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MSI Gaming Mainboards for Intel and AMD
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montyac, kuroiFI, belgarion01, ww, kcthomlau, hyuc.nadie, kruger7306, FunDr01D and 275 Guests are viewing this board.
Z97 Gaming 5 - Updated drivers with MSI live update, crashed - nothing works
Hello,I couldnt find any other with the same issue.I installed MSI Live update and searched for uninstalled drivers, and it foun...
ingehok 1 1107 Last post 28-April-15, 23:40:04
by Svet
Z97 Gaming 5 - Win10 64 Latest Killer Suite won't install
Tried installing the latest Killer drivers for Win10 64 bit that were posted on 10-5. The driver installs, but the performance s...
zmontavon 5 1591 Last post 26-October-15, 21:08:13
by Svet
Z97 Gaming 5 - Windows 10, Smart utilities - Intel RST problem
Hi there.Today, I made fresh install of Windows 10 (x64).After finishing installing all drivers and utilities, I launch MSI Smar...
cah4e3.86 6 2712 Last post 17-January-16, 08:25:05
by Nichrome
Z97 Gaming 5 :: Warm restart settings/boot menu problems
If I perform a warm restart (Restart via OS) and attempt to enter the UEFI/BIOS settings menu OR access the boot menu, the syste...
alunjames 1 904 Last post 05-April-15, 17:14:51
by flobelix
Z97 Gaming 5 and 4790k issue, windows boot freeze. Please help
Upgraded today from 4690k to 4790k cpu and got stuck with huge problem. PC will freeze whenever i reach loading windows circle (...
dezik 1 223 Last post 09-November-18, 18:02:08
by flobelix
Z97 GAMING 5 and 4K TV via HDMI
Hey everyone!I'm making this post here and on all related forums and will update this post if i find a solution!So here's a prob...
mistdragon 6 913 Last post 01-March-17, 17:00:00
by Nichrome
Z97 Gaming 5 and GTX 770 display issue
Hey guys.So i'm trying to help out one of my friends by fixing his pc.And i've ran into a issue I have never seen before.The mot...
mLgz0rn 9 479 Last post Best Answer 24-October-18, 18:18:40
by flobelix
Z97 Gaming 5 and NVMe SSD
Hi,My motherboard specs say that it has M.2 2280 PCIe Gen2 x2 slot, does that mean if I buy a PCIe Gen3 x4 NVMe SSD, it would on...
macieklukawski1993 8 656 Last post 13-March-19, 18:25:43
by macieklukawski1993
Z97 Gaming 5 and the new Samsung 950 Pro
Will the Z97 Gaming 5 boot from Samsung 950 Pro NVMe in a PCIe 3.0 x4 adapter board?
BigXor 1 651 Last post 05-August-16, 06:07:34
by plutomate
Z97 gaming 5 audio
HiI wonder if anyone could tell me how enable the jacks on my motherboard. They used to work fine, until I replaced primary SSD ...
red.armstrong 1 69 Last post 30-May-19, 23:32:32
by rbleroy91
Z97 Gaming 5 Audio Distortion
Hi! I just purchased and installed the z97 Gaming 5 MOBO and everything is working great except for the sound. I get sound, but ...
novalda 5 1580 Last post 24-April-15, 01:48:28
by darkhawk
Z97 Gaming 5 audio issue
I've just gotten a new desktop with the Z97 Gaming 5 and I've been having some audio issues with it. At the beginning, the Creat...
minxinglee 18 4164 Last post 23-April-15, 18:15:03
by novalda
Z97 Gaming 5 audio question
Hello, my question is i tried audio switched to direct audio power and off and i cant hear a difference, is direct audio power s...
asphyxia 9 1810 Last post 28-November-15, 00:19:52
by asphyxia
Z97 Gaming 5 bios setup help
1st my specs:CPU - intel i7 4790kRam - crucial BALLISTIX 1600 CL9 16gb (2x 8gb) Motherboard - MSI Z97-AR Gaming 5GFX - MSI GTX98...
armyndefamily 2 974 Last post 10-July-16, 04:49:44
by armyndefamily
Z97 Gaming 5 Bios update
I have a new R9 390 coming, and was looking through things... noticed my bios is quite old. (1.4 lol) - I see 1.D is the newest....
StaticFX 8 3822 Last post 05-April-16, 13:54:19
by StaticFX
z97 gaming 5 bios update
i just updated my bios to 1.b from the old bios 1.0 (i never updated my bios). i used the live update in updating it. my questio...
jayjaywookie 2 745 Last post 06-June-15, 01:05:50
by jayjaywookie
Z97 Gaming 5 BIOS update problem.
Hi. Firt of all i want to apologize for my bad english  .Yesterday i bought MB form subject and i want do update my bios ( curen...
areklat 7 2265 Last post 04-June-15, 21:01:33
by Nichrome
Z97 Gaming 5 Blue Led Issue
Hi!I have a problem with my Z97 Gaming 5 motherboard. I don't know how or why, but a blue led next to the battery turn on and ma...
brenopapito 13 7148 Last post 16-February-15, 23:01:08
by brenopapito
Z97 Gaming 5 boot issue
Hello,I have 4 serial ata drive on my pc; sometimes when I start windows one hard disk disappear and i must reboot for a few tim...
mirkofil 5 1405 Last post 23-June-15, 21:46:36
by Nichrome
Z97 Gaming 5 boot loop
Hi,I hope someone around could help me with that, this morning my pc refused to start normally and just boot loop without printi...
christian.broutissou 2 1603 Last post 18-April-15, 11:35:42
by christian.broutissou
Z97 gaming 5 boot loop
Recently,  I got my newly replace Z97 gaming 5 with bios of 1.11 (search site, there is no 1.11 bios)when I use 4670k it gets on...
bryllecamba12 3 2497 Last post 29-July-15, 06:24:18
by Chike
Z97 Gaming 5 boots for a couple of seconds and then stops.
Hi,I am upgrading a bunch of parts on my PC and have run into an issue when it boots. It will start for a couple of seconds, eve...
benhaynes25 4 1070 Last post 07-June-15, 12:25:22
by Svet
z97 Gaming 5 Code 00 after bios update!
I just finished building a new pc with a z97 gaming 5 mobo, cpu is an intel i7 4790k cpu, 2 hyperx kingston 8gb, evga gtx 970 ss...
stone 16 3377 Last post 06-July-15, 03:33:47
by bryllecamba12
Z97 gaming 5 compatability with samsung 960 evo ssd
Hi, does anyone know if this motherboard is properly compatible with samsungs ssd 960 evo 250gb as it says it uses PCI Express 3...
pymmtheaardvark 8 12642 Last post 27-February-17, 02:55:33
by darkhawk
Z97 GAMING 5 compatablity with D3 2400 RAM
I know you guys can't test everything, and I see that this board was only rated for DDR3 1333 Memory, but the guy at Microcenter...
terryrwood 4 1366 Last post 20-December-15, 12:44:10
by darkhawk
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