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[Request] Latest BIOS request for 2080 ti Gaming X Trio
I want it to know if bios update is available for me.S/N:602-V371-49SB1904000701Bios extraction attached.
baneslayerr 1 78 Last post 05-December-19, 12:45:19
by Svet
MOVED: Is there for real online chat support for new customers????
This topic has been moved to GAMING Desktop PCs / Monitor / All-in-One PCs.
Nichrome 0 46 Last post 05-December-19, 10:43:49
by Nichrome
RTX 2060 Super - RGB LED ?
Hello , i have recently purchased a Nvidia RTX 2060 Super MSI Gaming X GPU and i cannot control the RGB at all , Mystic light ap...
formula12345 12 763 Last post 05-December-19, 04:22:42
by NoJuan999
Important question regarding MSI RTX 2070 SUPER
Hey all,I have a new rig with the MSI RTX 2070 SUPER 8GB GDDR6. I'm confused and need help regarding good/safe operating tempera...
gec929 3 81 Last post 04-December-19, 21:46:40
by flobelix
[REQUEST UEFI bios] RX 570 gaming X 4G
Hello,I would like to request the original Bios for my second hand RX570 GAMING X 4GS/N1: 602V3-530B1710002325 CHK: 56DI believe...
marcel.bogers 1 41 Last post 04-December-19, 21:43:13
by flobelix
New Latest Bios for MSI RTX 2080TI Gaming X Trio
Hi,Can some one please point me to the latest BIOS for this card.Serial number : 602-V371-11SB1809001789Current Bios version : N...
avit.kori 1 88 Last post 04-December-19, 21:26:48
by flobelix
This topic has been moved to Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 35 Last post 04-December-19, 21:24:57
by flobelix
What difference between "RTX 2060 SUPER GAMING" vs "RTX 2060 SUPER GAMING X"?I checked specifications of both cards and the only...
xak2000 1 64 Last post 04-December-19, 21:22:35
by flobelix
Latest BIOS request for 2070 Super Gaming X Trio
S/N:602-V372-267SB1910000408 current bios:
dr.igor11 1 108 Last post Best Answer 04-December-19, 21:19:18
by flobelix
MOVED: MSI RX 580 Armor 4GB original BIOS
This topic has been moved to Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 30 Last post 04-December-19, 21:08:53
by flobelix
[Request] VBIOS for MSI GTX 1080 GAMING X 8G
VBIOS request for MSI GTX 1080 GAMING X 8GS/N: 602-V336-03SB1605000064I tried to upload the bios but I got the following message...
GTX1080GX 4 113 Last post 04-December-19, 21:05:34
by flobelix
Bios Request for 2080ti Gaming X Trio
Hi,I would like to get latest vbios.S/N1: 602-V371-49SB1902004683Bios version from GPU-Z: Message PG150 SKU 32 VGA BIOS MSINV371...
nairobi93 12 228 Last post 03-December-19, 22:46:52
by flobelix
MOVED: Ecran MSI 165 Hz compatible avec ma carte graphique GTX 1060 6go et displayport
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
flobelix 0 29 Last post 03-December-19, 22:44:43
by flobelix
GTX 770 bios twin frozr gaming
is there a new bios for my card? sn 602-v282-41sc1402001125
riceandpho 4 122 Last post 03-December-19, 22:24:45
by badboy2k
Primary display port on 2070?
Hi, I would like to know if there is a primary display port on my MSI RTX 2070 armor to connect my rift S to? Is there any order...
otacon68 1 65 Last post 03-December-19, 22:23:03
by flobelix
MOVED: Need stock bios for RX 570 Armor 4g oc
This topic has been moved to Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 31 Last post 03-December-19, 22:20:27
by flobelix
RX 580 Gaming X BIOS
Hi all,I wish to know if there's an updated BIOS for my GPU.You can find the actual and still original BIOS here:https://drive.g...
tntnt 3 118 Last post 03-December-19, 22:04:11
by flobelix
[Request] vbios GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Gaming X Trio.
GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Gaming X Trio.I would like to get the latest vbios.Version    PG150 SKU 32 VGA BIOS...
d_simpson 1 76 Last post 03-December-19, 22:02:26
by flobelix
2080Ti Gaming X Trio VBIOS version
Hi , Im looking for new bios for my rtx 2080ti gaming x trio, i have to downlclock -5mhz in afterburner in order for it be stabl...
howxcore 20 453 Last post 03-December-19, 21:48:50
by flobelix
MSI 2060 RTX Gaming Z extremely loud fans
Hello,I have the MSI 2060 RTX Gaming Z. When I play games often the fans get extremely loud. They sound like an old vacuum-clean...
Aemstel 31 1370 Last post 03-December-19, 21:46:32
by flobelix
[Request] MSI GTX 1070 GAMING X 8G Latest BIOS update please
Hi, I have been having glitches and artifacts on videos on my PC since I got my MSI GPU and found out recently info on the web t...
omersama 3 77 Last post 03-December-19, 21:44:57
by flobelix
2060 super gamingx
Hello, just received this card today, I noticed that when temp reach 62ºC the fan spins up higher, then lowers instantly, is the...
markospereira13 7 185 Last post 03-December-19, 21:44:45
by flobelix
Request GPU Bios gtx 970 gaming 4g for GOP support
The GPU-Z says it is uefi compatible, but it is not working as GOP on my msi x570 boardHoping a bios update might fix 6...
freezy 3 63 Last post 02-December-19, 23:22:46
by flobelix
2080Ti Gaming X Trio BIOS version check
Hi,My GPU is nice and quiet most of the time - except for every 30 secs or so - under heavy load (eg. RDR2 1440p 144Hz), the sma...
DrHouseDK 11 547 Last post 02-December-19, 21:48:48
by flobelix
Any Water Cooling blocks for 5700 XT Gaming X?
I've been looking around online for a waterblock for my 5700 XT Gaming X but have failed to find anything so far. The closest I'...
dragonsfriend 1 77 Last post 02-December-19, 21:15:30
by flobelix
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