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MSI M-connectors
I am inquiring if msi can send me an m-connectors to make it easier to connect my case connectors on the front of my computer ca...
tleeonly 1 4081 Last post 19-May-13, 09:26:33
by badboy2k
MOVED: How do i?
This topic has been moved to MSI Notebooks & Netbooks.
Svet 0 1269 Last post 12-May-13, 22:37:11
by Svet
Haswell PSU Support
With Haswell just around the corner, for those interested in it, might check with your PSU manufacturer to ensure compatibility....
Froggy Gremlin 0 1087 Last post 12-May-13, 07:58:42
by Froggy Gremlin
Good to know information.
Bernhard 0 1053 Last post 09-May-13, 12:06:17
by Bernhard
They walk amongst us
Spot the obvious?You know how we always say, “They walk amongst us and breed?”  Well, that won’t apply here anymore: Just when y...
Bernhard 3 1384 Last post 08-May-13, 19:34:16
by flobelix
IPC motherboard
Audio pinout for IPC motherboard MS-9A19: Anyone have any knowledge with board???? Help please.
nynaeshamn 3 1521 Last post 08-May-13, 17:11:30
by badboy2k
How do I download stuff from the MSI site?!
I am trying to get the User Manual and updated BIOS, Drivers, Utilities etc. for the MSI Z77A-GD65 Gaming MB.  When I go to the ...
Ken60 13 3064 Last post 05-May-13, 00:13:08
by flobelix
Why cant I PM?
Can anyone advise?I need to contact someone on the forum via a response PM to something they have sent me but keep getting the m...
Bluedragon 6 1570 Last post 04-May-13, 17:21:21
by The CPU Whisperer
Has M$ come to their senses ?
This would be the best thing that M$ could do to Win8
Bernhard 6 2609 Last post 03-May-13, 20:47:26
by Froggy Gremlin
SLI Bridge?
I'm thinking of getting a second GPU and was wondering where i could get an SLI bridge from as i didn't receive one with my mobo...
Jado88 7 2682 Last post 29-April-13, 17:01:25
by badboy2k
Social Media Association?
What's with this forum association with Facebook? I just checked my profile for an option to be completely void of such associat...
Froggy Gremlin 12 4142 Last post 27-April-13, 08:45:08
by Froggy Gremlin
When is a topic considered to be "old" and no longer meant for new posting?
I decided to make this a topic, so hopefully future posters can also benefit from my ignorance. Therefore I sincerely hope that ...
brtj 15 4363 Last post 26-April-13, 14:48:37
by flobelix
MSI Technical contact
I have tried to contact MSI technical. My product is registered. Have tried to fill out the form for membership. Each time it fl...
David Speck 3 1112 Last post 26-April-13, 14:24:57
by flobelix
Good Deal on Z77A-GD65 Gaming & 3570k at New Egg
The board is selling for $169.99 (down from $179.99) and coupled with the 3570k for $219.99 grants you $55.00 off!  Just picked ...
DeadCheckR 0 1159 Last post 25-April-13, 03:48:25
by DeadCheckR
UEFI GOP BIOS requests
These BIOS requests are becoming a regulart occurence and they are not readily available on the MSI site.How about the Admin dis...
Bernhard 0 1028 Last post 24-April-13, 18:48:34
by Bernhard
Z87 chipset
For those that can't wait for the next generation Intel chipset, some early leaked information.
Bernhard 5 4195 Last post 19-April-13, 04:03:21
by Froggy Gremlin
What MMORPG's do you play?
What online games do you play?I got back into it a few years ago and played Everquest, then D&D online, then LOTR, then Rift, Th...
bobberuchi 4 1620 Last post 18-April-13, 05:36:33
by darkhawk
RMA Status ?
Good Evening all,Can any of the Admins check the status of my RMA please #RA2-1340023-E ?Msi dont seem to be replying to my mail...
ftln 6 2778 Last post 16-April-13, 22:35:46
by badboy2k
MOVED: MSI no longer runs windows 7home premium help please!
This topic has been moved to MSI Notebooks & Netbooks.
xmad 0 1005 Last post 16-April-13, 17:52:54
by xmad
MOVED: msi p67a-gd65 b3 bootloop/freeze
This topic has been moved to Intel Core-iX boards.
xmad 0 1079 Last post 16-April-13, 17:29:32
by xmad
MSI Chat
Im sure i have seen this topic around before but it was dead. So lets try a new one.Is there any MSI irc channel on a server ? o...
SegaStep 0 2202 Last post 16-April-13, 15:06:00
by SegaStep
PC sales worldwide have tumbled
The industry is changing and us PC enthusiasts will become extinct in the not too distant future if this trend continues, it see...
Bernhard 2 1099 Last post 12-April-13, 21:42:24
by HenryW
Happy Birthday 2.0
This is the new Happy Birthday Thread!
xmad 2 2435 Last post 12-April-13, 09:29:06
by Froggy Gremlin
MSI notebooks traders
Hello,I was wondering whether i should post this here, but as i could not find a better forum place, here we go. Recently, a fri...
Darkkiller4o 1 1245 Last post 10-April-13, 18:18:58
by flobelix
Hi friend's I'm from India i am huge fan of msi and own some of the msi products recently my supplier's told that msi had shut d...
startekselva 3 2054 Last post 10-April-13, 03:40:55
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