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RMA Status ?
Good Evening all,Can any of the Admins check the status of my RMA please #RA2-1340023-E ?Msi dont seem to be replying to my mail...
ftln 6 2965 Last post 16-April-13, 22:35:46
by badboy2k
MOVED: MSI no longer runs windows 7home premium help please!
This topic has been moved to MSI Notebooks & Netbooks.
xmad 0 1042 Last post 16-April-13, 17:52:54
by xmad
MOVED: msi p67a-gd65 b3 bootloop/freeze
This topic has been moved to Intel Core-iX boards.
xmad 0 1120 Last post 16-April-13, 17:29:32
by xmad
MSI Chat
Im sure i have seen this topic around before but it was dead. So lets try a new one.Is there any MSI irc channel on a server ? o...
SegaStep 0 2268 Last post 16-April-13, 15:06:00
by SegaStep
PC sales worldwide have tumbled
The industry is changing and us PC enthusiasts will become extinct in the not too distant future if this trend continues, it see...
Bernhard 2 1131 Last post 12-April-13, 21:42:24
by HenryW
Happy Birthday 2.0
This is the new Happy Birthday Thread!
xmad 2 2496 Last post 12-April-13, 09:29:06
by Froggy Gremlin
MSI notebooks traders
Hello,I was wondering whether i should post this here, but as i could not find a better forum place, here we go. Recently, a fri...
Darkkiller4o 1 1291 Last post 10-April-13, 18:18:58
by flobelix
Hi friend's I'm from India i am huge fan of msi and own some of the msi products recently my supplier's told that msi had shut d...
startekselva 3 2100 Last post 10-April-13, 03:40:55
Hei Everyone
Just wanted to ask about the msi GX60 and the hitman bundle with it ?Do you get the game when u buy it ?or do you redeem a code ...
hassan 2 1180 Last post 09-April-13, 22:04:16
by HenryW
Man cleaning cobra pit
Yea, this killed me, and you would never find me in there..this guy really does have huge gigantic invisible dinosaur balls.
SegaStep 0 1141 Last post 05-April-13, 14:11:28
by SegaStep
MOVED: PC does not come to life straight away when left over night )-:
This topic has been moved to Intel Core-iX boards.
Svet 0 907 Last post 04-April-13, 16:23:51
by Svet
Hello..I have been looking around in here, but did only come up with a Folding Team..Are you guys represented at HWBOT?, as a Te...
whitepaw 5 1675 Last post 30-March-13, 22:39:30
by whitepaw
Tv Tuner Cards
I just went through and made a computer into a free DVR/ converter box for 4 TV's. After doing research and trying two cards tha...
xmad 0 1074 Last post 26-March-13, 19:55:37
by xmad
best recommendation secure internet and e-mail and forum
what are the procedures to secure the internet and e-mail?Is there an app thats user friendly and can detect any remote/rogue/an...
firsttimeuser 4 2109 Last post 23-March-13, 08:24:48
by Bernhard
So, I just set up my new PC, on the Z77 Mpower motherboard, I love it already, but there was one little item that annoyed me.Why...
Mausendk 4 1855 Last post 22-March-13, 17:46:22
by Bernhard
Should I buy from MSI
I am in the market for my first Gaming Laptop.  All prior systems have been towers I built from less than barebones.  I have sea...
bobberuchi 6 1979 Last post 15-March-13, 18:41:36
by bobberuchi
MOVED: msi notebook vertical stripes
This topic has been moved to MSI Notebooks & Netbooks.
xmad 0 1207 Last post 14-March-13, 12:26:41
by xmad
Did I make the right choice with a GT70
I loaded Guild Wars 2 on my new machine last night, GT70 0ND-444US.   Well started the load and went to bed.  Got up this mornin...
bobberuchi 1 1228 Last post 14-March-13, 10:20:48
by Katherineserene
Contacting someone "important"
When you go to you can't contact anyone at the headquarters by email, which in my case would...
elijd 2 1522 Last post 14-March-13, 10:03:48
by Katherineserene
MSI Revamping All Websites?
Just me or are others having trouble getting any of the MSI Websites to come up?Edit: MSI Europe works as of this edit, but Glob...
Froggy Gremlin 9 2348 Last post 14-March-13, 09:58:07
by Katherineserene
When you must start your own thread and why people shouldnt have to
I just wanted to say that I get pretty annoyed when a Moderator is extremely rigid in their interpretation of forum rules.  Espe...
Principle 6 2294 Last post 11-March-13, 19:45:27
by flobelix
Rosewill Case + H100
Have any of you installed an H100 into this case:
xmad 2 1523 Last post 07-March-13, 00:03:00
by xmad
MOVED: Re: MSI: Making cards faster than Nvidia Allows
This topic has been moved to MSI Video Cards.
xmad 0 1182 Last post 05-March-13, 18:37:22
by xmad
GT70 dragon edition backpack
Recently purchased a GT70 limited edition, many websites say it comes with a free backpack to carry it in, but the site i brough...
Jagged88 0 1930 Last post 26-February-13, 11:06:22
by Jagged88
MOVED: MSI 7750 Power Edition OC.. Overheating .. please help.
This topic has been moved to MSI Video Cards.
xmad 0 1090 Last post 22-February-13, 20:01:37
by xmad
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