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MSI Gaming Mainboards for Intel and AMD
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MSI Z78i Gaming AC takes long time to obtain IP address (but has internet)
Mostly copy/pasted most of this from another thread as it described the same problem...Ever since I got the board, whenever I bo...
gordy.iphone 4 899 Last post 19-April-15, 02:05:42
by Chike
MOVED: AMD Radeon R9 280x not detected by ASUS Z97-A
This topic has been moved to Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 582 Last post 18-April-15, 21:38:09
by flobelix
Z97 Gaming 5 boot loop
Hi,I hope someone around could help me with that, this morning my pc refused to start normally and just boot loop without printi...
christian.broutissou 2 1535 Last post 18-April-15, 11:35:42
by christian.broutissou
MSI Z97 Gaming 5 Faulty onboard Audio?
Hi EveryoneThis is my first time postingI have recently purchased a z97 5 and built my own PCEverything is running perfectly exc...
larryo711 13 3564 Last post 18-April-15, 10:15:17
by Nichrome
Z97 Gaming 5 - SSD RAID 0 speed same as single drive
Hello, I recently purchased a pair of Samsung 850 Evo 120GB SSDs to install in a RAID 0 configuration on my system. The specs ar...
florianralea 15 4806 Last post 18-April-15, 10:12:46
by Nichrome
Z97 Gaming 5 - code 00
Since I moved my pc over to a new case I'm having some problems. When I boot it, 9 out of 10 times it shuts off again after a se...
jeffclaessen 3 976 Last post 17-April-15, 14:50:06
by jeffclaessen
MSI Z97 Gaming 7 power up problem
HiJust build a new PC with Z97 Gaming 7, but when powering up it lighten up and the debug  led is runing through a lot of number...
madsboos 7 1617 Last post 17-April-15, 07:28:58
by Svet
Hi,i have some issues with my Z87-G45 . it start with the fact that i couldn't change my RAM speed and now i basically cannot sa...
Digitally 6 1771 Last post 16-April-15, 22:15:43
by Nichrome
MSI Z97A Gaming 9 ACK Question
Hi guys, I wanna purchase the Z97A Gaming 9 ACK and I also wanna use a Samsung M.2 XP941 256GB SSD with it. I wanna know if I ca...
I-Siamak-I 12 3314 Last post 16-April-15, 08:24:35
by Svet
Z97-G45 Gaming Feature request
There is a feature that is on the MSI CSM-B85M-E45 motherboard bios that I am asking if the Z97-G45 Gaming motherboard bios coul...
brockbackups 8 1734 Last post 16-April-15, 07:53:38
by Chike
[MSI B85-G43] Windows freezes watching videos
Hello folks,My computer is freezing when I watch streams on Twitch and sometimes on Youtube too.It also happens when I watch mov...
gci_japoneis 4 1127 Last post 15-April-15, 21:52:05
by Svet
MOVED: A78-G41 PC MATE doesn't start.
This topic has been moved to MSI AMD boards.
Nichrome 0 770 Last post 15-April-15, 19:44:25
by Nichrome
MOVED: MSI 970 Waring !! Previous settings failed
This topic has been moved to Overclocking, Undervolting.
Nichrome 0 588 Last post 14-April-15, 22:58:48
by Nichrome
z9z Krait edition fails to install OS
HiI have just bought a Z97s Krait edition motherboard.I have tried to install, Ubunto 14.X LTS, Windows 7 64, Windows 7 32  and ...
derek.philip 22 2426 Last post 14-April-15, 22:49:38
by Nichrome
Can't get regular speakers to work? Z97-g45
I just installed this motherboard and there is no "green port" for me to plug in standard 2 speakers. I tried every port and non...
Chase_payne 3 863 Last post 14-April-15, 21:46:58
by badboy2k
MSI Z97 Gaming 5 + Creative X-Fi MB3?
Does anyone know if the Z97 Gaming 5 will work with this software
Gunnzie 1 1157 Last post 14-April-15, 17:57:05
by flobelix
MSI Z97 Gaming 5 Headphone Socket?
Which is the headphone socket on the back panel of this motherboard? The manual says the line out socket (middle socket which is...
Gunnzie 2 2655 Last post 14-April-15, 09:51:45
by Gunnzie
Z87 G45 bios splash reboot cycle
I built my machine 16 months ago. i was told MSI all the way when building if can as great quality components.I got an i7 4770k,...
scottish_dino 14 3544 Last post 14-April-15, 09:50:22
by Chike
Where is located the XMP menu on the z97-G45 Gaming?
Where is located the XMP menu on the z97-G45 Gaming bios?  I'm using a pair of HX318C10FB/8 but the xmp menu is not showing... a...
subzero_sv 8 4658 Last post 14-April-15, 03:49:52
by subzero_sv
[x99s Gaming 7] Mobo ME Driver not up to date
Running Windows 8.1 64 bit, everything is updated except for the motherboard ME driver (see pictures below).Did a clean O.S. ins...
rockforchoice 4 1350 Last post 14-April-15, 01:04:46
by JLio01
Brand new Z87M Gaming motherboard - Haswell Refresh compatible?
Will a brand new Z87M Gaming be compatible with a Haswell Refresh CPU like the i5 4690K straight out of the box? Or will I need ...
TheNoseKnows 5 1118 Last post 13-April-15, 06:28:46
by Svet
I can't open bios by clicking delete key during reebot
First of all sorry for my English Hello I have Msi z97 gaming 3 from two weeks and after I upgrade drivers i cant open bios by c...
trak711 3 911 Last post 12-April-15, 20:34:28
by Svet
z97 gaming 5 motherboard-2nd PCI x16 slot wired at x8?
Hi,I connected my gtx980 on my 2nd PCI x16 slot and GPU-Z reads as x8.However,when I connected it back to the 1st slot,it reads ...
jathebay 1 1414 Last post 12-April-15, 16:43:18
by badboy2k
msi z97m 24pin doesnt go all the way down
so i got the msi z97m and i can fit the 24pin all the way down, it does power on and work etc but it just doesnt go all the way ...
pattibf 26 7447 Last post 12-April-15, 16:41:09
by pattibf
x99s gaming 7 with samsung SM951
Hello, well.. i just ordered a samsung SM951 256gb to replace my current samsung 850pro 256gb, and i wanted to ask because im go...
baladinio 3 1311 Last post 12-April-15, 14:47:03
by darkhawk
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