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MSI Gaming Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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GTX 970 4G gaming issues
Hey all,I just picked this awesome card up yesterday and figured to give it a try in BF4. I made sure all the drivers were updat...
SpdTrp 16 4602 Last post 26-November-14, 09:17:59
by rock1m1
MSI GTX970 Gaming 4g Win 8.1& Win 10 x64 error code 43
Good day. I`ve changed my gtx 770 OC from gigabyte to msi 970 gaming 4g. After windows loaded i have exclamation on gtx 970 in d...
kruchok 1 1686 Last post 27-November-14, 04:59:02
by Svet
GTX 980 Gaming App
I just got a new 980 Gaming card! Woot. Anyways, anytime I run the gaming app it changes the brightness of my display and gamma ...
sortac 2 1276 Last post 27-November-14, 09:05:48
by rock1m1
R9 270x ITX . Black border with hdmi
So I didnt see this posted nor can i find much info about it. When I use HDMI i have a black border and my image is not full scr...
swany69 2 874 Last post 27-November-14, 18:38:31
by flobelix
MOVED: Reinstalled Windows, Games No Longer Use GTX 860M
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
Svet 0 740 Last post 28-November-14, 02:51:23
by Svet
clock issues
So i have a gtx 760 gaming tf and its clock gets stuck at 536mhz and voltage gets stuck at .887 i was wondering if anyone else h...
moxzot 8 1127 Last post 28-November-14, 05:05:19
by moxzot
MOVED: My gx60 3cc shows a 8970m instead of the r9 m290x
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
Svet 0 834 Last post 28-November-14, 11:12:14
by Svet
MSI GTX 970 PCI Bus Speed - Resolved
I noticed in the GPU-Z (v 0.8.0.) that the bus interface shows PCI-E 2.0 x16 @ x8 1.1 at idle and goes to x8 2.0 in games/under ...
warning077 1 1037 Last post 28-November-14, 20:28:24
by warning077
REQUEST: UEFI/GOP bios update for R9 290X GAMING 4G
Greetings,I'd appreciate it if you could give me an updated bios for my graphics card (see title).Beforehand, could you tell me ...
ch.fa 2 1028 Last post 29-November-14, 05:05:52
by Svet
MOVED: 「Display driver has stopped working and recovered successfully」
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
Svet 0 669 Last post 29-November-14, 05:06:30
by Svet
MSI GeForce GTX 780 SLI question.
Hi,I wonder if my MSI GeForce GTX 780 Gaming OC is compatible with the MSI GeForce GTX 780 Lightning LE in SLI? Thanks!BR, Tobia...
tobiasjonsson_86 3 1012 Last post 29-November-14, 21:12:25
by badboy2k
GTX970 G4-GE No HDMI output
Hello all,      I have a new GTX 970 G4 Gaming Golden Edition and everything was running fine until I wanted to watch a Bluray M...
ewnewell 5 1107 Last post 01-December-14, 02:09:03
by badboy2k
MSI Gaming R9 290x 8G - Win 8.1 Gaming App not working at all
Hi,I recently got the MSI Gaming R9 290X 8G. I am running Windows 8.1 64bit with a MSI Z77A-G45-GAMING motherboard.Whenever I tr...
hog.duske 4 1643 Last post 01-December-14, 09:26:21
by Svet
Recommended PSU for SLI 980's
I currently have a corsair 860W PSU - is this adequate to run 2 MSI 980's in SLI?My other system info:I7 4770k (not oc'd)16gm ra...
aslird 1 745 Last post 01-December-14, 14:46:40
by Nichrome
gtx 970 msi gaming
I've ordered a gtx 970 msi gaming 5 weeks ago at techmania says they have no delivery date. In uk us and germany yo...
sillikuebler 1 841 Last post 01-December-14, 14:48:01
by Nichrome
Goldenvs. Gaming Edition
About to buy a GTX 970 for my son's new PC build (Christmas and graduation gift).I am strongly leaning towards MSI vs. Asus, EVG...
philzielinski 7 1393 Last post 02-December-14, 07:03:06
by philzielinski
How do i turn off the lights on the MSI GTX 970 4G?
I just got my card today. I heard that the lighting on it was controllable but I don't know how to change it or turn it off. I d...
noone123 2 11718 Last post 02-December-14, 07:08:27
by JLio01
Can I run a GTX 780 Lightning 3-way SLI with 2 Stock 780s?
Hello all, quick question.I currently have 2 of the release date GTX 780s from MSI running in SLI. Unfortunately, it's hard to f...
eva00 5 1270 Last post 02-December-14, 17:08:13
by badboy2k
MSI GTX 970 Gaming - monitoring both fans
Is there a way to monitor the RPM of both fans on then GTX 970 Gaming card.MSI Afterburner monitors only one fan ... this would ...
warning077 3 1070 Last post 02-December-14, 19:17:34
by boogeyman
GTX770 lightning boostclocks on stock too high -> unstable
Hi Guys,As the topictitle stated, the boostclocks on my 770 lightning are higher than advertised, and need voltagebump to achiev...
jpmillman 3 705 Last post 02-December-14, 19:30:41
by flobelix
MSI gtx 970 gaming 4G
Hi....I've just bought this msi graphic it possible to order a backplate for this card? maybe something like the backp...
paotanit 13 2655 Last post 02-December-14, 21:37:16
by Nichrome
R9 270x Mini - ITX : Will not turn on.
Hello, I recently purchased a R9 270x and it seems like it doesn't turn on when the pc turns on.(the fan doesn't turn on and the...
calebd7 1 648 Last post 02-December-14, 23:19:22
by badboy2k
R9 270x 2gb Gaming Edition OC - Black Screen Issue
So I've had this card for almost a year and it was working fine until recently. The screen started going black while gaming and ...
RhymesWithDoge 2 1100 Last post 03-December-14, 01:18:31
by RhymesWithDoge
Black screen problem when installing msi r9 270x on my intel DP55WB.
Hello everyone...I bought a new video card msi r9 270x gaming and install it on my old motherboard Intel DP55WB, When I try to t...
mstupel 12 2214 Last post 03-December-14, 05:22:30
by Svet
Independent fan control?
I bought a GTX 970 Golden, but I didn't get the independent fan control software.
lieutenantovercast89 2 1826 Last post 03-December-14, 05:33:47
by lieutenantovercast89
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