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Latest Bios update for z170a krait gaming causes instability
If there is a workaround for this issue, please let me know!I want to bring this to MSI's attention that the latest bios update ...
tyrant750 5 2289 Last post 17-February-16, 19:48:42
by Svet
Best Motherboard for new i7-8700K Processors?(Gaming)
Hey Guys, Looking to build a gaming pc of sorts and have chosen the following parts so far: -Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5 -Int...
tyresebro1 2 106 Last post 09-February-20, 02:23:04
by asdf23451
MSI GAMING 970: Network drivers not found
Good day, I have encountered an issue, made more confusing as i was playing a MMO when it occurred. MSI GAMING 970Network drive...
tyrsfang 8 3442 Last post 15-January-15, 13:11:11
by darkhawk
MSI Meg creation error 27
Hi,I tried to set the frequency of my DDR to 3400 Mhz using the bios. The system now doesn't boot (not even after clearing the C...
tyruchi 2 230 Last post 18-December-18, 10:23:22
by bogdi1988
Updated my UEFI/BIOS on my MSI x370 Gaming Pro Carbon
Hi I've recently updated my UEFI/BIOS on my x370 looks nice like the advanced option in the last BIOS it was on, however, I just...
tysl332 3 132 Last post 06-February-20, 12:58:25
by flobelix
First time i buy a MSI card, and probably the last one:It is difficult to put 2 VEGA 64 RADEON (PCI-1). Because it take time or ...
tytyatgmail 4 654 Last post 22-November-17, 18:29:10
by Svet
Mining bios for MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard
Hi,Can anyone let me know the best bios version to enable mining for the MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboardis it just the la...
tzirogiannis 1 1657 Last post 11-January-18, 06:43:49
by skywalker_yd
Why won't B450I boot UEFI usb drives anymore?
Hi. Built this pc (specs at bottom) from new components beginning of September 2019. Had to update bios to get Win10 to install ...
t_odd 24 1068 Last post 20-October-19, 09:44:10
by rbleroy91
Windows 10 Power Settings
I recently built a new system (see specs below). Everything went together smoothly and the system performed as expected. I did h...
t_stang 0 224 Last post 14-May-19, 18:19:08
by t_stang
Infinit restart after using 4.5 bios update tool
Hello All, first time posting here since i've never had any problems with my mobo(X97A-GD65 (8D). I recently bought a gigabyte g...
u11156342 1 1058 Last post 30-November-14, 04:22:41
by Svet
Msi z97 gaming motherboard displays debug led D0 (00) .
Hello all. I urgently need some advice. I recently bought a msi z97 gaming 5 motherboard and I had it installed into my rig.  Ev...
u13159098 14 8859 Last post 16-March-15, 15:05:53
by Svet
X470 GAMING PRO - M2 SSD Hardware encryption not work
Hello! X470 GAMING PRO  last bios 7B79v14NVMe M2  970 EVO 250GBI have already tried all the options and attempts to enable hardw...
uaiandrew 3 567 Last post 29-October-18, 10:12:51
by LBJistherealchamp
MSI lowtier boards no full RGB mode?
Can anyone tell me which B350 MSI board DOES have a rainbow cycle mode through gaming app so I dont have to ditch my b350m bazoo...
ubaied_hamzah 1 535 Last post 05-July-17, 06:34:03
by Nidhoggr
RAM of my choice not on B350M Bazooka Ryzen supported list?
Hi guys, im now running B350M Bazooka with Ryzen 1600. Now my cpu perfectly run at 3.8, just left to upgrade my lousy value ram....
ubaied_hamzah 4 1604 Last post 18-July-17, 17:12:02
by darkhawk
AM4 B350M Bazooka Latest Beta Bios
Hi, have anyone here own B350M Bazooka and running the latest Beta Bios? can it overclock ram now?? Haven't tried mine yet but m...
ubaied_hamzah 1 841 Last post 30-June-17, 19:54:22
by darkhawk
Problem with PPT TDC EDC x570
Hello friends!I don't know if you see the image, I leave the link here just in case. have a mb msi x5...
ubarquilla 4 251 Last post 16-September-19, 05:45:08
by plutomate
Problem with B450m Bazooka, zen2 and gpu
Hello friends.My system:Windows 10 1903PSU- Corsair 650wProc- 3800x h100i coolingGPU- RTX 2070 with kraken g12 h80v2 coolingMB- ...
ubarquilla 4 201 Last post 06-September-19, 18:26:35
by Chike
Z97-GD65 Motherboard
Hey everyone,I updated my bios using live updater and it bricked Bios B. Now when I try to switch to Bios A it boots perfectly, ...
UberAlpha51 11 2199 Last post 17-June-15, 22:27:39
by UberAlpha51
Game boost knob button fell off
So i got my z390 ACE from MSIand this button fell offThe online store wants me to send it in and wait for 2-3 weeks for a new on...
Uberslave 4 405 Last post 27-September-19, 22:39:12
by Nichrome
MSI Z370 Gaming M5 AHCI/RAID with NVMe M2 SSD (SOLVED)
HiI have built a pc with MSI Z370 M5 motherboard and a Samsung 960 EVO NVMe M2 SSD. It only works and is recognized with AHCI mo...
uberv 0 1245 Last post 15-March-18, 06:12:08
by uberv
x99s gaming 7
ok I need help here please.   i see MSI doesn't test much memory configurations. we have i-7 5820  dual r9 270  cards  blah blah...
ucci_grimfyre 8 2000 Last post 07-December-15, 00:48:15
by darkhawk
X99A Godlike Gaming Carbon conflict with PCI-E sound card.
I am experiencing a strange problem when attempting to install a Asus Zonar DXG Sound card.First, a brief explanation of WHY I'm...
ucf.aeroengineer 4 774 Last post 09-January-17, 09:40:26
by ucf.aeroengineer
How to run diagnostics on Z97 gaming 5 mobo?
I think I may have a hardware issue and want to run a diagnostics, but not sure how.
ucftyler 12 2622 Last post 24-April-17, 19:12:13
by ucftyler
MSI Z370 GAMING M5, GC30 Controller special no reply from MSI
Hello. Recently bough a brand new MSI Z370 GAMING M5 motherboard. I did so in time for the promotion where you get a GC30 contro...
uddemm001 1 378 Last post 08-April-18, 05:42:41
by darkhawk
3rd Gen Ryzen on B450I
Hi Everyone,I bought a B450i motherboard, and I'm planning on putting a Ryzen 7 3700X on it as soon as they come out.  Will I ne...
udo 1 516 Last post 04-July-19, 19:51:41
by flobelix
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