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Place to discuss MSI GAMING All-in-One PCs / Desktop PCs / Monitor
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There are tiny little lines on the screen MAG321CQR
I have brought 2 monitors same model. One works perfectly fine. The second monitor looks fine but has this tiny lines on the scr...
johnau020 7 269 Last post 29-May-19, 00:20:43
by cyb3rs34l
usb c rear port issues
hi everyone, just got my infinite x plus and have been having some issues with my usb type c port on the back. My hub wont even ...
nat_ycmd 5 202 Last post 29-May-19, 00:16:42
by cyb3rs34l
bios download file not found
hi, i have been trying to download the newest bios for my infite x plus 9th but keeps saying file not found. Is this a server is...
nat_ycmd 2 117 Last post 28-May-19, 16:33:51
by nat_ycmd
Having issues with spots at the top of your monitor?
I seen these spots along the top of my monitor and I wanted to RMA it in fear that I had a bad Monitor, and wanted to get it rep...
cyb3rs34l 1 117 Last post 28-May-19, 00:34:39
by johnau020
MSI RTX 2080 Ti artifacting fix ??
Is there any fix for artifcating with MSI RTX 2080 Ti . I bought the msi Infinit X pc 3 months ago and it was runing fine until ...
Deadspot80 3 194 Last post 27-May-19, 18:47:14
by flobelix
Questions for settings and the MAG321CQR Monitor. !
HiI'm new. And its the first time i buy a MSI monitor. In fact i brought 2 x monitors Optix MAG321CQR  to make them look like a ...
johnau020 6 270 Last post 27-May-19, 03:01:35
by Yang
Trident 3 9TH!!!
I see on MSI's main website ( that there is a new Trident 3 with 9th gen intel core pr...
davidrsullivan 7 398 Last post 25-May-19, 13:27:23
by Nichrome
GAMING SCREEN is Crashing / flickering !!! Dying after 3 years = GARBAGE !!!!
GAMING SCREEN is Crashing / flickering !!! Dying after 3 years = GARBAGE !!!!400 euro's wasted for nothing.MSI = GARBAGE !!!!!!!...
luk.caluwaerts 2 197 Last post 25-May-19, 04:28:05
by luk.caluwaerts
Disappearing Promotion _ Glow your gaming PC
Recently I purchased a MSI gaming optix MAG321CQR display. what pushed me over the edge for choosing this VA monitor instead of ...
HMS123 0 137 Last post 24-May-19, 23:44:24
by HMS123
Optix MAG321CQR
I am looking for a new monitor to match my RTX 2070 Gaming Z graphics card.I think the Optix MAG321CQR 32 inch  look interesting...
jo.skov.jensen 5 300 Last post 24-May-19, 15:02:49
by johnau020
Nightblade MI3 7RB upgarade
I got a Nightblade MI3 7RB-006EU and i like more power :D  I have put in a 250GB SSD Upgrade to 16GB DDR4[/size
Blok77 5 177 Last post 24-May-19, 13:31:04
by Blok77
MOVED: MSI GL63 8RD (GeForce GTX 1050 Ti) audio broken
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
Nichrome 0 69 Last post 24-May-19, 10:48:26
by Nichrome
Settings for Optix MAG321CQR
Hi since im new here i have yet not got any help by any readers.. Im sure everybody is in the same boat as me when it comes to w...
johnau020 1 118 Last post 24-May-19, 03:45:21
by Yang
OPTIX MAG341CQ sound on power up.
Just bought this monitor have had it roughly a week and every time I power it up there is a very distinct sound  if I leave the ...
cyb3rs34l 2 119 Last post 24-May-19, 03:36:18
by Yang
Request MSI OPTIX MAG241C Firmware
Hello,I heard that there is a new firmware for the optix mag241c version FW.014 ,can you provided to me please. I'm hoping that ...
Alilas 9 459 Last post 24-May-19, 03:32:01
by Yang
New to ultrWide Gaming.
Hello, I have just started gaming with an ultrawide monitor these past few days when I purchased my MSI MAG341CQ. I love the mon...
cyb3rs34l 2 159 Last post 24-May-19, 02:22:03
by cyb3rs34l
Image ghosting with Optix MAG321CQR
I'm getting image ghosting (primarily with shadows) with my new Optix MAG321CQR. I'm using with GSync together with a EVGA NVIDI...
martin.buhr 2 160 Last post 23-May-19, 20:05:05
by martin.buhr
MAG321CQR Image trailing, ghosting?
I have the MAG321CQR and a GeForce RTX 2080 in Windows 10.No matter what settings I use in the GamingOSD software, including kee...
ek987 2 125 Last post 23-May-19, 20:04:21
by martin.buhr
Trident 3 m2 type
HiWould like to add a second 8 gb stick of ram to my Trident 3 brc-007a-b5840010638g1tox10ma,  9S6-B92011-007I have fond the mem...
baillieul 1 90 Last post 23-May-19, 04:54:48
by Yang
Mystic light dosn't work!!
i got a MSI Infinite 8RB-257EU Everytime i try too use the mystic light 3 it seems not too work or change any color's why is tha...
emiralkic 1 77 Last post 23-May-19, 04:20:25
by Yang
MSI trident 3 not working after RAM upgrade
I am :censored: livid. I just installed fresh RAM into my Trident 3 and it suddenly gives no video signal now. I did literally noth...
coreycjs 1 100 Last post 22-May-19, 03:09:46
by Yang
Trident 3 upgrade SSD
hi, guysi just wonder if i can upgrade the HDD to SSD. i wanna keep the M2, and upgrade the HDD to 1TB SSD. is that possible? if...
cced07 1 115 Last post 22-May-19, 02:58:36
by Yang
[Guide] How to fix the flickering issue on the MSI Optix G24c
I purchased this monitor off craigslist brand new. After hooking it up with a DisplayPort cable I noticed it was flickering unco...
ArtPKP 3 266 Last post 18-May-19, 09:35:20
by Alilas
Trident 3, want to install a SSD but what kind?
I'm not sure what kind of SSD I can install into my trident 3 The Model and information is as follows: Trident 3 8RC-005US
williamcriley 4 171 Last post 18-May-19, 06:02:05
by matt38y3
Trident 3 upgrade SSD
hi, all, i have a question about my Trident 3. can i upgrade the HDD to SSD and leave M2 there? if i wanna plus 1 more hard driv...
cced07 3 118 Last post 17-May-19, 05:28:57
by Yang
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