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Place to discuss MSI GAMING All-in-One PCs / Desktop PCs / Monitor
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Trident 3 GPU issue
Hey all,Just received my brand new and first MSI pc. It's a Trident 3 VR Ready (i5, GTX 1060). I'm trying to install the driver ...
john.florea82 1 138 Last post 24-December-18, 07:30:22
by Yang
Trident 3 Arctic HDMI 2.0a / HDR Support
Does anybody know if the 7th Gen Trident 3 Arctic GTX 1070 ports support HDMI 2.0a for HDR? The TV I'm plugging it into isn't re...
someguy12 1 110 Last post 24-December-18, 07:23:05
by Yang
MAG27C Issue
Having a strange issue with my monitor that i bought back in July, i had plugged it into my Nintendo Switch and was working fine...
wtamburo 1 100 Last post 22-December-18, 23:18:02
by darkhawk
Is there a big difference in the quality of the panels between the MAG27CQ vs MPG27CQ?One is 250cd/m2, the other is 400cd/m2.[fo...
dwhyte 10 458 Last post 21-December-18, 17:41:26
by dwhyte
MPG27CQ First Impressions
Got the MPG27CQ delivered yesterday and first impressions are really good.Going from a 23" TN 2048x1152 Samsung Syncmaster 2343B...
dwhyte 0 84 Last post 21-December-18, 17:31:45
by dwhyte
Optix MAG27C vs. Optix MAG271C
Besides the MAG27C having red LED's or any cosmetic differences between the two, what are the technological differences, and whi...
dnp 1 262 Last post 21-December-18, 02:11:07
by Yang
video upgrade for Nightblade MI2?
Hi all,I've got a nearly three year old Nightblade MI2 (Nightblade MI2-014TW-B5640095028G1T0S10M) with a gtx 950. I have upgrade...
joscalleigh 1 82 Last post 21-December-18, 02:03:39
by Yang
Trident X 9th
Hey there, Just wondering, where would I be able to purchase the Trident X with the i9-9900k processor?There appears to only be ...
par-corekid 1 105 Last post 20-December-18, 02:00:20
by Yang
MSI Optix G27C2 - Blank Screen on startup
Hello guys, I literally just bought and setup this monitor and I am having a slight issue. Once I turn on my PC,  my motherboard...
smlosco 4 208 Last post 19-December-18, 10:43:39
by smlosco
Monitor Optix mag241c
Hello this afternoon I received this monitor (Optix mag241c)  but I do not understand the functions that are in the button navi....
sauveurgaming 1 112 Last post 19-December-18, 02:10:38
by Yang
ritchiemcbride 1 116 Last post 18-December-18, 22:57:51
by Nichrome
MSI Optix G27C2 Horizontal Line
Hi,I am having an issue with a horizontal line on the screen couple of hours after unboxing my new MSI Optix G27C2. I have tried...
shounakgupte 3 508 Last post 18-December-18, 22:55:49
by Nichrome
MSI Oculux NXG251 Availability
I'm in market for the best competitive gaming monitor. I'm fine with waiting for 2 month, but not 3. Could MSI representatives p...
yury9879 2 1287 Last post 18-December-18, 15:16:06
by wassuprocker
Not recognizing drives
I've got an MSI Trident 3 I'm attempting to add an m.2 drive to.  Has the MS-B9061 v 2.0 motherboard in it with the A.10 BIOS, a...
rgletur 4 188 Last post 18-December-18, 03:09:26
by rgletur
Washed up colors on G27C2
Hello there! anyone can help me with my offs colors on my brand new G27C2 ? I tried to open a ticket but there is always a probl...
dwead132 2 87 Last post 18-December-18, 02:22:44
by Yang
What happened to the MSI Oculux NXG251 0.5ms monitor? is it delayed?
Hello,There was news about a new AUO panel out this winter, supposedly 240hz native and 0.5ms.MSI announced everywhere this pane...
wassuprocker 6 492 Last post 17-December-18, 19:49:21
by yury9879
MSI Monitor MAG241C sound
Does this monitor have speakers built in because no sound is coming out of the monitor ?
math.psg50 2 125 Last post 17-December-18, 10:01:12
by math.psg50
Trident X 9SE-002US
Can't get answers to these questions from MSI sales so I thought I'd try here...1. What brand is the RAM  "16GB DDR4 2666Mhz (16...
douglasadixon 1 99 Last post 17-December-18, 02:31:34
by Yang
Black borders around my screen
I recently bought 2 MSI MAG24C monitors, but after plugging them in using a HDMI cable which goes into a dvi adapter into my GPU...
kruegerj2002 0 97 Last post 14-December-18, 21:37:31
by kruegerj2002
Trident x terrible performance PLS HELP :(
Just got my trident x 002us yesterday, and there are already several issues. It seems that the cpu and gpu is not fully on, ever...
icemanfrom111 0 90 Last post 14-December-18, 05:16:59
by icemanfrom111
MAG27CQ Only Has 3 Languages?
So I purchased my monitor in Australia, from an Australian shop and received a Japanese monitor. Some of the text on the box, en...
ThndrKnt 0 53 Last post 14-December-18, 04:31:57
by ThndrKnt
Issues with MSI Mag24C Gaming Monitor
Hey everyone, I recently bought an MSI MAG24C monitor off of Amazon. It was working perfectly fine on the first day, but the day...
jasperkim2000 2 605 Last post 14-December-18, 02:13:25
by Yang
Aegis SSD?
I bought a Aegis 085us a couple years ago. I want to purchase a ssd for the top 2.5 slot but not sure exactly what kind will wor...
msimojo 3 151 Last post 13-December-18, 02:18:19
by Yang
BUYER BEWARE: NXG251R Oculux Best Buy
BUYER BEWARE: It make look like a sweet deal at $349, but don't expect to receive it.  Here is my experience ordering from them....
EvilGeniuses 1 122 Last post 13-December-18, 01:51:08
by Luckbad
Optix MAG27CQ Ghosting, Overdrive not working?
So I recently bought the MSI Optix MAG27CQ monitor ( and I really like it so far. The ...
foxbit 2 494 Last post 12-December-18, 16:15:03
by yann.beilliard
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