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Place to discuss MSI GAMING All-in-One PCs / Desktop PCs / Monitor
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27" MSI Optix MAG27CQ power off detection
Hello,Before I buy this monitor (27" MSI Optix MAG27CQ) I need to know if it supports disabling of "Hot Plug Detection".This wil...
juraj.masiar 2 2386 Last post 16-May-18, 09:59:41
by juraj.masiar
2nd hard drive Infinity X
Hello, I have an MSI Infinity X bought, there is 1 hard drive and I would like to build a 2nd, there is room for it. However, th...
the-boss 1 285 Last post 27-August-18, 07:39:37
by Yang
330W delta external power supply Information needed if you have please look
I bought a 330w delta external power supply for my Trident 3  computer as an upgrade from my 220w power supply. But I question t...
therareanimal 2 498 Last post 25-May-18, 16:05:55
by therareanimal
34" Optix MAG341CQ OSD not working can't use display
I just recently purchased the Optix MAG341CQ and attempted to use the Picture in Picture mode with another computer but after I ...
josephjen 1 1379 Last post 05-November-18, 02:08:17
by Yang
350W PSU for MSI Infinite 8RC-259
Hey folks,I've just ordered the MSI Infinite 8RC-259 and noticed it comes with a stock PSU of 350W which, at a first glance, see...
bandicootw 3 199 Last post 16-March-19, 08:36:23
by bandicootw
Hi, I was thinking of buying the new nightblade X2B but I'm conserned that 350W wont be enough for the GTX 970.their website als...
hellfish19 7 2710 Last post 04-March-16, 01:42:38
by Yang
4K panel V.S. regular 3K panel
Hello, I want to buy an all-in-on PC but I have a little question about screen resolution...What are the differences between 4K ...
pigsamantha 3 1012 Last post 16-April-15, 09:47:14
by kkyou0919
7700K CPU on Trident 3 Arctic Edition
I just recently purchased the Trident 3 Arctic edition and I'm thinking about upgrading the CPU. I was curious if any Trident 3 ...
trathbun 5 1090 Last post 22-June-18, 22:43:40
by Nichrome
8RC-402 no signal
HiWhy is there no dedicated board for desktop support? AnywaySo I just bought this 8RC-402, and it doesn't send any video signal...
croyons 1 100 Last post 26-July-19, 03:06:52
by Yang
@Svet Unlock BIOS for MSI Trident
Is it possible to Unlock Trident BIOS so that we can use the 330W Power Supply instead of the 220W?
miguez37 3 173 Last post 04-September-19, 02:50:11
by Yang
A question about the dimension of the Optix MAG271CR
The website says that the height of the monitor is 560mm and the manual of the monitor says the height is 451.8mm.does the 560mm...
vladislv8 1 161 Last post 05-August-19, 08:04:16
by Yang
A question for next new product, Aegis
Hi, I think I will buy a new gaming desktop recently.But I just dither and can't decide whether to buy Nightblade X2 now or wait...
gino0902 1 728 Last post 12-April-16, 03:24:46
by edcwtsai
About driver chipset
Since ive installed my driver chipset on my 64 bit windows Vista Ultimate the computer doesnt boot up or shut down properly, but...
Samuelhayes 1 1124 Last post 16-July-14, 04:55:45
by jimy
Aegis . Harness the power of gamers
Hi Gamer ,   Are you READY to meet next  generation of Gaming Weapon? Aegis . Harness t
edcwtsai 7 2235 Last post 01-April-16, 00:33:59
by Ralphort
Aegis 001bus Barebones
I purchased 2 MSI Aegis 001Bus-R Barebones from Newegg back in March 2018. I have installed an Intel 6700 cpu, 2x 16 gb corsair ...
tmcconnell59 6 613 Last post Best Answer 23-June-18, 23:44:27
by Nichrome
AEGIS 061- maximum RAM capacity?
Just bought an Aegis 061-US which comes with 16GB RAM preinstalled, however I want to max it out.  I can not find anywhere what ...
campfiiire 6 1326 Last post Best Answer 19-December-16, 05:59:40
by Mog
Aegis 202US incredibly sluggish.
I just received my new computer yesterday. I have restarted it a few times and it has problems with Adobe Premier Pro and other ...
matt 1 680 Last post 20-December-16, 09:14:30
by jimy
Aegis 213US Bios Question
I am wondering how I can access and disable hyper threading on my msi system. My chipset supports hyper threading but there are ...
shady3977 1 256 Last post 15-September-18, 19:02:17
by HenryW
Hello everyone,i bought an AEGIS 3  i7700 16gb + 1060 6gb msi. (Aegis 3 VR7RC-003EU)after 3 months the computer get froozen\erro...
castellano_d 0 589 Last post 01-October-17, 09:09:40
by castellano_d
Aegis 3 - Disassembly
Dear friends,Is it easy to remove the the PSU unit? It seems that overall weight of the desktop is 19 lbs and I want to carry it...
drertugrul 1 297 Last post 29-October-18, 04:00:02
by Yang
Aegis 3 450w psu run a gtx 1070?
Hello, recently I purchased a gtx 1070 to replace my 1060. The psu is 450w but the recommended wattage is 500w. I'm also using t...
ryanmason54 1 198 Last post 21-February-19, 01:51:22
by Yang
Aegis 3 can't detect second monitor
Hi,I just bought a aegis 3 on Friday 6/23/2017. But when trying to turn on my second monitor, it said "Didn't detect another dis...
terry 1 1255 Last post 27-June-17, 01:50:09
by Yang
Aegis 3 case.
Hey everyone. First time posting here. I've had my Aegis 3 for going on maybe a year and a half. At first, I liked the case. It ...
dollahbill510 1 203 Last post 12-August-19, 12:09:25
by Yang
Aegis 3 does not power up
New aegis 3 in the uk, went all through the everlasting windows 10 update, worked for 30 minutes then switched off, now just get...
david.sewell 1 678 Last post 09-December-17, 21:28:37
by Nichrome
Aegis 3 motherboard
hi, i bout a 7th gen aegis 3 not too long ago and want to change the case does anyone know if the motherboard in the aegis 3 is ...
hylian778 1 613 Last post 03-June-18, 02:40:15
by badboy2k
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