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Compatibility of dimensions: MSI B85I GAMING and Coolers
Hi Guys,Looking for your help:I am going to assemble a game PC on the board MSI B85I GAMING inside mini-ITX case (Fractal Design...
0119019 2 1291 Last post 07-September-15, 16:24:27
by Bernhard
Re: Tomahawk B450 CPU Ez Debug light on, no post/bios/nothing
Did you ever solve this? Im hackig the exakt same problem! PLEASE help me ://
03jackow 5 466 Last post 08-March-19, 00:47:19
by rbleroy91
MSI Z170A Gaming M7 Flash BIOS isn't working
So I'm currently building a PC. I'm using the z170a gaming m7 motherboard with Flash BIOS + technology. I have installed a i7 77...
05torridgto 2 722 Last post 07-September-17, 14:46:42
by 05torridgto
Replace a broken m-connector
Hello everyone,A couple of days ago I installed my new MSI M7 Z170 Gaming motherboard. Everything looks fine but unfortunately t...
0bzol3t3 1 641 Last post 26-September-16, 16:33:35
by flobelix
x470 Gaming Pro carbon NVMe issues
Hi, I recently upgraded from an X370 SLI Plus to an X470 Gaming Pro Carbon. I've noticed that there is an issue where the SSD di...
0jamesondrako 9 212 Last post 29-December-19, 05:17:10
by 0jamesondrako
Wrong cpu temp
I have a z270 m7 with a 7700k. I have noticed that the cpu temp is based on the die temp not the package so when any cpu utilliz...
1000man2crazyman 2 639 Last post 11-September-17, 01:55:47
by 1000man2crazyman
MoBo X470 Gaming plus not booting sometimes
Ok. I've done a ton of troubleshooting so here's a lot of info.What's happening: I'll power on my PC, it will start its system c...
10903575 9 324 Last post 05-October-19, 09:15:19
by rbleroy91
MSI X99a Gaming Pro Carbon Boot Failure
Hey all, so when attempting to boot my computer the system fails and restarts randomly about 90% of the time. When it fails it w...
11516kenny 8 1221 Last post 08-September-17, 15:19:10
by 11516kenny
Intel’s Management Engine Security Vulnerability BIOS Update/Patch?
Will MSI release a bios update for its boards ranging back from its Skylake series? I have a z170a m5 and tested my PC using Int...
123456osaka 2 836 Last post 27-November-17, 11:41:08
by darkhawk
USB power
HiI have the MSI X995 Gaming 7 motherboard. I wondering if there is someone out there that knows why my usb dont deliver power? ...
123pillnese 3 526 Last post 23-December-16, 04:35:19
by darkhawk
msi Mystic Light
Hi guys,i am considering to buy the MSI B150A Gaming pro, but i had a question about the ''mystic lighting''.i have seen some sc...
126137 1 4669 Last post 06-October-15, 06:32:42
by flobelix
Bios won't load
Hello,I write this thread with a hope of getting assistance from you guys. Let me briefly explain the situation:I have gotten my...
1337razzex 2 248 Last post 15-October-18, 13:20:23
by rbleroy91
B350 Gaming Plus issue
åBasically had to replace my old board due to it dying B350M-PRO-VDH (don't know how) moved everything across, all went well the...
15016242 21 1498 Last post Best Answer 18-April-18, 05:20:35
by rbleroy91
SLI Krait Z97A USB ports not getting power after only a couple days of use
Has anyone come across similar issues? And is it an easy fix? It'd be a shame if I couldn't play any more games :P
15kuhnr 4 1299 Last post 29-December-15, 02:12:47
by 15kuhnr
MSI Z270 mobo LED issue
I currently have msi z270 mobo and the LED lights were working great for an year now until today where the GPU socket lights are...
16dylan2 1 226 Last post 16-July-18, 03:51:47
by plutomate
Z87-GD65 error code AE
Hello all, I seem to have an error code AE from my system. It does not allow me to enter the MOBO as it kills the key board so n...
1827chandler 6 1024 Last post 30-October-16, 20:49:04
by Svet
boot error beep code- GPU
I recently upgraded to a z390 Gaming Plus motherboard. I get the long beep, two short beep error code when I boot up. LED for GP...
1constructionguy 4 161 Last post 19-November-19, 11:09:17
by Chike
MSI 970 Gaming memory question
I just bought a MSI 970 Gaming motherboard. I'm not really sure which memory will work the best. Which of these 2 or maybe anoth...
1daver46 2 969 Last post 20-November-15, 05:22:43
by najiro
Microphone problem in new motherboard and dram
Hello i have problem with 2 microphone and yesterday working good on my old setup. i buy msi b350 tomahawk and my mic still too ...
1kubad1 1 689 Last post 21-July-17, 21:27:39
by Svet
Someone tell me how to fully delete nahimic
I can't use my equalizer anymore and I think this new audio sounds like crap. No matter how many times I uninstall nahimic, dele...
1michaelpi1 1 1386 Last post 17-August-16, 09:20:22
by plutomate
X299 Auros Gaming 9 Question
Hello all, I recently got my new rig running with this Mobo and a 7820x cpu. I'm loving it so far, but I had a question about my...
1N54N3 2 670 Last post 14-August-17, 04:01:39
by darkhawk
itx motherboard for amd ryzen
Hey there, I emailed support asking which are the itx motherboards for ryzen. they told me there was none. aft...
1oz.silver 2 240 Last post 25-April-19, 06:57:22
by 1oz.silver
H110M Gaming
Doing my first PC build and it was suggested to put everything together outside the case to make sure its all function. I put th...
1stsepera 6 657 Last post 09-December-16, 13:13:58
by 1stsepera
z270 motherboard support
Hi, I built my pc last month. The Motherboard that I'm currently using is the MSI z270 Tomahawk. Now, I have a Cooler master 'ma...
2000siddharth.m 6 223 Last post 23-January-19, 22:06:37
by HenryW
B350 Tomahawk: Do you have the sleep option in your Windows menu?
I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem as me. As per the image below, I don't see a sleep option in my Windows menu....
2012 5 926 Last post 20-April-17, 09:33:59
by Nichrome
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