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MSI Gaming Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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Bios Request - RX 480 GAMING X 4G
I got a graphics card which I believe has a modified bios for mining that locks the cards power draw to ~100W under 100% load wh...
nedforsphotp 2 58 Last post 16-January-19, 18:49:19
by flobelix
Killed my gtx 1080?
Hi, so i removed the stock cooling fan from my graphics card, hence my warranty is gone, and placed a waterblock on it. I have b...
zdasfdas 2 64 Last post 16-January-19, 18:29:46
by flobelix
2070 gaming x monitoring temps
Is there a way to monitor the temps of my 2070 gaming x in an android phone?
gvam75 0 40 Last post 16-January-19, 15:14:23
by gvam75
Cant boot my computer with R9 390,please help
Hi,today i have bought new R9 390 8GB graphics and i installed it into my PC and when i powered up it could not boot at all. It ...
vaske1980 7 115 Last post 15-January-19, 23:47:53
by badboy2k
Vbios for RTX 2080 TI GAMING X TRIO
Hi there  Can i get the latest Vbios for RTX 2080 Ti Gaming X Trio? Have some issues with the fans spinning up to 3000-4000RPM ...
ff7ostlover 5 104 Last post 15-January-19, 18:22:04
by flobelix
Msi Afterburner Oc Scanner not working (Nvidia New Driver 417.71)
Hello,My Pc SystemWindows 10 1709 64 Bitİntel Core i5 8600Msi Gtx 1060 Gaming X+ 9 GbpsAsus b360hCorsair Vengeance LPX 16 gb ram...
Aerosol 34 1 90 Last post 15-January-19, 18:10:05
by flobelix
Bios update request RTX 2070 Duke 8G OC
secretdragoon 1 67 Last post 15-January-19, 18:03:50
by flobelix
Bios Request - 1070 Gaming
Hi, I would like to check if there is any new bios for my card. S/N : 602-V330-230B1709000331 Current Bios Version : NV330MH.1Y1
alexander.nicolov 3 63 Last post 15-January-19, 18:00:09
by flobelix
MOVED: Original BIOS Request - MSI Gaming Radeon RX 580 V1
This topic has been moved to Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 35 Last post 14-January-19, 21:45:38
by flobelix
Vbios - MSI RTX 2080 Gaming X TRIO
Hello! I see many updates the vbios of their cards even though they don't have any issues, is it good to updates the vbios? And ...
Mickelmore 3 196 Last post 14-January-19, 18:02:05
by flobelix
This topic has been moved to Graphics Cards.
Svet 0 36 Last post 14-January-19, 15:27:21
by Svet
bios update req. for msi gtx 1060 gaming x+ 6gb
serial 602-V328-94SB1703008265 thanks
cati.cek 1 53 Last post 14-January-19, 15:25:29
by Svet
Request for latest bios RX 480 Gaming X 4GB
HI,I would like to check if there is any new bios for my card and if so provide me it so I can update my GPU, Thanks.GPU: Radeon...
Enemy UAV 4 103 Last post 14-January-19, 15:21:56
by Svet
Completely turn off LEDs on RTX 2080 TrioX
As title says, I don't like LEDs, too disturbing for me, so I want to disable them.I really hope that there is a software that c...
gebolur 1 69 Last post 14-January-19, 15:19:37
by Svet
This topic has been moved to Graphics Cards.
Svet 0 28 Last post 14-January-19, 15:08:25
by Svet
Bios Request ; 970 GAMING 4G
Hello, could someone please advice me which Bios is the newest for my card THX SN: 602-V316-050B1412031775My Bios: GM204.rom 17...
benji10401040 3 91 Last post 14-January-19, 15:07:52
by Svet
Afterburner 4.6.0 Beta 9 Reverting to Default
Been using Afterburner for awhile, setting up custom monitoring settings, very handy for keeping an eye on hardware/software cha...
McSlash 3 75 Last post 14-January-19, 09:00:26
by McSlash
Request -- 1070 Msi gaming X
Can provide lastest bios for a 1070 gaming x? Thanks. s/n: ------
millanelvira 5 105 Last post 13-January-19, 16:06:54
by flobelix
MOVED: request - MSI GeForce GTX 1080 ARMOR 8G OC - BIOS needed
This topic has been moved to Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 46 Last post 13-January-19, 14:23:22
by flobelix
Request MSI GTX 1060 GamingX 6GB bios update
HI, I would like to check if there is any new bios for my card. MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X 6GB[/font
skipj21 4 131 Last post 13-January-19, 14:20:32
by flobelix
MOVED: Screen Goes Black While Gaming
This topic has been moved to Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 43 Last post 13-January-19, 12:03:05
by flobelix
So my fricking GTX 1070 with this garbage MICRON ram has always had little problems and now I'm playing games that give even WOR...
moptopjesse 17 398 Last post 13-January-19, 12:02:41
by flobelix
CPU Bottleneck?
So I just swap out my msi 2080 gaming x trio for 2080 ti msi gaming x trioshadow of tomb my frames increase from 42 to 54 @ 4k.l...
stlmikey 3 127 Last post 12-January-19, 20:44:55
by darkhawk
Bios Request- BIOS for RTX 2070 Gaming Z
Hi,Is there a newer BIOS available?GPU: MSI Geforce RTX 2070 Gaming Z 8GB GDDR6S/N: 602-V373-15SB1810017481If so, can I know the...
yairh33 1 105 Last post 12-January-19, 13:40:13
by flobelix
MOVED: (bios request?) RTX 2080 sea hawk EK X problems
This topic has been moved to Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 63 Last post 11-January-19, 20:19:35
by flobelix
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