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Sticky Topics
A Thread for Jokes , pictures or other things to get a laugh. Keep it clean: >>Please read and comply with the Forum Rules.<<
xmad 27 13341 Last post 03-February-19, 08:58:59
by 689motox
At this time, it is now possible for any user to change their name. They only need to go to their profile, change their name, en...
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ShuShiz 906 134671 Last post 28-November-17, 11:30:55
by darkhawk
to check the status of a RMA use this link end user and loca...
badboy2k 0 21420 Last post 15-April-13, 21:10:33
by badboy2k
Normal Topics
Need help with my Office setup
I want to make my gaming experience smooth and for that, I want to disable window popup and for doing so I have to activate my O...
jamesmiths901 0 13 Last post Today at 11:02:01
by jamesmiths901
Why is getting the latest v-bios is a pain?
Recently got a htc cosmo but the problem is in order to even play it i need to get the latest v-bios. Nowhere really tells you h...
ctt61999 0 17 Last post Today at 07:23:42
by ctt61999
Hey, need some ideas and I couldn't find a related forum :(
So I'm creating a film and I was wanting to partner with msi for equipment for the editing pc and couldn't get a response as it'...
patterson.michael1729 1 91 Last post 20-January-20, 18:58:17
by flobelix
New card registration - eBay business seller.
Hi people.I was wondering if I purchased a brand new MSI GPU from a registered eBay business seller would MSI accept the invoice...
UncleMunkle 2 175 Last post 12-January-20, 23:04:34
by UncleMunkle
Someone did not like that the forum was ok for a while
So they had to mess it up again.
Chike 7 215 Last post 12-January-20, 02:15:16
by darkhawk
Forum Color Scheme
hi,I know and am fully aware of RED as MSI BRAND colorBut the RED color used with Black background as Forum heading is  too taxi...
emailbikram 4 116 Last post 11-January-20, 14:27:50
by darkhawk
MSI, PLEASE make it clear that people need to write down the registration info from their board BEFORE installing it because onc...
jjg6908 1 161 Last post 01-January-20, 13:30:44
by Nichrome
Can't Register
I know this sounds stupid since I am now posting on this forum but I have been trying for a week to register on this site.  Ever...
hodgesr48 0 96 Last post 30-December-19, 23:32:43
by hodgesr48
MOVED: Msi Trident 3 HDMI port issues
This topic has been moved to GAMING Desktop PCs / Monitor / All-in-One PCs.
Nichrome 0 85 Last post 30-December-19, 13:20:21
by Nichrome
This topic has been moved to GAMING Desktop PCs / Monitor / All-in-One PCs.
Nichrome 0 84 Last post 30-December-19, 13:20:15
by Nichrome
Warranty registration issues
Is anyone else having to jump thru hoops just to register your new MSI product? I bought a new Gforce gtx 1650 GPU from Best Buy...
rnlcomp 7 441 Last post 23-December-19, 17:15:22
by jbrier
MOVED: Unable to update the MSI Gaming App
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
flobelix 0 107 Last post 22-December-19, 17:21:34
by flobelix
Modulating noise
When im watching something on youtube while my screen is split for two browser tabs, I often get modulated noise from the runnin...
titus_morey 1 147 Last post 20-December-19, 20:42:31
by Nichrome
MOVED: User Manual
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
flobelix 0 88 Last post 20-December-19, 16:36:27
by flobelix
Windows 10 reinstallation question for you fine folks!!
Hey gang! I was wondering if someone knew if MSI gives their end users a free USB with Windows 10 if they are upgrading their st...
wolvesdream2 1 164 Last post 19-December-19, 07:58:28
by plutomate
Anyone actually getting their July squad up rewards?
Waiting since 14th Aug and contacting MSI support was a huge waste of time.
lx907 1 161 Last post 19-December-19, 07:53:40
by plutomate
MOVED: Seeking help with pairing bt headphones with my PC.
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
flobelix 0 140 Last post 16-December-19, 19:53:47
by flobelix
Issues with MSI Rewards and the Forum
I know there's nothing anyone here can do about it, but I've seen a lot problems with MSI Rewards lately and i guess i just want...
11696ron 1 152 Last post 15-December-19, 20:05:27
by 11696ron
dragon center
Does any one know of a actually working dragon center version? mine keeps breaking after windows reboot being stuck on the onedc...
axelpa0002 0 145 Last post 13-December-19, 16:02:03
by axelpa0002
Fastest growing monitor brand (did not receive gaming chair yet)
So, i bought the Optix MAG341CQ on july 31st, registered it on august 2nd, and got it confirmed on august 12th.Today, december ...
dylan.defever 7 404 Last post 13-December-19, 15:59:58
by axelpa0002
Worst website! Where's the user's manual and support docs?
I love your machines, but this is the worst website I've seen in some time! I develop web sites for a living and this one is ter...
captain.freddie 5 301 Last post 06-December-19, 19:28:03
by Nichrome
MOVED: Stretched resolution problem on a laptop
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
Nichrome 0 180 Last post 02-December-19, 22:18:45
by Nichrome
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