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Last post by flobelix
in Re: How to clear the CMO...
on 24-October-16, 09:25:13
Older MSI motherboards, All boards older than listed in Intel and AMD section.
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Sticky Topics
If you have DPC Latency spikes with the following mainboards listed below,MSI has a custom BIOS to solve the problem:MSI custom ...
Svet 0 12847 Last post 10-March-09, 21:01:40
by Svet
Just read the manual and use correct keys!! NumPad's +/- or PageUp/PageDown if you want to adjust values. [quote author=A
Svet 0 8913 Last post 18-June-09, 21:39:38
by Svet
Hi guys,Lately, I see many people giving the advice to place a mainboard on the anti-static bag it came in to test the setup.DON...
Hans 0 9457 Last post 19-October-09, 19:35:13
by Hans
>>>  Suggestions on posting and getting better answers <<< [co
Svet 0 5491 Last post 24-February-12, 14:30:27
by Svet
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in o...
emersonyang 0 2564 Last post 13-July-15, 02:27:45
by emersonyang
Core 2 Duo CPU Plug-in---> and the last version(project is closed) of Ri...
Svet 15 37881 Last post 19-August-08, 16:53:01
by Svet
Problem:If you forgot to activate AHCI-mode in BIOS before you installed Windows XP SP2 on one of your SATA drives you will enco...
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Jack 178 400640 Last post 23-January-13, 11:59:01
by Magissia
Normal Topics
Fuzzy Logic 4 don't work on 645E Max2 M/B with my P4 1.6GA
I buy a new M/b model 645E Max2-L with using P4 1.6G A, which can o/c to 2.3G by setting 16 x 144 FSB in bios. But I install the...
9000volts 0 2602 Last post 09-July-02, 15:57:44
by 9000volts
Anyone tried a ProSavage 266DDR KM266?
Hi everybody, I need an opinion on this board, I'm thinking of buying it for my mom's computer.  I'm also picking up a Duron 1 G...
lynux 0 1693 Last post 11-July-02, 12:01:21
by lynux
MS-6341 why it dont works good
Hello i've written in this forum earlier and cant find my topic.But it isnt main problem.I've got a comp:Mother MS-6341CPU     A...
BaguM 0 2135 Last post 11-July-02, 18:37:52
by BaguM
k7t266 pro ru freezes
I gave up, and took it into the shop. they tried everything new ram, new cpu, new video card. Finally they tried a new power sup...
sonor31 0 1986 Last post 11-July-02, 22:31:25
by sonor31
845g-max Bios Question
I am wondering if somebody is working in a bios mod for this baby, because I have some trouble with my PCI/AGP speed without the...
Daemanca 0 2128 Last post 12-July-02, 02:43:56
by Daemanca
Problem with booting ms-6330?
my machine hangs up when rebooting... It doesn't do it all the time, and I have not been able to determine a cause.The machine w...
tommy 0 2322 Last post 12-July-02, 02:58:18
by tommy
Can't get Fuzzy Logic 4 to work
Hi all.Here is what I have:MSI 845 Ultra ARU or (MS-6398)Pentium 4 Northwood 512K cache 2.2g processor256MB RAM Corsair DDR80gig...
Hitman 0 2536 Last post 12-July-02, 04:58:59
by Hitman
645 Ultra Memory Timings
I use 2 sticks of 256 MB Corsair XMS PC2700 CAS2.  It runs great at 2.5, but XP gives me the big blue screen when I set it to 2....
Guest 0 2089 Last post 12-July-02, 12:29:15
by Guest
MAC Tool to change Mac-Adresse
Where can i download the tool to change back the mac adress after flashing back (2.5-> 2.4).
deepknight 0 2173 Last post 12-July-02, 20:10:34
by deepknight
Thans All
Your suggestions worked my pc shuts down fine now thanks!!!!!
trapper028 0 2124 Last post 13-July-02, 13:53:08
by trapper028
Support with RAID 1 Problem in UK
Bought a M/B from Dabs Direct they wont talk, neither will MSI UK or TW maybe its time to junk the 845 ARU and go back to ASUS!S...
David Santon 0 1705 Last post 14-July-02, 07:14:12
by David Santon
Seti@home on K7t266 pro2-ru +1800
Hi could any one tell me if they have seti@home on this motherboard running a Xp+1800 chip,what i would like to know is what tim...
MIGHTY MAN 0 1432 Last post 15-July-02, 13:05:45
MSI KT266 (MS-6380) issues
Hey All,I recently switched the computer on & all that happened was my USB intellimouse lit up... No fans ran at all, including ...
saba 0 2564 Last post 15-July-02, 18:15:36
by saba
Open GL+XP+Ti440=weird graphics problems
There is a problem with my computer setup that is getting rather annoying. When I run open GL games like Medal of Honor Allied A...
halo13 0 1517 Last post 15-July-02, 23:49:57
by halo13
Recommended HDD setting for KT3 Ultra ASU
Hi,   When setting up a HDD do I want to use the "AC" Setting  (Maxtor HDD) for capacities lower Or HIGHER than  32 GIG. I'm ass...
lugen 0 1630 Last post 15-July-02, 23:53:06
by lugen
MSI "smart" key isn't smart
I just installed the new smart key software and I seem to run into an annoying problem everytime I take the key out. When I take...
cheezies 0 1997 Last post 16-July-02, 07:48:14
by cheezies
Do not want toreboot ? 694D Pro2_IR dual cpu
i have a 694D Pro2_IR dual cpu with 2 cpu 1000 pc1331.5 ECC registerd pc133 SDRam 1 X 46gig and 2 x40gig IBM  HD  etc.....all th...
danaisnews 0 1437 Last post 17-July-02, 02:45:44
by danaisnews
Please help!!!  I've just built my new pc and it keeps locking up, also I'm getting red flashing during games. It runs at 43 :( ...
robbo1970 0 1822 Last post 17-July-02, 04:13:33
by robbo1970
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