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MSI Gaming Mainboards for Intel and AMD
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MOVED: I/O shield
This topic has been moved to MSI Intel boards.
flobelix 0 13 Last post 20-March-19, 20:13:43
by flobelix
Motherboard shows temperature 100 degree while cpu just 40 degree
Hi guys, im using msi b450 tomahawk with amd ryzen 1600 as proc. Currently using id cooling auraflow which working fine. My syst...
blitzwind87 3 42 Last post 20-March-19, 20:06:27
by Nichrome
Aero X4 Xpander Card Question
I have a MSI X299 M7 ACK with an MSI aero X4 Xpander 64Gb AND  i9-9900X cpuOkay I tried it with Samsung Evo Plus I can't make a ...
jlipchit 1 36 Last post 20-March-19, 19:30:43
by flobelix
meg 390 ace vga light on
i built a new pc a month ago reusing my 1080ti vc from my previous pc. I decided to upgrade my vc and today and  installed a evg...
pappo1972 5 72 Last post 20-March-19, 17:55:32
by rbleroy91
EZ Debug - two solid red lights which stay lit
HiMSI Mortar (AM4) board.Can't post, I get top two lights (CPU and RAM I think?) going red immediately and staying red. What doe...
barney.pitt 7 87 Last post 20-March-19, 17:25:01
by flobelix
JCORSAIR1 output does nothing.
Hi,I followed this tutorial exactly: I am 100% setting it up right, its not that hard.I have an MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon mothe...
Akraman 42 3365 Last post 20-March-19, 13:33:30
by luyi9944
X470 GAMING PRO Carbon; An issue with Mystic Light
Hello there,I don't have a lot of experience and this is the first time with this kind of motherboard.The configuration is as fo...
arsti88 9 202 Last post 20-March-19, 12:49:22
by arsti88
DRAGON CENTER not updating
I just installed a new system with the MSI MAG z390 Motherboard. All works well except Dragon Center. I have tried the most rece...
panos 7 98 Last post 20-March-19, 12:45:37
by panos
Fan Profiles with Command Center
I've currently using Corsair coolers with Corsair Link (iCue is an unmitigated disaster and just doesn't work reliably) so I hav...
wobitancrawfodi 3 61 Last post 20-March-19, 11:54:25
by plutomate
Hi, I have this motherboard: MSI Z370 TOMAHAWK, and I want to get this Corsair Fan HUB: Corsair RGB Lighting Fan LED Hub.I've se...
bogdan.mardale37 4 62 Last post 20-March-19, 09:36:55
by richard.y
Update mobo without cpu
I have an h310m gaming artic motherboard and I realized that my i5 9600k isn't supported without a bios update. Can I update it ...
gregorio.assiscorrea 2 55 Last post 20-March-19, 08:41:12
by rbleroy91
B150A Gaming Pro MB - Run two OS's??
Months ago I transfered everything from my Disk Drive to my new Samsung 2TB SSD.And I want to play Halo Wars 2 on the PC but unf...
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Illusive Prime 71 2434 Last post 19-March-19, 23:55:15
by rbleroy91
Mystic Light Music Sync Not Working
Hi,I just recently built my new PC and am currently using the B450 Tomahawk.The motherboard has RGB lighting onboard as well as ...
jonathanmnicoli 1 39 Last post 19-March-19, 23:34:25
by darkhawk
Where is the RAMDisk utility?
It no longer shows up in Live Update, and it's not listed with the utilities section on the MB-specific downloads. I have a Z170...
chrisrblevins 3 1130 Last post 19-March-19, 20:03:27
by jasonhc73
B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC - LAN disconnects for a second periodically
Hello there!I was wondering if others had this issue as well. My ethernet connection keeps disconnecting periodically (not sure ...
VENAXIS 2 38 Last post 19-March-19, 18:46:58
by JocPro
Msi Z390 Gaming Plus - 3 pin fans on 4 pin header bios control
helloi have a "Cooler Master MasterBox MB511 RGB" case that come with 3 front rgb 3 pin fans.i have 2 questions about this:- Can...
alexposta+msi 8 119 Last post Best Answer 19-March-19, 15:20:36
by rbleroy91
meg creation
what power supply can i use that has 3[font=verdana, geneva, lucida, "lucida grande", arial, helvetica, sans-serif]8-PIN EPS12V[...
killersystems51 1 30 Last post 19-March-19, 09:23:16
by Formosan rock-monkey
MSI Fast Boot and Fast Boot missing from B450 Gaming Plus Bios
Hi,I recently built this pc:Ryzen 7 2700MSI B450 Gaming Plus (last bios update)RTX 2070 16 GB Corsair 2667SSD M2 Samsung EVO 970...
ganceanu.vlad 3 78 Last post 19-March-19, 08:41:14
by rbleroy91
Dragon Center
I have the MEG Z390 ACE and my question is, when you run a scan in the dragon center is it supposed to show you any updated driv...
Notorious^ 1 56 Last post 19-March-19, 08:17:52
by LBJistherealchamp
Z87-G45 motherboard, no audio device installed
I have a Z87-G45 mobo that was recently installed, and after getting it running have discovered that there is no sound.System is...
joshua.a.smith.86 2 45 Last post 19-March-19, 03:07:55
by pandaz
MSI X470 Gaming Plus and OC switch and LED
Hello, I'm building new PCIn my new gaming MIDI Tower I have button and LED with cables indicated OCI found as it is for OverClo...
waldemar.beben 2 52 Last post 19-March-19, 03:07:26
by pandaz
MSI MEG Z390 ACE Motherboard sound problems
I recently upgraded my mother board from a Z97 Gaming 5, to a Meg Z390 Ace, and did a fresh windows install.I currently have sou...
mattygray05 6 144 Last post 19-March-19, 00:08:12
by hapkiman
Killer Network e2500
Hi all!I've encountered issues in Killer Network which I've always losing my Network (Internet).When I tried to run ncpa.cpl, I ...
jonasperaltahuggins 9 211 Last post 18-March-19, 22:58:34
by killersupport
I have seen a lot of misinformation concerning the MSI Godlike z390 motherboard :(I just ordered one from over the wee...
rtaylor777 1 35 Last post 18-March-19, 22:27:19
by badboy2k
MEG Z390 Godlike dynamic dashboard not working
MB: MEG Z390 GodlikeBIOS: v1.40OS: Windows 10 Home (previously not working under Pro Ed. up to March 4th when I swapped m.2 driv...
bliixx 4 104 Last post 18-March-19, 20:25:56
by bliixx
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