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MSI Gaming Mainboards for Intel and AMD
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montyac, kuroiFI, belgarion01, ww, kcthomlau, hyuc.nadie, kruger7306, FunDr01D and 270 Guests are viewing this board.
Help with my MSI X370 Xpower Gaming Titanium.
My setup is as follows: Processor: R7 1800X Memory: Corsair Vegeance 4X4 GB 2400Mhz LPX Cool Cool Water Cooler SSD 120GB Kingsto...
hendybezutti72 7 634 Last post 30-July-17, 22:23:51
by badboy2k
i Can't install win 10 with 960 EVO NVME m.2
i have msi z370 gaming m5 .....i tired  form try with install win 10 by m.2 ( i have samsung 960 EVO NVME 250GB )i did update BI...
bedoelmasry2001 3 398 Last post 02-February-18, 18:21:31
by darkhawk
i have a problem white me msi x99s gaming 7
BIOS1: Multi-BIOS Switch. i run White bios a that is default one. bot it show that i run on bios a and b on board. when i Switch...
jacobnielsen 2 936 Last post 23-June-15, 17:46:16
by jacobnielsen
it gets stuck when you start
Hello, first of all I apologize for my English, I'm using the google translator.I do not know if it is appropriate to put this h...
marcosjv13 1 247 Last post 22-February-18, 16:48:48
by rbleroy91
msi b350m gaming pro wont work with reference gtx 970
just got my ryzen 5 1400 and my msi b350m gaming pro today. and so far i cant get my gtx 970 to work with it. iv tried everythin...
markushamilton21 9 1438 Last post 16-April-17, 13:41:08
by flobelix
MSI B85M Gaming+GPU Backplate
Hello Everyone,I recently installed a GTX 660 Ti in my MSI B85M Gaming motherboard, it has a backplate which obviously adds a co...
jacobwstockton 2 1045 Last post 09-September-15, 01:07:51
by Nichrome
MSI Bios 1.3 Update Issue
Home built Z170A Mpower Gaming Titaniun was running great for months until tryied to over clock the i7 p6700k Sky lake. via the ...
shagrocks63 1 640 Last post 17-May-17, 20:37:43
by Svet
MSI Command Center RAM Problem
When i open up the Msi command center and go to advanced > DRAM i get only please wait message until forever and the programs go...
hanyismaiel 8 2483 Last post 09-September-15, 02:11:17
by plutomate
MSI Gaming 5 Z97 not recognizing keyboard and boot devices.
As the topic says just installed new board with i7 4790k and 16 GB 2400 ram, 2 hard drives booted fine yesterday updated chipset...
Jaspericus 6 1422 Last post 28-July-15, 00:17:19
by Svet
MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon - Ethernet Problems
MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon - Ethernet ProblemsMy Ethernet port remains inactive despite me installing Intel driver.Upo...
s_georgiou 8 933 Last post 22-February-18, 10:10:49
by plutomate
Hello everyone. I have a question to you: Is it possible to install the third m.2 PCIe drive into the second PCIe video card slo...
devilcoreblack 1 719 Last post 26-July-17, 16:45:39
by Nidhoggr
MSI x370 Pro Carbon + 1600x Ryzen- underclocked? MSI x370 Pro Carbon + 1600x Ry
Hi pplI bought these 2 items along with some 2x8GB Vengeance Lpx 3200MHZ 16-18-18-36I upgraded the bios ver to 7A32v15 and i can...
frost28 8 1063 Last post 03-June-17, 15:08:20
by darisobel
MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon owners
I have a question that I have been trying to find the answer to for months now. I have an X99 Gaming Pro Carbon board that has t...
jonathanmichaelpoe 1 576 Last post 13-September-16, 04:29:54
by plutomate
MSI Z170A Gaming M7 - Audio Volume Low
Hi All,I recently purchased the Gaming M7 motherboard, and have experienced a lot of sound issues with it under Windows 10.First...
ignaheyns 10 2404 Last post 05-August-17, 23:03:41
by andrewbaird753
MSI Z170A-G45 and 2 Samsung 950 Pro
There MSI Z170A-G45 and 2 Samsung 950 Pro PCIe SSD. Tell me how to make them RAID1, to establish a fault-tolerant array server 2...
root 1 918 Last post 26-January-16, 14:46:47
by o.neuendorf
MSI Z370 GAMING M5 + CORSAIR DDR4 3000MHz 16GB 2x288 CMR16GX4M2C3000C15?
Hello, guys. I just ordered MSI Z370 GAMING M5 and CORSAIR DDR4 3000MHz 16GB 2x288 CMR16GX4M2C3000C15 but now I'm not really sur...
hardhop 4 1734 Last post 15-November-17, 18:52:56
by hardhop
MSI Z370 GAMING M5 does not turn off and does not go to sleep
Hello everyone, there is MSI Z370 GAMING M5 does not turn off and does not go into sleep modeIt just turns off the screen then t...
andrey.91177 16 700 Last post 22-November-18, 12:49:50
by rbleroy91
MSI Z87-GD65 problems with Integrated Graphics HDMI port
Hi,I am having a problem setting up the graphics on Linux (Ubuntu/Vivid). There is no problem with the VGA port but when I attem...
rritoch 5 2106 Last post 18-September-15, 06:45:01
by rritoch
NOT BOOTING - 3900x & MSI X570 Gaming Pro Carbon WiFi (CPU DEBUG LIGHT ON)
Hi All,I upgraded 3 components of my PC the other days and now im having issues. I suspected something may have been faulty from...
Zokki 9 355 Last post 15-July-19, 19:59:21
by rbleroy91
Onboard ETHERNET not working after CMOS reset
Hello!  I was playing with some settings in my BIOS the other day and I ended up being stuck, unable to boot so I reset my CMOS ...
rik 1 190 Last post 24-February-18, 14:42:25
by darkhawk
Parts for my motherboard
I bought on ebay a z170a gaming m5 motherboard however did not bring the I / O shield and I need it. Look for ebay but not find....
manueltavarez.castro 2 535 Last post 12-May-17, 18:07:04
by manueltavarez.castro
PC Doesn't boot first time but starts after pressing the restart button
Specs -CPU - Ryzen 5 2400GRam - Corsair Vengeance 3000 Mhz 8gbx2PSU - Corsair CX 550Motherboard - MSI B450 Gaming PlusWhen I fir...
maxyspark 3 142 Last post 23-May-19, 22:40:50
by rbleroy91
Problem motherboard or processor
Hello everyone, recently I ordered a config based ryzen (amd r7 1700 / msi x370 krait g / 8 go (2x4) corsair vvengeance lpx 2400...
lionelyee9 9 1835 Last post 21-May-17, 14:15:58
by lionelyee9
Problems with mother board and vga compatibility
Good afternoon, my mother board and an msi tomahawk and my vga galax gtx 1060 exoc, I am having many freezes in the games ... th...
emersonsilvestrin 4 523 Last post 07-July-17, 12:20:38
by emersonsilvestrin
Red light on motherboard
It's Blackout when I use my pc, after that I can't turn on my pc, everytime I connected my pc to the power pc won't start and ap...
dirmen72 13 7461 Last post 13-May-16, 15:09:18
by moolchandanimohit83
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