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Good Morning:Does anyone know where I can get a pic of a motherboard where the connectors go? I am getting no power to my CPU fa...
mcavinee 1 138 Last post 18-February-19, 19:44:17
by flobelix
Anyone else not get codes through Amazon for the 2080 Game On promotion?
I purchased a qualifying laptop to get Anthem and BF5 through the Game On promotion, but never got any codes for those games. Ta...
rogersaurusrex 2 164 Last post 17-February-19, 06:22:16
by owl.nite
Bought a new mobo, can't register on here
Hi, every time I've tried to register my motherboard, I get to the part where I give details such as where it was bought and pro...
david.c.w.tang 1 125 Last post 16-February-19, 15:22:31
by rogersaurusrex
Need a new box
Is there anyway i can get in contact with MSI or anyone about getting a new motherboard box? I just need the cardboard box cause...
king.aaron63 1 109 Last post 15-February-19, 18:36:16
by flobelix
Anthem and BF5 with RTX 2080ti purchase
So just picked up a Duke 2080ti (Fantastic GPU btw), registered it and wanted to get the Anthem and BF5 code to redeem, got this...
asfameni 4 329 Last post 13-February-19, 22:31:52
by asfameni
Product Registration
much.Tried registering x470 motherboard several times.  Filled in all the info requirements on Product Registration page , but k...
robertrhenderson 1 125 Last post 13-February-19, 09:36:44
by plutomate
CHK Code?!?
Hi,I'm trying to register my 1010TIIt's asking about the CHK number which apparently is on the card.Problem is, the card is inst...
jeffbatter 1 151 Last post 13-February-19, 09:36:00
by plutomate
MSI in Croatia
Hello, I'm new to the forum so be gentle wit me. I don't know if anyone's gonna read this or if it's the right place to ask, bu...
matkovic.visnja0852 0 100 Last post 11-February-19, 11:54:00
by matkovic.visnja0852
Registering a new graphs card
I was trying to register my new graphics card.  I get an error.  It says product s/n empty.  Now, the serial number us filled in...
harry 0 127 Last post 09-February-19, 03:19:41
by harry
Worst Service Experience
Well I sent my card geforce GTX1070 gaming x which is in warranty for RMA as it is showing Artifacts in heaven unigene and 3dmar...
frkonlyours 0 121 Last post 08-February-19, 17:15:44
by frkonlyours
Duplicate live update
Couldn't seem to find a software section to submit my issue so bear with me if i'm off pist here.When I install live update i ge...
Christianyoung 0 128 Last post 04-February-19, 18:08:50
by Christianyoung
website fails product check when registering new motherboard
it says to contact MSI, but without a registered product, there's no way i can see to contact MSI about the issue, i used their ...
jimmothy86 0 116 Last post 26-January-19, 22:03:03
by jimmothy86
RTX 2080 Gaming trio cannot register cannot write a help request because of.
I am in an endless look because I cannot register my card they will not accept the registration because they insist on a chk cod...
n4eze.ham 1 181 Last post 24-January-19, 06:42:12
by plutomate
MOVED: Need help after first time build
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
flobelix 0 93 Last post 23-January-19, 19:23:24
by flobelix
MSI Updater Request
Hi, i am requesting that the MSI Updater be updated to allow users to remove the option for Norton Anti-Virus install.    I unde...
dalivingston2008 0 111 Last post 23-January-19, 01:10:48
by dalivingston2008
MOVED: MSI - Mystic Light
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
flobelix 0 139 Last post 20-January-19, 15:09:35
by flobelix
Unable to register graphics card!
I recently purchased a MSI RTX Geforece 2070 and I am unable to register it on the site. It says Product S/N Error. Any idea wha...
nickmartin11 0 147 Last post 17-January-19, 02:14:26
by nickmartin11
How to make profile changes when social login is used?
Changing profile settings on this forum requires me to type a password which I don't have because I signed up using my social ne...
0power.inside0 0 128 Last post 15-January-19, 14:57:46
by 0power.inside0
I cant login to forum from my dsl connection
I am having a impossible time logging into forum from my dsl connection as my 10 years of msi forum account has been marked as a...
sinanbey 14 667 Last post 12-January-19, 01:03:30
by darkhawk
ok I reg my motherbroad and it put in a old email address when I use facebook to log in but I can change the email in my profile...
michellejohns757 2 162 Last post 11-January-19, 19:55:26
by flobelix
Product Registration Photo Size too Small
I'm in the process of registering my new GeForce GTX 1050, and it requires a photo of the invoice. I have gone and resized the p...
sceptille99 0 137 Last post 11-January-19, 08:45:03
by sceptille99
cant redeem promotion for msi gaming chair
hi i registered, uploaded invoice and barcode but on webpage to redeem gaming chiar keeps saying to select product i cannot proc...
trinityof1 2 220 Last post 10-January-19, 23:56:09
by darkhawk
How to remove a registered GPU?
Hello,I had an MSI Geforce GTX 1070 Gaming X. I sold it but it has lot of warranty. How can I remove this registered product, so...
htsanyuci 2 163 Last post 10-January-19, 03:24:55
by darkhawk
MOVED: Thought
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
Nichrome 0 107 Last post 09-January-19, 12:04:11
by Nichrome
Send a customer complaint directly to MSI?
Hello,Recently I have been treated very rudely by a MSI technical support member and I would like to state a complaint with his ...
riahc3 6 3825 Last post 09-January-19, 11:32:07
by Nichrome
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