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Place to discuss MSI GAMING All-in-One PCs / Desktop PCs / Monitor
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330W delta external power supply Information needed if you have please look
I bought a 330w delta external power supply for my Trident 3  computer as an upgrade from my 220w power supply. But I question t...
therareanimal 2 411 Last post 25-May-18, 16:05:55
by therareanimal
34" Optix MAG341CQ OSD not working can't use display
I just recently purchased the Optix MAG341CQ and attempted to use the Picture in Picture mode with another computer but after I ...
josephjen 1 742 Last post 05-November-18, 02:08:17
by Yang
350W PSU for MSI Infinite 8RC-259
Hey folks,I've just ordered the MSI Infinite 8RC-259 and noticed it comes with a stock PSU of 350W which, at a first glance, see...
bandicootw 3 175 Last post 16-March-19, 08:36:23
by bandicootw
Hi, I was thinking of buying the new nightblade X2B but I'm conserned that 350W wont be enough for the GTX 970.their website als...
hellfish19 7 2654 Last post 04-March-16, 01:42:38
by Yang
4K panel V.S. regular 3K panel
Hello, I want to buy an all-in-on PC but I have a little question about screen resolution...What are the differences between 4K ...
pigsamantha 3 987 Last post 16-April-15, 09:47:14
by kkyou0919
7700K CPU on Trident 3 Arctic Edition
I just recently purchased the Trident 3 Arctic edition and I'm thinking about upgrading the CPU. I was curious if any Trident 3 ...
trathbun 5 991 Last post 22-June-18, 22:43:40
by Nichrome
A question for next new product, Aegis
Hi, I think I will buy a new gaming desktop recently.But I just dither and can't decide whether to buy Nightblade X2 now or wait...
gino0902 1 701 Last post 12-April-16, 03:24:46
by edcwtsai
About driver chipset
Since ive installed my driver chipset on my 64 bit windows Vista Ultimate the computer doesnt boot up or shut down properly, but...
Samuelhayes 1 1099 Last post 16-July-14, 04:55:45
by jimy
Aegis . Harness the power of gamers
Hi Gamer ,   Are you READY to meet next  generation of Gaming Weapon? Aegis . Harness t
edcwtsai 7 2199 Last post 01-April-16, 00:33:59
by Ralphort
Aegis 001bus Barebones
I purchased 2 MSI Aegis 001Bus-R Barebones from Newegg back in March 2018. I have installed an Intel 6700 cpu, 2x 16 gb corsair ...
tmcconnell59 6 535 Last post Best Answer 23-June-18, 23:44:27
by Nichrome
AEGIS 061- maximum RAM capacity?
Just bought an Aegis 061-US which comes with 16GB RAM preinstalled, however I want to max it out.  I can not find anywhere what ...
campfiiire 6 1268 Last post Best Answer 19-December-16, 05:59:40
by Mog
Aegis 202US incredibly sluggish.
I just received my new computer yesterday. I have restarted it a few times and it has problems with Adobe Premier Pro and other ...
matt 1 635 Last post 20-December-16, 09:14:30
by jimy
Aegis 213US Bios Question
I am wondering how I can access and disable hyper threading on my msi system. My chipset supports hyper threading but there are ...
shady3977 1 205 Last post 15-September-18, 19:02:17
by HenryW
Hello everyone,i bought an AEGIS 3  i7700 16gb + 1060 6gb msi. (Aegis 3 VR7RC-003EU)after 3 months the computer get froozen\erro...
castellano_d 0 558 Last post 01-October-17, 09:09:40
by castellano_d
Aegis 3 - Disassembly
Dear friends,Is it easy to remove the the PSU unit? It seems that overall weight of the desktop is 19 lbs and I want to carry it...
drertugrul 1 226 Last post 29-October-18, 04:00:02
by Yang
Aegis 3 450w psu run a gtx 1070?
Hello, recently I purchased a gtx 1070 to replace my 1060. The psu is 450w but the recommended wattage is 500w. I'm also using t...
ryanmason54 1 166 Last post 21-February-19, 01:51:22
by Yang
Aegis 3 can't detect second monitor
Hi,I just bought a aegis 3 on Friday 6/23/2017. But when trying to turn on my second monitor, it said "Didn't detect another dis...
terry 1 1189 Last post 27-June-17, 01:50:09
by Yang
Aegis 3 does not power up
New aegis 3 in the uk, went all through the everlasting windows 10 update, worked for 30 minutes then switched off, now just get...
david.sewell 1 619 Last post 09-December-17, 21:28:37
by Nichrome
Aegis 3 motherboard
hi, i bout a 7th gen aegis 3 not too long ago and want to change the case does anyone know if the motherboard in the aegis 3 is ...
hylian778 1 552 Last post 03-June-18, 02:40:15
by badboy2k
AEGIS 3 Motherboard Upgrade
Hello,I recently bought Aegis 3 VR7RD and I really wonder If the motherboard is upgradeable in the future as well. I like the de...
yasinsagliksever 1 1584 Last post 12-June-17, 02:08:35
by Yang
Aegis 3 Plus 8RC-233US-B78700106316G1T025S10MHA
I there, i juste receive my Aegis 3 Plus 8RC-233US-B78700106316G1T025S10MHAMotherboard MS-B907I've jus format my SSD to install ...
m.a.drouin 1 190 Last post 10-January-19, 02:08:52
by Yang
I have just recently purchased an Aegis 3 Plus from Newegg ($1,400) as it seemed to be a great deal from a reputable company who...
acke7550 3 207 Last post 05-March-19, 02:06:54
by Yang
Aegis 3 Processor Upgrade
I have an Aegis 3 with a i7-7700 processor and a 450 W PSU.The motherboard can support a i7-7700k or a new i7-8700K? Thank you.R...
avbeitia 6 1618 Last post 15-January-18, 01:44:46
by Yang
Aegis 3 TI 1070SLI reboots 3 times before going to the OS
So I have a Aegis 3 Ti. I press the power button the computer would light up but not boot and the screen would not turn on. 15 s...
charlesbaconfb 0 123 Last post 10-January-19, 03:22:58
by charlesbaconfb
Aegis 3+ 8th and flickering monitor screen
Hello- After three years without a computer I chose the MSI Aegis 3+ 8th to be my new computer.  I find it amazing compared to a...
Zyra 0 204 Last post 11-November-18, 00:33:10
by Zyra
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