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MOVED: why i can't redeem metro Exudos
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
Nichrome 0 135 Last post 31-March-19, 18:28:22
by Nichrome
Can't acess section "Apply for Repair Service"
Hello,Like said in the title i can't access the section "Apply for Repair Service" :/It opens me a black screen and nothing happ...
maxime.lecorre96 2 219 Last post 31-March-19, 14:03:14
by maxime.lecorre96
MSI RMA cost
Hey guys,So I have a GT73VR notebook and recently it suddenly stopped connecting to the AC and shuts down randomly. I sent it to...
dingz9926 1 225 Last post 31-March-19, 05:35:02
by darkhawk
Would have to take card out to register
I need a video card to use my computer to go online and register the MSI Radeon Vega 56 card I just bought. However, they requir...
aaronphamm 1 161 Last post 31-March-19, 05:33:01
by darkhawk
Change email address
Does anyone know how I change my email address at this forum? I've looked in the profile settings but can't see where I would be...
info 5 1252 Last post 30-March-19, 11:50:31
by flobelix
Does the msi command center android app work on the trident x pc" I get a message unable to connect command center remote" but w...
this_is_me 0 141 Last post 22-March-19, 21:55:03
by this_is_me
Positivity in MSI advertising
When I downloaded the GameBot app for Android, I was heartened to see Lucky greeting me with a happy wave and smile. I love when...
DKIINAM 0 133 Last post 21-March-19, 12:00:44
50 points for registering a 2080?
Is that all you get, are there no free games? thanks
Dr Troy 1 184 Last post 20-March-19, 15:03:47
by Nichrome
New Topic
I don't seem to be able to add a new post in the forum. Can I get help on this?
ang.aka.kahaik 7 1120 Last post 19-March-19, 11:33:53
by dport78
Can't register product
Hello there. I'm trying to register my gaming notebook but i'm getting the following message:Product CHK error, please contact u...
paschal_s 2 277 Last post 17-March-19, 02:16:17
by bornxntuesday
division 2
hi, i bought a new monitor in December and was supposed to receive a free game with it , at the time i was emailed saying they h...
andrewweir3 3 214 Last post 16-March-19, 16:29:09
by flobelix
MSI RX 580 GAMİNG XThe date I purchased the Graphics Card little brother had used this computer when i was in anot...
m.tuter91 1 175 Last post 11-March-19, 21:40:27
by flobelix
Wonder if anyone reads this
MSI, your website is a mess of mazes and circles.  Please update the models of your gaming laptops.  A reporting link for websit...
linda092 2 194 Last post 11-March-19, 20:45:33
by linda092
MOVED: new here(with questions)
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
flobelix 0 118 Last post 07-March-19, 22:40:29
by flobelix
Mystic Light Sync (Extension) compatible lightstrips? (Read post for more inf.)
Hi everyone,I know this question has been resolved, but what I want to do is install the lightstrip outside of the PC on my moni...
kroland705 5 352 Last post 07-March-19, 20:59:54
by darkhawk
Forum Display Name Change
Hi!It looks like there is a topic pinned called "Username change requests" but it appears to be locked. Would it be possible to ...
wiggumon 3 189 Last post 06-March-19, 23:07:11
by Nichrome
MSI App Player - how to add another user
Hi,MSI App Player is great, maybe not THE BEST (f.e. when I run game form W10 desktop shortcut it doesn't load game with game pr...
Michal1977 0 172 Last post 04-March-19, 06:55:41
by Michal1977
Constantly having to logon here
Am I the only one getting quite tired of always having to logon again and enter a captcha whenever I come here? As soon as you c...
WebMaximus 2 195 Last post 02-March-19, 22:38:31
by WebMaximus
What font does MSI Afterburner use for the Windows 10 system tray?
What font does MSI Afterburner use for the Windows 10 system tray?You can select different fonts for the OSD but not for the tra...
realrob 5 255 Last post 02-March-19, 15:32:35
by flobelix
Front panel controller
Hello.I am trying to set up the fan controller of the corsair carbide 500r. Only corsair stock fans are compatible so I connecte...
xristos_vasilopoulos 1 235 Last post 24-February-19, 13:32:54
by flobelix
Redeem Anthem Game full?!
Hi Support,I just bought a new GPU on 14/1/2019 and suppose to have free games bundle with anthem and BF5 but now it says感謝您支持與購...
kary.tan1983 15 992 Last post 22-February-19, 12:14:29
by ging_wei2002
MSI Shoutout promotion question
I wrote a review to submit for the MSI Shoutout promotion, but I can find anywhere to post the link to the review. Does anyone k...
sclabassib 1 247 Last post 22-February-19, 09:47:20
by plutomate
how to check gpu warranty
how to check my gpu warrantyhow many year distribution warranty my GTX 1070 MSI gaming x i bought this card in the year 2017plea...
omgwtfros 0 143 Last post 20-February-19, 21:14:23
by omgwtfros
Delete this Account?
Can you delete this account for me so I can change my main account to this user name?I only create this account because I was ha...
billiejackfu 7 2685 Last post 20-February-19, 01:39:38
by kroland705
Good Morning:Does anyone know where I can get a pic of a motherboard where the connectors go? I am getting no power to my CPU fa...
mcavinee 1 221 Last post 18-February-19, 19:44:17
by flobelix
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