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MSI Gaming Mainboards for Intel and AMD
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x99s gaming 7
ok I need help here please.   i see MSI doesn't test much memory configurations. we have i-7 5820  dual r9 270  cards  blah blah...
ucci_grimfyre 8 1988 Last post 07-December-15, 00:48:15
by darkhawk
x99s gaming 7 & Patriot PV416G240C5QK
I'm using 4x Patriot PV416G240C5QK DDR4 2400 and I'm thinking about buying another 4 PCS of it to improve my current ram but I'm...
michal_c 0 696 Last post 21-April-16, 19:01:53
by michal_c
X99S Gaming 7 (00) code bricked?
had this board for over a year in my system. today i try to start up. nothing. the computer turns on, fans and lights, etc. but ...
mrsotko 3 702 Last post 11-December-16, 13:11:25
by darkhawk
X99S Gaming 7 - 970 Evo Plus Upgrade
Hello all!Just to covered all the bases, I recently got a PC for free, the only thing wrong with it was that it did not have any...
originalevogaming 17 196 Last post 13-October-19, 22:03:54
by Chike
X99S Gaming 7 - BIOS problem, SETUP EXE. problem
Hello.My rig is:Corsair RM850, 850W PSUMSI X99S GAMING 7, Socket-2011-3Intel Core i7-5820K, Socket-LGA2011-3HyperX Predator DDR4...
oleg365 11 3384 Last post 07-May-15, 23:04:58
by darkhawk
X99S Gaming 7 - Correct DIMM slots for quad channel
For some reason I cannot get my system to boot using the configuration that is listed in the X99S Gaming 7 manual for Memory. I ...
mr.jones2999 1 1105 Last post 10-July-16, 14:08:04
by Svet
X99S Gaming 7 - Debug 60-55-04-E0
Long story short, I had gone out of town and turned off my seemingly perfect working computer. I came back three days later and ...
bryan514tgcs 7 6237 Last post 01-May-15, 03:17:16
by bryan514tgcs
X99s gaming 7 - error code 79
HiI had a problem with this board about a year ago where I was getting error code 00 and nothing was happening. In the end switc...
paul.j.gregory 2 950 Last post 17-December-16, 16:20:08
by Svet
X99S Gaming 7 - motherboard temp readings in fast boot?
Hi, odd question but does anyone elses motherboard error message display/temp sensor display not display the temperature if MSI ...
Pixelburst 4 1276 Last post 07-April-15, 14:51:22
by Nichrome
X99S Gaming 7 - USB power and FAN speed??
1. How do I get power from my USB ports (smartphone charging) when my computer is turned OFF. 2. I cant get my SYSFans to run un...
fam.kaas 2 719 Last post 21-April-15, 05:42:47
by pandaz
X99S Gaming 7 - USB Volume Controls don't work after restart/start
Hi All,Wondering if anyone else has this issue or knows how to fix.  Every time I restart or boot up, my volume controls on my h...
jiva 5 850 Last post 01-October-15, 11:45:37
by darkhawk
X99S Gaming 7 - Windows ME driver wont load
OS: Windows 7Motherboard: X99S Gaming 7 (H.40 BIOS)First Issue --------------MSI motherboard installation CD includes drivers su...
clifton.murphy.jr 6 1082 Last post 31-March-15, 03:49:25
x99s gaming 7 / both bios led lighted !
HelloSince i booted this morning i have both green and blue leds lights from bios lighted :(((i dunno what to do, PC seems to wo... 3 882 Last post 03-May-17, 20:28:01
by Svet
X99S Gaming 7 04-60-55 ram dying and bios issues
new to the forums and had to start a new threadsetup:x99s gaming 7 mbi7 5820k overclocked 4ghz 1.15v (only cpu oc)16g kingston h...
blackrsturboal 8 2009 Last post 25-May-16, 20:19:34
by blackrsturboal
X99S Gaming 7 and the Samsung 950 Pro M.2 not working
Windows 10 64 bitIntel  I7-5280kX99S Gaming 7 Bios H.F0MSI Geforce GTX-970 Gaming 4GMushkin Enhanced Redline 16 gbCorsair HX 850...
ray3rd4th 12 1500 Last post 17-August-16, 00:33:45
by ray3rd4th
x99s gaming 7 battery type
hello can you please tell me the type of battery used by the x99s gaming 7 motherboard. thank you!
war1ock 3 872 Last post Best Answer 01-January-17, 22:37:17
by HenryW
x99s gaming 7 bios problem
hi I have the x99s gaming 7 board and it was working fine in the green bios until sunday when I tried turning the pc on it just ...
markeagle9 1 907 Last post 12-January-16, 21:15:05
by flobelix
X99S Gaming 7 board compatibility with Corsair Vengeance LED DDR4 3200mhz 8x4 gb
Hi'I just bought the Corsair Vengeance Led 3200mhz 4x8 sticks of ddr4  ram and it boot with the new sticks. Do I need to update ...
jcrouse55 1 647 Last post 21-September-16, 23:04:38
by Nichrome
X99S Gaming 7 Board- Won't boot into Windows after Loading first time
Here is the story,I just purchased a new system to build and went with X99S Gaming 7 and the 5820K and 16gb EVGA Gaming Ram 2800...
jcrouse55 3 905 Last post 10-June-15, 22:32:19
by Chike
X99S Gaming 7 BSOD e22w7x64.sys
I bought X99S gaming 7 for allmost 2 weeks ago , Ive actually not had a single problem with it at all . Everything have worked p...
Tha_Hustler89 6 1472 Last post 16-June-15, 11:21:11
by Svet
X99S Gaming 7 code 86
Hi, I just get a motherboard (MS-7885) from RMA and flash it with new bios HC0. After that, when it boot into a windows 10, show...
skala.antonin 2 1153 Last post 11-April-16, 19:12:10
by Svet
X99S Gaming 7 compatibility list
Hi, I'm in trouble with a X99S G7, it does not boot (even to bios) reporting diagnostic codes 04-55-60.After a quick search I th...
info.overmod 8 2066 Last post 04-March-15, 00:39:37
by JLio01
x99s Gaming 7 debug code 4F
I am not sure what this debug code means as it is not in the user manual.  But I got this code after flashing my bios to the lat...
theslaytheman 10 5567 Last post 10-October-15, 13:18:20
by Svet
x99s gaming 7 debug led "FE"
hello,  im having a weird led code on my mobo it says "FE" i dont have a clue what this means. if i go into bios and just make a...
baladinio 6 1356 Last post 28-December-14, 22:43:53
by Svet
X99S GAMING 7 Debug LED code 53
Hi all,I bought my X99S GAMING 7 mobo over a year ago. I was running Windows 7 until the final day of the Windows 10 upgrade. I ...
jonmsawyer 5 1262 Last post 12-September-16, 02:17:02
by darkhawk
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