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Sticky Topics
to check the status of a RMA use this link end user and loca...
badboy2k 0 20981 Last post 15-April-13, 21:10:33
by badboy2k
At this time, it is now possible for any user to change their name. They only need to go to their profile, change their name, en...
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ShuShiz 906 132691 Last post 28-November-17, 11:30:55
by darkhawk
A Thread for Jokes , pictures or other things to get a laugh. Keep it clean: >>Please read and comply with the Forum Rules.<<
xmad 27 12860 Last post 03-February-19, 08:58:59
by 689motox
Normal Topics
Marry Fraggin' X'mass Q?
Hi Just wondering how you get to type your answers into the Level 2 Puzzle? I'm unable to do so
.MadCat. 0 780 Last post 15-December-15, 07:44:47
by .MadCat.
Need some advice with OS
HiI'm looking for a Windows Operating System that will be able to upgrade hardwear I tryed syspreping a Win 7 Pro but I didn't k...
.MadCat. 12 2851 Last post Best Answer 07-December-15, 05:43:38
by .MadCat. Down? Shows it been down for more then a week.
Been trying to get support for my warrenty but seens to be down and shows it been down for a while
00anniegoaltender 1 870 Last post 02-May-16, 04:21:08
by darkhawk
Where is the support MSI!?
Hi!I now really feel like I have to write and ask about the support system at MSI. My question is: Why is it that MSI do not hav...
0152.12288 5 1535 Last post 20-February-16, 13:04:15
by darkhawk
How to make profile changes when social login is used?
Changing profile settings on this forum requires me to type a password which I don't have because I signed up using my social ne...
0power.inside0 0 210 Last post 15-January-19, 14:57:46
by 0power.inside0
Introduction to the Forum: Ron
Whenever I join a new forum I always introduce myself so I guess here is a good place to do it. My name is Ron and I've had a pa...
11696ron 4 1065 Last post Best Answer 13-September-15, 13:35:13
by darkhawk
Seems like I can't redeem my rewards points for whatever reason.
There was a time that i saw Ghost Recon Wildlands as a reward and it denied me and returned my points. Now afterward, they repla...
11696ron 6 1022 Last post 05-January-18, 12:47:46
by sachin
While MSI has been mostly good experience for me before, recently it has been a big disappointment, in both the motherboards and...
1Advanced 3 386 Last post 29-May-19, 05:41:42
by darkhawk
Need to speak to MSI staff
I have important security information to discuss with someone from MSI, is there an email address for someone other than support...
1brl9o+23gnuo5f8dpa8 1 934 Last post 25-May-15, 10:50:54
by flobelix
anyone else unable to register new motherboard and claim offer?
has anyone else had a issue registering a new motherboard , i only bought an msi x570 ace because of the free fan offer for a ne...
1reevo 0 184 Last post 30-August-19, 20:03:47
by 1reevo
Intel 600p promotion with Z270 Motherboards
HiI recently purchased a Z270 M5 motherboard and saw the promotion available so I registered the product all fine, took a pictur...
808Psychosis 1 727 Last post 15-January-17, 11:35:34
by Nichrome
Don't think i've ever encountered such useless online support
As title says, I've never made a post like this but my god trying to sort out a problem with them for days concerning the Intel ...
808Psychosis 3 713 Last post 18-February-17, 07:45:36
by byproduct
MSI GEFORCE GTX 1080 TI Warranty Issue
Hi,I bought a the graphic card in New York 7/2/2017. The card stopped working. I registered the guarantee and mistakenly chose t...
a.lyskov 1 1176 Last post 15-December-17, 18:24:35
by flobelix
MSI warranty issues
Hi,How to contact with a management of MSI about poor RMA work?07/02/2017 I bought MSI NVIDIA GEFORCE 1080 TI FOUNDERS EDITION. ...
a.lyskov 1 227 Last post 05-January-19, 15:42:32
by flobelix
Cant send PM, but I need it desperately
Hi I desperately need send PM to one user. But I am new user, so I cant send PM. I dont understand why it is blocked, I am owner...
a35 3 1174 Last post 27-October-13, 19:24:39
by flobelix
I tried to register my video card today and it said to contact customer support and with that I must say that for someone who ma...
a68gemini 3 1023 Last post 06-June-17, 22:08:04
by darkhawk
Would have to take card out to register
I need a video card to use my computer to go online and register the MSI Radeon Vega 56 card I just bought. However, they requir...
aaronphamm 1 261 Last post 31-March-19, 05:33:01
by darkhawk
Introduction Dutch Forum Mod
Hi guys! First time on the app, thought it would be nice to introduce myself. My name is Alex, also known as AlkoMasterz on the ...
ab.klein 4 1422 Last post 23-October-15, 22:47:18
by darkhawk
rma issue
hello i really have problem i am new here dont know where to post first sorry for my bad english i just bought msi gtx 980 in mo...
abidalihashmi87 7 1269 Last post 30-November-16, 20:23:37
by michaelfitze
MSI Warranty confusion (UK)
Hi first time MSI graphics card ownerI am totally confused about the warranty length of MSI graphics in UK, I am not sure if it ...
aboutastone 5 2020 Last post 09-August-17, 22:41:24
by Nichrome
Hi there,I recently bought 2 7950 graphics card on ebay. They were performing well but as you know, the basic fan on the basic (...
AceCobra1 1 1096 Last post 21-April-14, 20:43:55
by flobelix
The Game Bot
Is there a reason  you need access to my contacts, and storage, along with requiring access to make and receive calls to look at...
ad7bk 1 266 Last post 06-January-19, 09:02:28
by darkhawk
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