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Sticky Topics
to check the status of a RMA use this link end user and loca...
badboy2k 0 20981 Last post 15-April-13, 21:10:33
by badboy2k
At this time, it is now possible for any user to change their name. They only need to go to their profile, change their name, en...
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ShuShiz 906 132693 Last post 28-November-17, 11:30:55
by darkhawk
A Thread for Jokes , pictures or other things to get a laugh. Keep it clean: >>Please read and comply with the Forum Rules.<<
xmad 27 12860 Last post 03-February-19, 08:58:59
by 689motox
Normal Topics
Best one yet
A friend of mine does tech support professionally and we were talking about silly things people do and I have now heard the best...
xmad 7 3639 Last post 04-August-12, 22:29:59
by Froggy Gremlin
MOVED: msi cr630 laptop
This topic has been moved to MSI Notebooks & Netbooks.
xmad 0 1538 Last post 21-August-12, 13:27:01
by xmad
MOVED: MSI support page problem
This topic has been moved to Intel Core-iX boards.
Ruudt 0 1398 Last post 23-August-12, 11:12:04
by Ruudt
Digital Cable Card Tuners..... Wow
I got rid of my DVR cable box and replaced my service with a SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime...3 tuners, every combo option, on how ...
Panther57 0 2379 Last post 25-August-12, 16:15:11
by Panther57
AMD FX2 (Piledriver) is here, last AMD performance CPU ever!
Warner 10 4288 Last post 27-August-12, 23:38:51
by HenryW
Real processing power
Just when we thought home PC CPUs were awesome. IBM is back and showing Intel what real stock clocks are all about.  This here i...
Bernhard 1 1475 Last post 28-August-12, 22:48:19
by xmad
any good upload site
sorry guys i am with this stupid question but i knew an uploading site starting from 'S' but  i cant remeber the site could you ...
italianveins 2 1667 Last post 29-August-12, 18:58:52
by italianveins
MSI GT60 0NE release
Hey.For the past few months i have been saving money for a new computer. I was just about to buy the msi gt60 0nc, when i notice...
Eblermeister 1 1613 Last post 30-August-12, 15:07:59
by Leon
This topic has been moved to AMD64 boards.
xmad 0 1190 Last post 30-August-12, 20:04:17
by xmad
does detergent can fix dead mobo...??!!
i don't know it was joke or not but i read that detergent can fix dead mobo... have anybody ever heard that..??! 
aditz 5 2111 Last post 01-September-12, 23:05:19
by Froggy Gremlin
Dividing IVY From Sandy BIOS's and Drivers
This is not a bash! Only a suggestion to the visiting MSI employees that show up a lot more often nowdays to consider passing al...
Froggy Gremlin 3 1908 Last post 02-September-12, 02:42:33
by xmad
Contacting MSI Support in Canada
Hi yes same here I have sent 3 or 4 emails and no responce. So I called them on there customer service line after waiting 45 min...
Hammey 4 1801 Last post 04-September-12, 19:55:00
by Hammey
Good Experiance with Sea Gate Customer Service
Well today started off in quite a crappy way. Arrived at the office to hear one of the servers screaming due to a bad SeaGate SA...
xmad 2 2013 Last post 04-September-12, 20:00:02
by Hammey
MOVED: CPU talks.
This topic has been moved to Overclocking, Undervolting.
xmad 0 1233 Last post 10-September-12, 22:35:38
by xmad
Do you like Yellow (Z77 MPower)
Looks good but no Thunderbolt   
Noway77 16 7138 Last post 11-September-12, 19:41:38
by Bernhard
Dual Monitors
Hi, I have dual monitors and when I play a full screen game, I can see both monitors, but when I click on the other monitor to g...
gaint25 2 1706 Last post 12-September-12, 20:12:42
by gaint25
MOVED: account management - question
This topic has been moved to Forum Info & News corner.
flobelix 0 1493 Last post 13-September-12, 23:29:06
by flobelix
MSI support from forums much better than than support from other MSI channels
I filled out the MSI online tech support form:Me:  I have a K9N6PGM2-V2 VER: 2.3. How does it differ from the K9N6PGM2-V2 (FOR E...
larrymoencurly 0 1433 Last post 24-September-12, 21:45:13
by larrymoencurly
Lightning Logo
Would it be possible for me to get this MSI Lightning logo in a high resolution so that I can create a desktop wallpaper with it...
Flava0ne 1 1584 Last post 02-October-12, 07:06:47
by flobelix
Got to have,
Look who's here, GX60best of all worlds, and affordablespecs,CPU     :   AMD Quad-Core A10-Series processorChipset :   AMD AM70 ...
kippie 0 1357 Last post 02-October-12, 22:35:03
by kippie
MOVED: No post
This topic has been moved to MSI Video Cards.
flobelix 0 1293 Last post 03-October-12, 19:12:31
by flobelix
MOVED: Issues after Most Recent Live Update
This topic has been moved to MSI Notebooks & Netbooks.
xmad 0 1376 Last post 04-October-12, 13:20:40
by xmad
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