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Place to discuss MSI GAMING All-in-One PCs / Desktop PCs / Monitor
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Hello,  We have a MSI Aegis 204eu. We’d like to buy a wireless device which you can see on the following link. (https://www.vive...
eugenio 2 353 Last post 17-September-18, 10:59:47
by eugenio
W25 / G25 UHD display via TB3
Hi All,I have a problem with display output to a Acer XB273k G-Sync Monitor using a Thunderbolt 3 to Displayport cable.Computer ...
shedman61 1 114 Last post 17-April-19, 07:49:40
by Yang
Wanting to know which gen is my PC
So, i've gotten the Nightblade MI3 PC, and i'm looking to get a ram upgrade, and a few other things. maybe a GPU upgrade too.the...
crocodilej45 1 163 Last post 11-March-19, 02:25:09
by Yang
Was wondering what is the dead pixel policy?
Hi, I noticed one stuck always on pixel on my monitor and was wondering what is the warranty like on a MPG27CQ? Thanks
Moheban79 5 453 Last post 21-February-19, 14:54:24
by Moheban79
Washed up colors on G27C2
Hello there! anyone can help me with my offs colors on my brand new G27C2 ? I tried to open a ticket but there is always a probl...
dwead132 2 193 Last post 18-December-18, 02:22:44
by Yang
We got GOLD award from Hitech Legion for Nightblade Z97!
☑You can find the complete review at here ->☑Also Video Link (embedded on page 2) ->
MSI_AIO 0 938 Last post 12-August-14, 07:43:45
What brand of CPU cooler does the x2 use?
Hey guys,I have a x2 nightblade the one with 6700K and a gtx980 TI.I do see a big tower of a cooler but i am wondering what bran...
ronniemeijer 1 582 Last post 15-August-16, 02:43:49
by Yang
What happened to the MSI Oculux NXG251 0.5ms monitor? is it delayed?
Hello,There was news about a new AUO panel out this winter, supposedly 240hz native and 0.5ms.MSI announced everywhere this pane...
wassuprocker 6 1846 Last post 17-December-18, 19:49:21
by yury9879
What headphone jack to use. Infinite X Plus 9th.
Hey yall,Just got my infitite x plus 9th a week and a half ago. Really happy with it but I had my headphones plugged into my mon...
jaynewman1994 5 285 Last post 30-June-19, 08:14:57
by sunscreen
what is the best color settings for CSGO
what is the best color setting for mag24c for csgo by the way i have response time exterme i just want monitor color settings + ...
rkzezo1 2 89 Last post 12-July-19, 11:52:09
by rkzezo1
What is the difference between G, MAG, and MPG monitors?
I'm having a hard time understanding the differences between the G, MAG, and MPG series monitors, the C, CQ, and CR designations...
jeffrey_dibartolomeo 1 4595 Last post 21-July-18, 21:46:35
by Nichrome
What model is this?
I would like to buy a new msi desktop. The one I am looking at is [url=
margitran94 1 368 Last post 01-September-18, 23:02:18
by Nichrome
What motherboard to buy as a replacement for the Nightblade MI?
Hi again, as the title suggests.Im thinking it will be to costly to send this in for repair and Im looking at replacing the moth...
gunnerkes 3 798 Last post 19-January-17, 01:19:45
by Yang
what MSI pc do i have
So I bought an MSI Gaming series gaming pc the case is the same as a nightblade MI3 but mine has an Intel Core I3-7200  and on t...
kiano.brusseel 4 292 Last post 01-April-19, 03:08:59
by Yang
What ram fits in MSI Nightblade MI-020EU
Hello, a few years ago i bought an MSI Nightblade MI-020EU it has 8 gb of ram i was looking into upgrading it's ram from 8 gb to...
liamlolll 2 552 Last post Best Answer 08-May-18, 03:15:30
by Yang
What's the FreeSync range for the MAG24C ?
The title says it. I have the monitor but I can't find the FreeSync range. Anyone?
sharbilsadiq 3 2018 Last post 16-April-18, 20:16:39
by flobelix
When Aegis-Ti will be avalibe available in UK?
Hi im looking forward to buy this pc.
gunz_rds 1 615 Last post 04-August-16, 16:48:18
by HenryW
When is the Aegis X with 1080 going to ship
Have had my preorder in for weeks.   No updates anywhere, it's like social media on this thing went from blowing up to silence.
vckadath 6 812 Last post 04-October-16, 03:17:35
by Yang
where to buy
Hi , I am from India. where can i buy MSI new Monitor Optix MAG321CQR in India ? i want to buy this specific monitor and not int...
xghostr666 0 129 Last post 15-March-19, 19:31:04
by xghostr666
Where to buy glass side for Codex x3-013us case and water cooler question
I just bought this PC a few months and saw that the glass part of the case was optional. I can't seem to find where to buy one. ...
jamesvle16 1 866 Last post 02-November-17, 07:05:42
by badboy2k
Where to buy GTX 970m?
Hello everybody! I can't find GTX 970m to buy in shop online. Please help me.
marcinektommy 3 2616 Last post 14-May-15, 17:18:33
by Svet
Where to buy the MSI Trident X in Sweden
Hi, I live in Sweden and I am looking to buy the MSI Trident X but I can't find it on any swedish websites. When does it come to...
axel.nimsjo 2 213 Last post 09-February-19, 05:43:51
by Yang
Where to get the Trident 3 330w PSU?
I want to upgrade my 230w > 330w so i can use a GTX 1070 but i can't find the 330w PSU anywhere :( Help pls
rdilux 6 2288 Last post 12-September-17, 01:05:40
by diangelojubitana
Which Models of Trident 3 have 330w PSU?
HeySo, I'm looking to buy a trident 3 and there are various options on the specifications page:
eloy.maybank 3 314 Last post 23-October-18, 03:07:55
by Yang
Which PC should I buy?
Hello~I want to buy a desktop PC or an All-in-one PC recently, but I don't know which one should I buy?I have a monitor and keyb...
sandy56660 6 1232 Last post 21-May-15, 16:27:12
by Nichrome
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