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MSI Gaming Mainboards for Intel and AMD
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davidsantiagoalvarez and 182 Guests are viewing this board.
BIOS Resolution Help
Hi there! I recently purchased a msi b350 tomahawk, and used it a build of mine. It works great and i really like it. However, m...
wolfollie1337 1 280 Last post 28-April-18, 03:56:33
by HenryW
Can the MSI GAMING B450M board use its DVI and HDMI simultaneously ?
I plan to assemble several PCs around GAMING B450M motherboards and Ryzen 5 2400G processors. However I need a multi-monitor env...
wolfy67 3 186 Last post 14-May-19, 07:43:31
by wolfy67
MSI Z170A Gaming M7 and adapter M.2 > mSATA
Hello,Does anyone try or have experience with adapters like M.2 > mSATA on MSI mobos?I bought WBTUO LM-121M-V1.0 M.2 NGFF (https...
wolina 1 925 Last post 30-August-16, 10:19:34
by pandaz
x570 meg ACE won't POST / black screen
Hi there people! I just bought a few pc parts to try and build a new rig myself ( been a while since I did, but I really needed ...
wolrajh 14 1029 Last post 22-July-19, 18:55:07
by Chike
WOL not work in MSI X470 Gaming Plus
Hi,Recently, I purchase this motherboard, have the last bios and in the bios I configure all for work WOL, but this, not work.An...
wonder.skydive 30 1350 Last post Best Answer 26-August-19, 16:34:45
by wonder.skydive
audio not working
Hello, i got a motherboard 2 months ago. Now, i have a mic, but it doesnt work. Side panel connectors sound wery awful, I hear c...
woody333themagor 1 247 Last post 26-April-18, 15:01:44
by rbleroy91
MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC power issue
Couple of days ago I got MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC ( ITX ) which is great but I have couple of issues and the most annoying is rel...
Woomack 4 2182 Last post 24-October-15, 22:05:33
by kaansoral
NEW to MSI and cant get H170 to boot using(dimm slots 2-4)
hi all, im new to signing up to msi. I bought a H170 gaming M3 off Ebay (mistake already I know) 2 weeks back now. it arrived I ...
woosh87 14 668 Last post Best Answer 15-September-18, 23:16:21
by rbleroy91
No power behavior
Main Board: Z170 M7 Bios Version:1.7 Video Card:EVGA GTX 580[/fon
woozabi10 11 2410 Last post 15-December-15, 02:42:01
by woozabi10
Z170A Gaming M7
Going to reference this video:and this post:'ve had one m...
woozabi10 1 874 Last post 03-March-16, 09:36:35
by plutomate
970 gaming usb 3.0 not work.
My USB 3.0 ports do not work, by that I mean when I plug in a device (doesn't matter if it's USB 2.0 or 3.0) there is no power s...
woravit-edd 7 6616 Last post 03-June-15, 05:51:55
by pandaz
MSI Z97I Gaming 3 vs Asus STRIX-GTX 970
Hello,I have issue with the subject combination of mobo and graphcard.Sometimes the card is detected and the pc boots fine but m...
wouter 8 2378 Last post 21-February-15, 12:43:41
by wouter
PC boots for a few seconds, shuts down and repeats
Hello guys, I have a question. (posting it here because I'm not sure if its mobo or something else)I have my PC since January th...
wouterbr01 1 925 Last post 26-November-15, 22:37:37
by Svet
Bios Option: disable Shared memory
hiya,i want to disable shared memory within my BIOS for reasons that have to do with Windows 10 and DirectX9consider their is no...
wouterwientjes 3 2102 Last post 13-September-16, 20:21:07
by Svet
Z170A M5 Audio problems
hiya,just gonna crash in Mega problems getting this board to work properly.first it just did not work with my Revo drive 3 (in R...
wouterwientjes 7 5088 Last post 23-October-15, 19:53:02
by Svet
Internet crashing killer e2200 culprit? Z97 MSI
I'm not sure if this is the right area for this so please forgive me if it is not. Recently I got upgraded to 300/20 internet (t...
wowvanillal33t 9 1958 Last post 27-April-16, 01:10:52
by wowvanillal33t
X99A Gaming 7 Dump Screen
Hey hey, having a issue with my system crashing and putting me to the blue file dump screen, telling me that something is wrong....
wpggizmo 2 542 Last post 15-August-16, 04:08:05
by wpggizmo
Xsplit Game Caster/X99A Gaming 7
Hello, was wanting to know if the promo actually ended for X99A Gaming 7 for the Xsplit Game Caster. I had just finished putting...
wpggizmo 4 750 Last post 13-August-16, 01:02:23
by wpggizmo
MSI Gaming Z97 GAMING 5 LGA 1150 Intel Z97 Ethernet Problem
Good day all,I have had this motherboard for almost 3 years now and throughout the entire time the ethernet port has not worked ...
wraddle67 3 766 Last post 03-September-17, 00:01:42
by Nidhoggr
MAG Z390 Tomahawk won't format drives in Win 10 Pro x64
Hi.Decided to upgrade one of my hard drives from 500GB to 1TB.   Pulled old drive out and replaced with new HDD..Went into Compu...
wrapping 7 296 Last post 08-February-19, 06:13:15
by wrapping
970 Gaming Motherboard Power Issue
After fitting an AMD FX 8320 CPU with Corsair H55 Cooler to the motherboard in an earthed environment, it was then fitted into a...
wrath271 3 967 Last post 02-February-16, 22:52:04
by darkhawk
Does the Z370 AC Carbon Pro Motherboard come with Bluetooth?
Title. Does it have Bluetooth already installed or do I need to get something for it? Thanks for the help
wrdykes 2 1595 Last post 19-January-18, 04:14:34
by rdefillo
LEDKeeper.exe blocking sata harddrive ejects
Hi everybody,just for that issue I registered, to get some feedback about this.I realized at some point that I was not able anym...
WreckItRalf 2 158 Last post 20-August-19, 14:19:02
by Svet
MSI B350/m boards absolute garbage
The bios for these boards doesn't allow you to set the boot dram voltage. It does the post at 1.2v. Meaning I cant clock my ram ...
Wregh 2 420 Last post 23-August-17, 02:50:43
by shalala
MSI Z97 Gaming 5 and XFX RX 580
I was wondering if anyone else has this combination and it is working. I bought a XFX RX 580 to replace my R9 280X and now it wi...
wrewing73 1 399 Last post 15-December-17, 19:53:25
by Nichrome
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