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Identifying my R9 280x Gaming 3G (board revisions?)
Hello everyone,I was looking to CrossFire another R9 280x Gaming to the one I currently have and I was looking on eBay for a use...
eagarcia8 1 1299 Last post 04-December-14, 02:24:49
MSI R9 270x 3 Monitor VGA DVI HDMI
I've just bought a new monitor.So now I have a VGA a DVI and a HDMI.The VGA is being converted through a passive converter and i...
daley.toland 3 1294 Last post 04-December-14, 07:14:53
by sebbe_l_89
MSI fan controller and sli ?
I have 2 x MSI GTX980 Gaming SLI and I noticed that the fan controller gave me the status of the second card not the first one. ...
pstlouis 1 813 Last post 04-December-14, 09:07:25
by JLio01
R9 290X gaming 8G - standard resolution on HDMI output
Hi, Could anyone help me with the problem - I just installed new card 8G 290X and from hdmi output I'm getting standard resoluti...
mielnior 1 696 Last post 04-December-14, 09:53:27
by JLio01
MSI R9 270X - Black Screen after Win7 logo
Hello there.About a week ago I upgraded my PC, buying several components and putting it to work. Here's the specs.Main Board: M5...
RPScorpion 4 1018 Last post 04-December-14, 10:07:16
by RPScorpion
SLI 980 Gaming 4G help
Hi all in my first post in MSI fórums.I have just plugged my 2 cards out of the box and done a fresh install of Windows 7 with 1...
jcmjcomptr 7 1280 Last post 04-December-14, 15:20:15
by jcmjcomptr
REQUEST: UEFI/GOP bios update for R9270X gaming OC edition
Hi Just like in topic title. S/N:602-V303-070B1405073862 link to bios file:
Patone 3 918 Last post 04-December-14, 15:40:59
by Svet
REQUEST: MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G original bios
My S/N is 602-V316-03SB1409075224 I would like to request the original vBIOS that my card came with.My card had problems with th...
adnan.moham 9 2297 Last post 05-December-14, 07:51:38
by Svet
Re: MSI N750Ti TF 2GD5/OC, random black screen from hdmi output
Hi i have the same problem but i have MSI GTX 760 and have random black screens and i try 2 different HDMI cables.i have geforce...
feomin 8 1005 Last post 05-December-14, 16:39:14
by feomin
Greetings everyone.So as I'm aware off, there are no "default" PCB for the 970. Manufacturers were told to create their own PCB ...
jeice4160 6 1975 Last post 05-December-14, 19:43:39
by jeice4160
MSI N750Ti TF 2GD5/OC, random black screen from hdmi output
Hi,Bought a MSI N750Ti TF 2GD5/OC and connected it to two monitors. My main monitor is connected to the hdmi port, and the other...
didi_volente 4 1174 Last post 06-December-14, 10:06:23
by Svet
Can someone explain me how GPU clock throttling works?
I just got MSI GTX 970 Golden Edition, great card and overclocked it a bit. My only issue is I just can't figure out how the GPU...
rock1m1 2 850 Last post 06-December-14, 13:56:12
by rock1m1
[REQUESTS] Vbios - R9 290X GAMING 4G
Model: MSI R9 290X GAMING 4GS/N: 602-V308-01SB1312015747Hello, is there any update for my card? I changed the dry thermal grease...
xslsx 5 1695 Last post 06-December-14, 16:16:45
by flobelix
MSI R9 280X - Severe artifacts
Hello,I bought a R9 280X 3G BF4 some time back and I had some artifacts in crysis 3 so I dismissed it as a game specific issue.B...
kartikk127 7 1574 Last post 06-December-14, 16:20:02
by Svet
MSI Geforce GTX 760 Gaming GOP/UEFI Request
Model number: N760 2GD5/OC ITXS/N: 602-V284-59SB1311084827NVIDIA Firmware Update Utility (Version 5.142)Adapter: GeForce GTX 760...
Ikky Phoenix 3 1692 Last post 07-December-14, 14:20:44
by flobelix
core and memory clocks freeze after gamestream need help
hi everyone need help with this as i dont know whether my card is faulty and msi support keeps giving me an error when i ask a q...
procreat8 12 1557 Last post 08-December-14, 03:45:54
MSI Z97M GAMING System running slow after upgrade. Help !
   I just upgraded my pc with MSI Z97M GAMING, i5 4690k and Kingston Fury 2x4 gb and now it seems that my pc is slower then much...
veroljub.radulovic 6 1174 Last post 08-December-14, 09:49:55
by Svet
980gtx replacement fans
hello all, i had an accident that involved my finger and a fan blade and now i need to replace the fan. i called MSI support and...
kacabula 1 880 Last post 08-December-14, 09:56:16
by Svet
Gpu problem
So i recently bought a msi gtx 970, about two months ago, and everything was working fine. But now my core clock is at 406 mhz a...
wabin777 2 769 Last post 08-December-14, 10:05:26
by Svet
55 inch Panasonic Overscan
Just built myself a steam box which for the time being is running on windows 8.1 X64.Specs:MSI 280 graphics cardMSI mini ITX mot...
Adam.valente 1 775 Last post 09-December-14, 02:22:14
REQUEST new GOP / EUFI bios for MSI R9 290 GAMING 4G
MSI R9 290 GAMING 4GS/N: 602-V308-02SB1401020608Link to current vbios: _
BrotherHYDRA 5 1209 Last post 09-December-14, 13:49:19
by Svet
The question about a warranty
Hello. Faced with the problem of warranty. I lived in the USA, and bought a video card MSI R9 280X. Now I live in Russia and fac...
shurik16doc 3 1008 Last post 09-December-14, 15:10:23
by flobelix
help me
to function properly . additionally hassle-free smooth running msi gtx970 graphics card I want..a month is 4 separate pieces msi...
fthyrr1976fy 6 1189 Last post 09-December-14, 17:58:12
by flobelix
MSI GTX N770 TF 4GB OC freeze and stuttering
hello and thank for helping me with my issue...(and also sorry for my bad english)i'm getting lots of stuttering in games (far c...
samuel.j.rivard 7 1771 Last post 10-December-14, 09:00:44
by samuel.j.rivard
request: GOP / UEFI Bios for N730-2GD3
the current bios is NV809MS.Y80. Who for me has a GOP-compatible BIOS? The serial number is: 602-V809-286SD1408051791
reg200 1 1044 Last post 10-December-14, 10:00:44
by Svet
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