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gtx 970,,Stopped working for no reason
Hi,,Im from Oman It is a country in the Middle EastI own GTX 970 GAMING ,,, I used it for several weeks and then stopped working...
Generalsalalah 5 887 Last post 17-December-14, 16:49:27
by Svet
[REQUEST] GOP / UEFI Vbios for R9 280X GAMING 3G
Hi,I would like to request for a UEFI biosS/N: 602-V277-31SB1403002336Bios version: TV277MH.350Link to current vbios:_https://ww...
robbertoo8 6 1466 Last post 17-December-14, 20:02:57
by robbertoo8
Radeon R9 290X 4GB Max Resolution ?
Hi !I recently bought two MSI AMD Radeon R9 290X Gaming OC 4GB.It is mentioned in description that Max. Resolution: 2560 x 1600....
yevgeniy.gorbenko 2 1359 Last post 17-December-14, 20:52:18
by Nichrome
REQUEST GOP / UEFI BIOS for MSI Twin Frozr GTX760 Gaming
Hi, have been having a weird problem with my PC where GPU seems to crash to a black screen upon exiting a game or ONLY AFTER GPU...
c.a.gamoff 6 1549 Last post 18-December-14, 11:46:48
by Svet
GTX 980 DP just stopped working completely.
Hi guys,Just installed the new nVidia drivers and now my display ports give no signal, regardless how far I rollback my drivers....
cpalsa1992 5 1617 Last post 18-December-14, 13:16:12
by boogeyman
MSI R9 270x 2G Artifacting and Seeking Newest Bios Please!
Good afternoon I am getting many artifacts in Elder scrolls online, FFXIV and FFXI with my 270x using the 14.9 and the omega dri...
mark.laferriere.5 8 2286 Last post 18-December-14, 14:43:40
by Svet
MOVED: UEFI GOP request for GTX 680 Twin Frozr OC
This topic has been moved to Graphics Cards.
Svet 0 860 Last post 18-December-14, 17:26:17
by Svet
MSI GTX 970 Golden edition gone for good?
Can't find this card anymore.  Only found it at newegg, but it's out of stock and has been for a bit, and one other company at a...
enigma 2 1154 Last post 19-December-14, 03:41:43
by wowsers55
Vbios for my 2 GTX 970
Hi @SvetAs you asked i started a new topic about this.I want the latest bios for my cards.GPU 1 S/N: 602-v316-03SB1409037001GPU ...
shahabi-89 6 2796 Last post 19-December-14, 12:00:48
by Svet
MSI R9 270X 2G-BF4 Artifacts and Jitters
Hi,I get intermittent artifacts with my new MSI R9 270X 2G BF4 card and I was wondering if there is a fix for this. Previously I...
ollie.v 7 1706 Last post 19-December-14, 15:03:03
by ollie.v
Artifacts in games MSI R9 270x 2Gb
Hi.Few days ago I bought new PC.PC spec:  MSI 970 Gaming AM3+ (MS-7963), GPU MSI R9 270x,  AMD FX 8320, PSU Be-Quiet 600W. OS Wi...
crazyshroom 5 1499 Last post 19-December-14, 17:49:55
by flobelix
MSI R9 280X 3G: Flickering in 2D
I've a newly RMA-ed card from my distro that's displaying flickering as shown in this video (video does not belong to me).Accord...
terenceyeong 1 1028 Last post 19-December-14, 18:34:18
by Nichrome
VBIOS for my MSI GTX970 Golden Edition
 I have a MSI GTX970 Golden Edition and with Live Update it shows that my card is on NV316MH.1F2 bios. I cannot seem to find any...
wowsers55 5 1341 Last post 19-December-14, 19:08:33
by Svet
MSI GTX970 GAMING 4G - Electric noise when mid-full load
Two days ago i bouhgt gtx970 and now im testing that always appears an insupportable noise form GTX that gets inside my brain. F...
manuelvc.82 6 1316 Last post 19-December-14, 19:44:07
by Nichrome
SLI GTX-970 was working, but now 1 card isn't being detected: Help!
Hey all,I'm having a problem with one of my MSI GTX-970 4GD5T OC graphics cards. It's simply not detecting on boot-up (no signal...
mkp523 1 982 Last post 20-December-14, 15:55:27
by Svet
MOVED: MSI GT780DXR -Getting a blank screen
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
Nichrome 0 809 Last post 20-December-14, 19:52:42
by Nichrome
BIOS for GTX 970 Gaming 4G
Hello,i bought GTX 970 as soon it was available. I would like to have latest BIOS for it.SN is 602-V316-03SB1409025621BIOS dump ...
nvarga 3 1405 Last post 21-December-14, 14:05:34
by Svet
R9_280X_GAMING_3G - flickering/blinking in 2D
Hello,I bought a R9_280X_GAMING_3G some time back and on 2d I got flickering/blink.There is problem with my reseller, becouse he...
jholger 15 2929 Last post 21-December-14, 16:43:12
by flobelix
request for latest bios for GTX 970 Gaming 4g
I would like to request the latest bios for my card,S / N : 602 - V316 - 03SB1409091XXXvbios {
nukem4n 3 960 Last post 21-December-14, 21:16:21
by Svet
No video output on 970gtx. New pc
Hi. I'm new here. Just build a new pc.- Asus maximus VI impact - Intel i5 4460- HyperX FURY Series 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR3 1600MHz CL...
maj.p 4 1019 Last post 22-December-14, 01:18:08
by maj.p
[Request] Vbios for gtx 970
hi, would appreciate if someone could share the latest vbios for my two gtx970 cardss/n:602-V316-09SB1411096627s/n:602-V316-09SB...
janssongabilgathol 1 908 Last post 22-December-14, 01:52:52
by flobelix
GTX980 gaming 4G - Display Ports HELP ME PLEASE!!! so stressed
Hitoday I bought this video card and 3x Benq XL2430T monitors, nearly $2500 AU dollars worth of gearand all i can do is get 1 fr...
r1_robbie 10 1498 Last post 22-December-14, 11:17:05
by r1_robbie
[Request] Bios check for new GTX 970
Hi, I have just purchased a new GTX 970 and wanted to check to see if it needs a bios updateS/N 602-V316-010B1412052921Live Upda...
keithallanpope 1 826 Last post 22-December-14, 17:25:28
by Svet
Temperature for MSI r9 280x Twin Frozr
Hi everyone. Hope you can help me . I just bought an msi r9 280x twi frozr 4 the OC version. My pc is the following : i5 2500k r...
catalin_hayek 1 967 Last post 22-December-14, 17:41:15
by flobelix
R9 280x keeps crashing!
i have this r9 280x which i got after RMA-ing a previous one(the other one had artifact issues), well recently this one has been...
zerorise.patel 10 2373 Last post 22-December-14, 20:37:50
by zerorise.patel
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