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Older MSI motherboards, All boards older than listed in Intel and AMD section.
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MS-6391 help needed!
Hi!I'm currently an AMD user, but a friend of mine is having problems with a P4 system, so I think you boys could help me on thi...
polychrest 3 3792 Last post 10-July-02, 22:21:22
by Wanderer
MS-6341 My bug or Win2k
I've got a comp MS-6341AMD Duron 800128 DDRS3 trio 3d20G WDAnd i cant install win2k - it was with it....Win hangs during install...
BaguM 1 2394 Last post 10-July-02, 19:24:30
by Wonkanoby
PC Alert III - Warnings/Alarms work?
BIGDADDY reminded to install PC Alert, and it is helpful. Very little variance from the bios readings, at least for me. Not quit...
xroyal 20 10437 Last post 10-July-02, 15:36:31
by xroyal
When are we going to get decent support for the K7N415??
I was just wondering when if ever are we going to get decent support for the K7N415 motherboard???  I mean the 420 gets bios upd...
ender868 2 2883 Last post 10-July-02, 12:47:13
by Wonkanoby
Twin Bank Problems
My SpecMSI K7N420 Pro (BIOS 2.3)Athlon XP 1800+400W V-Tech PSU256 MB X2 (DDR266 CL-2.5 Kingston Value RAM)My system use to ran p...
akmis 4 4086 Last post 10-July-02, 11:10:07
by Wonkanoby
K7T Pro Ver: 1
Help!!  I have a new K7T Pro Ver 1 MB and AMD Duron 950 MhZ processor which I've installed in a new case with new power supply (...
Dennis 1 4947 Last post 10-July-02, 10:22:13
by ivan934
IS YOUR TURBO2 still running?
Welcome back everbody!!!!My Turbos are both still going strong/. :D Has anybody heard any release dates on the new MSI boards ye...
BIGDADDY51CT 11 5387 Last post 10-July-02, 09:46:57
by Mr Steveo
Sorry to be so DIM...
Sorry to be dim, but im new to this lark...So I take it your telling me  that the highest this board (694D PRO) will go is two c...
nexus 2 2588 Last post 09-July-02, 21:17:56
by Assaf
Welcome back people
Have fun with the new forum.It is still a little bugy right now, pleas send me an emailif you motice anything that should be fix...
Assaf 2 2232 Last post 09-July-02, 20:51:13
by Assaf
In-Order Queue Dept problem
MSI 645 ULTRA (MS6547) in sisoft sandra shows an error message:IOQD set too low, performance wil the BIOS cannot set...
Bela 2 2647 Last post 09-July-02, 19:51:48
by Bela
ddr 266 and 333 simultanius work
is possible have workin both ddr 266 and 333 mhz ram at same time in kt333
cerebro 2 3085 Last post 09-July-02, 16:42:54
by Jmedic
Fuzzy Logic 4 don't work on 645E Max2 M/B with my P4 1.6GA
I buy a new M/b model 645E Max2-L with using P4 1.6G A, which can o/c to 2.3G by setting 16 x 144 FSB in bios. But I install the...
9000volts 0 2597 Last post 09-July-02, 15:57:44
by 9000volts
K7T266 Pro2 + GF4MX
I know that this board doesnt work with the GF4 MX, but I also read on the amdmb forum that there is a fix and that newer versio...
PraiseB 1 2889 Last post 09-July-02, 12:33:42
by Mr Steveo
KT3 Ultra ARU + 4-in-1 4.40: problems?
Good to see the forum is back again!   I am using a RAID-0 array as my only harddisk. It works fine with 4-in-1 4.38, but when ...
BartS 5 3886 Last post 09-July-02, 07:34:04
by lynux
Nice Forum!
Hi All, just like to say Hi to everyone new and old, and to say thanks to MSI for making this really nice forum, anychance we co...
Athlonix 1 2342 Last post 09-July-02, 06:37:22
by paazel
Finally without an email confermation i can login. nice to be back on track
jeroen 2 2564 Last post 09-July-02, 06:10:56
by jeroen
Hello, I have one question. Does motherboard KT3 Ultra-ARU (MS-6380E) support promise Ultra Ata 100 disk controller ?  ?(
wrychl 1 2958 Last post 09-July-02, 05:34:38
by Mr Steveo
KT3Ultra-ARU + SpeedFan/PCAlert3
Heya.Can anyone tell me a couple of things:1) Whether MSI have enabled the PWMs on the motherboard allowing for fan speed contro...
ben.bayliss 1 3981 Last post 09-July-02, 04:56:31
by Maesus
nforce and geforce2 gts random crashing
Anyone experiencing random crashing in Quake3 and Counter-strike (all openGL games) using the latest Nvida XP detonators?  ?(  
ufo 3 3064 Last post 09-July-02, 00:17:43
by ufo
Geforce 4 440 mx Don´t work with KT266 pro
I put the g4 440mx asus in agp socket and the D-LED™ take error from video.The people say it the voltage on the agp on KT266 pro...
cerebro 1 3866 Last post 08-July-02, 18:26:20
by Assaf
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