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Last post by flobelix
in Re: How to clear the CMO...
on 24-October-16, 09:25:13
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Hi guys,Lately, I see many people giving the advice to place a mainboard on the anti-static bag it came in to test the setup.DON...
Hans 0 9724 Last post 19-October-09, 19:35:13
by Hans
Problem:If you forgot to activate AHCI-mode in BIOS before you installed Windows XP SP2 on one of your SATA drives you will enco...
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Jack 178 405554 Last post 23-January-13, 11:59:01
by Magissia
Core 2 Duo CPU Plug-in---> and the last version(project is closed) of Ri...
Svet 15 38650 Last post 19-August-08, 16:53:01
by Svet
If you have DPC Latency spikes with the following mainboards listed below,MSI has a custom BIOS to solve the problem:MSI custom ...
Svet 0 13299 Last post 10-March-09, 21:01:40
by Svet
Just read the manual and use correct keys!! NumPad's +/- or PageUp/PageDown if you want to adjust values. [quote author=A
Svet 0 9281 Last post 18-June-09, 21:39:38
by Svet
>>>  Suggestions on posting and getting better answers <<< [co
Svet 0 5782 Last post 24-February-12, 14:30:27
by Svet
Normal Topics
694D Dead? Changed CPU Host Clock
Hello all,This board was running great.  I had to do a new OS install and started playing in the BIOS to overclock it.  I wanted...
!!nb 4 1720 Last post 23-July-04, 18:45:19
by !!nb
MSI X48 & E8600 CPU Voltages with Speed Step Enabled and Disabled
Does the voltages for an E8600 sound right in these scenarios?Speed Step enabled in BIOS:Vista High Performance Mode: 3.33Ghz @1...
!ozz! 1 2257 Last post 17-September-08, 21:49:12
by Del UK
MSI X48 Platinum - Frequent BSODs
Hi!Hope someone can advise on the following problem.Experiencing frequent freezing and BSODing with my MSI X48 Platinum MB and I...
!ozz! 14 5988 Last post 22-November-08, 17:56:05
by !ozz!
X48 Platinum - HyperX Memory & Intel XMP
Hi!Query with memory in my X48 PlatinumJust received some Kingston HyperX Memory KHX1333C7D3K2/4G but I've now noticed that ther...
!ozz! 1 2091 Last post 13-August-10, 14:33:07
by Jack
K7N2 Delta2 Platinum won't boot
I recently bought a K7N2 Delta2 Platinum board (product specifications at, but I can't get it to boot....
!Thomas 13 4562 Last post 13-October-05, 12:40:38
by DaveR
SATA 2.0 hard drives on K7N2 Delta2 Platinum
I have purchased 2 SATA hard drives (both Samsung HD103UJ -- a very popular model).The drives have a speed of 3.0Gbps, but my mo...
!Thomas 2 5196 Last post 30-July-08, 23:21:43
by Richard
Please Help (another idiot BIOS flash)
I ran the Live update and it gave me the option of updating the bios (flashing). Stupidly I attempted to do this and made the ba...
#1retired 5 3654 Last post 23-May-07, 09:50:11
by Svet
My way to mod vcore KT3-Ultra2R
Pls ref below link, short VID 4 & 3 ( IC pin 1 & 2 ) then BIOS vocre ...
$10 0 1355 Last post 19-November-02, 07:00:17
by $10
Can't get Avatar to work
I have an animated gif that I made: 70 x 70 pixels, 12,000 kb, and it won't post in the forum. What's the problem? Does anyone k...
$niper 9 3146 Last post 04-September-02, 03:06:44
by Richard
FSB changes every boot
I have an Nforce 420 Pro/Athlon XP 1600+ and am having the strangest problem. Recently I reloaded Win XP Pro and upgraded to the...
$niper 9 2805 Last post 04-September-02, 16:39:00
by rosmini
6337 ep pro big trouble
 ;( When my comp is ON all D-LED are red, but windows normally loading. In BIOS i don't see PC HEALT menu, and Vcore Adjust in F...
$p@wn! 2 1944 Last post 16-March-03, 13:09:07
by $p@wn!
[VIA] SATA drivers
i am trying to install 1 hitachi 160GB sata deathstar hdd.... the problem is i never got the sata drivers on a floppy with my mo...
((UK))Jand 4 2716 Last post 03-June-05, 16:26:28
by ((UK))Jand
Help with OCing Neo2-LS (MSI-6728)
Have 512mb OCZ PC3500 running in dual channel, P4 2.4c and MSI Neo2-LS.System runs sable at 2-2-3-5 z 2.7v with the default 200M...
(orkah 1 1317 Last post 18-September-03, 12:17:44
by NovJoe
Setting motherboard
I am newbie. Just bought 915P NEO2 Motherboard.The motherboard give a round cable for IDE.My Question are:a) Should I connect ma...
******* 2 1865 Last post 26-January-05, 08:01:13
by kriscokid
Kingston twins memory
My ram are Kingston 512MB OC2-4200 CL4 240-pin DIMM Kit (Twins=2 pcs 256 MB).I installed 256 MB to DImm 1 and another ram to DIM...
******* 3 1968 Last post 04-February-05, 11:44:40
by NovJoe
Kt4v Crashing Big Time
My partner has got a KT4V mobo withAMD 2100XP512mb DDR333 PC27002 80GIG MAXTOR HD128mb GFORCE FX5200MSI DVD ROMTX CDRWEvery time...
***DC1*** 3 1562 Last post 26-December-03, 18:20:34
by ***DC1***
System Temp & Heatsink And Fan Probs????
I have got a KT4V mobo withAMD 2100XP512mb DDR333 PC27002 80GIG MAXTOR HD128mb GFORCE TI 4200 4xAGPMSI DVD ROMTX CDRWQ-TECH PSU ...
***DC1*** 2 1493 Last post 17-January-04, 16:19:14
by ***DC1***
7.71 ilsr bios
Any body know the difference between the 7.7 and the 7.71 bios from MSI for the ilsr Many fankx Chris :hypecrite:
*Chris* 4 1898 Last post 27-July-04, 01:33:34
by *Chris*
k7n2 ilsr unstable > 2Ghz
Lo peeps i have upgraded my computer to an amd xp3200 with 2 sticks of 512MB twinmoss 200MHz memory.If i set the cpu to anything...
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*ChrisYoung* 53 16519 Last post 06-October-04, 13:35:47
by colweb
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