games it can't consume stable steady 35 watt, it throttles to 800mhz or 900mhz with consumed wattage like 8 watt, 10 watt, 12 watt, causing very bad gaming experience. I'll attach a video of my device proving that later. 

Here's a video for person playing Witcher 3 and need for speed payback, the cpu throttles very badly, 800 mhz with consumed wattage of 8 watt.

Here's a video for a person playing Battlefield v on another brand laptop, it consumes from 39 to 40 watt, no power throttling at all. 

Actually I know that msi can do it by releasing a bios update. There's adequate cooling system "2 big fans and 7 cooling pipes". No one can help except msi by releasing that bios update which fixes the power limit issue "unstable 35 watt" and which makes the cpu consume stable 45 watt.
No apps "xtu or throttlestop" helped me to fix power throttle issue.

 on: Yesterday at 12:47:56 
Started by Antwon - Last post by annet
A bunch of keys RGB lights are stuck on (dimly lit) even though on the steel series profile shows they are disabled. Switching profiles do change the color of the keys but when they are to turn off they revert to the dimly lit state.    They stay dimly lit and flicker sometimes. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling SteelSeries to see if it fix but did not. And when turning off or on the laptop one or two keys will brightly light up and then revert to the same keys being dimly lit. Holding the FN key which should disable the lighting for keys except for the FN specific keys, the dimly lit keys stay on. Any fix for this?
Does this happen recently? Which SSE version are you having on your laptop?
Update BIOS & EC firmware

Is it possible that you can record a short vid of it?
Also, export your system info file using MSI Help Desk and upload it here.

 on: Yesterday at 12:45:04 
Started by inventorjm - Last post by freeyh
It's not a common way to support for eGPU with using the WiFi card module connection slots.
And the layout of the laptop's MB is different from the desktop's MB. Unless you can get the diagram, or else you won't know whether the layout for the WiFi card module connected to CPU would support for the external GPU just like Thunderbolt 3 or not.

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