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My 1111th post and AM2901
This is my 1111th post and it reminds me of AM2901.A 4-bit bit-slice ALU used in a few of my projects a VERY LONG time ago.http:...
RemusM 2 1173 Last post 21-February-13, 05:27:07
by Froggy Gremlin
SATA laptop hard drive
Hi.I have just bought a laptop from ebay. The owner removed the hard drive which is fine. The problem I have is they also remove...
phill86 1 1439 Last post 13-February-13, 18:53:05
by flobelix
MSI support time?
Hi I'm on the east coast EST time. What time is Pacific time because when I call it says 6am to 6pm Pacific.The time in the uppe...
capnkerk 8 2321 Last post 11-February-13, 18:50:20
by xmad
deleting my account
Hi,where can I find an option to delete my account? Or whom shall I contact for such matter? If an answer is in FAQ or help sect...
Gotrek 1 1198 Last post 31-January-13, 23:18:37
by flobelix
Windows 8 - the solution to all your issues
Hi guys,I have found an excellent solution for anyone having issues with Windows 8 on their PC.There are two simple stages:1. Fo...
Stu 11 3510 Last post 29-January-13, 21:41:58
by xmad
To all those that are considering win8
Bernhard 2 1321 Last post 27-January-13, 02:11:32
by Froggy Gremlin
SSD drive
The cost of SSD's are finally at an affordable level and I am contemplating doing a reformat of my system. I am thinking about a...
dedge 7 2748 Last post 26-January-13, 16:19:09
by xmad
MOVED: How to hard reset MSI windpad enjoy 7 plus?
This topic has been moved to MSI Tablet PCs.
xmad 0 1904 Last post 26-January-13, 16:05:59
by xmad
Happy New Years!!
Just wanted to take a moment and wish a Happy New Years to everyone!    
xmad 4 1700 Last post 01-January-13, 19:02:45
by deadbc77
Ultimate Corsair H100 Cooling Mod
40 Corsair SP120 fans on one Corsair H100 Liquid Cooler  
flobelix 8 4688 Last post 29-December-12, 10:58:30
by badboy2k
MSI Brand Shop - Bangalore, India
When I was searching for MSI Products in Bangalore, Got an information stating that there is an exclusive brand shop for MSI in ...
ratheeshkannan 3 1834 Last post 27-December-12, 19:52:15
by flobelix
I am sending MSI a Notice
To MSI,This is the 3rd time that I am having the same problem with my motherboard(890 GXM-G65) this year under warranty.Previous...
prashasts 1 1442 Last post 25-December-12, 17:39:04
by Svet
new video card
were can iget a new video card for a l1350d . mine has died and i need a replacment one ?not an upgrade just a new one?
piggy mac 1 1096 Last post 24-December-12, 08:56:17
by badboy2k
GE 70 purchase understatement...
I've recently bought brand new MSI GE70 ONC (GTX 650M version) on an auction site. In the offer it was said that it has Turbo Bo...
MOLOH 7 2387 Last post 16-December-12, 17:35:18
by flobelix
MOVED: Is it normal to get a brand new MSI G70 with a replacement AC adapter?
This topic has been moved to MSI Notebooks & Netbooks.
flobelix 0 1130 Last post 13-December-12, 20:47:02
by flobelix
Good service like a Christmas Gift from MSI Canada.
 Do you remember 3 weeks ago I told you that my MSI BIG BANG XPOWER II was defective she refused to post in quad channel. Finall...
TheBongZ 1 1430 Last post 10-December-12, 04:01:56
by xmad
MOVED: Dial Up modem
This topic has been moved to MSI All-In-One and barebones PC series.
flobelix 0 1169 Last post 01-December-12, 19:09:13
by flobelix
MOVED: Network Driver Problem
This topic has been moved to Intel Core-iX boards.
xmad 0 1084 Last post 01-December-12, 18:20:35
by xmad
Win8 another Vista reincarnated ?
Looking at the happenings at M$, do we have another Vista repeat in the making ? My gut feel says, wait for the follow on OS whi...
Bernhard 17 5680 Last post 30-November-12, 22:47:38
by PinzaC55
MOVED: Mouse pad not working
This topic has been moved to MSI Notebooks & Netbooks.
xmad 0 1244 Last post 29-November-12, 17:07:31
by xmad
Does someone know what happened with taht site? Doesn't answer to pings. Manfred
mbathen 6 1902 Last post 26-November-12, 12:55:09
by mbathen
new cpu builder question
Hello im a new cpu builder and i was worndering...i got a new msi mobo and it came w 2  2x4g ram cards for free promo and it the...
ssithlord23 4 1688 Last post 24-November-12, 05:39:25
by Froggy Gremlin
MSI board with FM2 processor
Hats off to this OC. Impressive indeed.'t kno...
Bernhard 3 1380 Last post 16-November-12, 07:06:41
by flobelix
I got MSI GTX 680 but no game with it!
I'm really really disappointed, MSI costumers who buy 650 Ti got Assassin's Creed III, and I but 680 and got nothing! MSI GTX 65...
hsn3d 3 1877 Last post 14-November-12, 00:00:22
by HenryW
Tough little truck
So I was out removing trees and stumps this week-end and had to move the bobcat across town. My little Nissian Xterra now only p...
xmad 3 1531 Last post 13-November-12, 02:05:28
by xmad
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