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1070 Gaming X Power limit issue
My 1070 gaming X is supposed to allow the power limit to be increased by 126% to draw a maximum power draw of 291W according to ...
bmorris65 0 741 Last post 30-December-16, 03:41:38
by bmorris65
GPU clock and power use unproportionate to Refesh rate increases.
Hi, Not so much of a problem more of an observation that is a little annoying. Would be nice if a future driver/bios update coul...
barry_ward5 0 522 Last post 18-March-17, 17:00:05
by barry_ward5
R7 370 Micro-Stutters on Gmod
well as the title says, by r7 370 randomly stutters in game. before i installed this card i had a radeon hd5770, and that worked...
matty0005 0 893 Last post 07-January-16, 02:57:27
by matty0005
Amd 16.6.2 Drivers Terrible
this is a heads up to anyone thinking of using this driver version, it is terrible i decided to try the driver last night and it...
BossDonKato 0 570 Last post 06-July-16, 11:51:25
by BossDonKato
What component (if any) will wear out first on a graphics card?
So I recently built my first ever gaming PC with a Radeon 390 GPU and I've run into a bit of trouble with Witcher 3 (game crashi...
kirstyw15 0 782 Last post 09-January-16, 19:29:43
by kirstyw15
GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Gaming X Trio power limit question
I just bought MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Gaming X Trio. I am using it for occasional gaming, but I will mostly use it for some ray-...
igor 0 748 Last post 29-December-18, 12:54:33
by igor
Gaming App VR ready?
I recently replaced an MSI GTX 760 with the MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X (3 gigs), and wanted to try the VR Rdy part of the gaming app,...
johnpaulthomason 0 779 Last post 05-November-16, 19:44:13
by johnpaulthomason
is the MSI RX 480 Gaming X fan, sleeve or ball bearing?
on the RX 480/470 official page, it mentions only ball bearings, but not double ball bearings like it says on the GTX 1070/1080 ...
svefn7 0 1098 Last post 25-September-16, 12:45:40
by svefn7
MSI GTX 1070 + Antec 300 case
HelloI have an Antec 300 case. Its maximum GPU card length is 279mmI am looking at getting an MSI GTX 1070. Apprently its maximu...
ianm_ozzy 0 878 Last post 03-October-16, 09:11:05
by ianm_ozzy
MSI AfterBurner 4.3.0 Beta 14 Available For the Public is the new public BETA release of MSI AfterBurner 4.3.0 (Beta 14). Ove...
boogeyman 0 1396 Last post 02-September-16, 13:04:10
by boogeyman
MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4GB PCB Revision / EK Waterblocks
Hello guys,I'm purchasing 2 MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4GB cards from my local retailer and have confirmed that they are the following v...
seanmac 0 1093 Last post 08-September-15, 07:43:29
by seanmac
MSI r9 390 fan tachometer
I previously used a custom fan curve to keep my card cool, but there's no need for that since it's beginning to get really cold....
searchmyskill 0 1083 Last post 06-January-16, 14:25:52
by searchmyskill
Can't change core voltage in MSI Afterburner? Try turning off Ultra Fast Boot
Recently I was playing around with OC'ing my AMD R9 380 4G from MSI. I recently upgraded to Windows 10 because I bought my first...
spartan2600 0 1516 Last post 25-May-16, 00:26:16
by spartan2600
Backplate screws
AMD Radeon™ R9 380Could someone please tell me the size of screws used for the AMD Radeon™ R9 380backplate.I plan to mount the G...
dennis5775 0 567 Last post 16-August-16, 23:30:36
by dennis5775
How to run 4 Monitors on a GTX 970
Here is how to setup 4 monitors on a GTX 970 under Windows 7/101) Purchase 4 Monitors   - Three High End and One Cheapo (VGA) I'...
billsemail 0 4301 Last post 15-February-16, 20:09:48
by billsemail
Dark brown "gunk" by rubber gasket on 1080 Seahawk EK X
What is this, and is it a concern? See attached pic. I previously cleaned it with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol 70.... whi...
hopper33 0 541 Last post 28-December-16, 01:15:50
by hopper33
1080 gaming x - How to change boot monitor?
Hi,I have 2 dvi monitors both connected to a 1080 gaming x via display port adapters. No matter which display port I plug the mo...
rex 0 627 Last post 30-December-16, 04:59:24
by rex
MSI Bridge.
Hi all.I have two GTX 970s that i have bridged using the MSI Bridge. and I took one out and then put the bridge back on.The ligh...
david.keane.1974 0 203 Last post 26-November-18, 15:15:54
by david.keane.1974
Hi, Everyone. I have a problem with the MSI KOMBUSTOR. For some reason, I really don't know why, the program doesn't start after...
jean_carlos.1993 0 311 Last post 17-January-19, 13:32:53
by jean_carlos.1993
2070 gaming x monitoring temps
Is there a way to monitor the temps of my 2070 gaming x in an android phone?
gvam75 0 99 Last post 16-January-19, 15:14:23
by gvam75
Can i sync the LED on GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X with the GPU temperature?
I saw a video on Youtube to a guy who synced his Dragon Logo LED with the GPU temperature , so the color changes according.i sea...
Belbol 0 138 Last post 24-September-18, 20:57:37
by Belbol
MSI GTX 1070 streaming issue
Hi guys, recently I needed to stream live-video from my PC for educational event, I stream directly from my video card via HDMI ...
f76375 0 473 Last post 17-July-16, 21:20:34
by f76375
2nd screen flickering
Hey.I recently built myself a new computer with the RX 580 Gaming+ 8gb card. Everything went smoothly with both installation of ...
fredrickskauge 0 524 Last post 10-May-17, 20:14:12
by fredrickskauge
Overclock poll gtx 1080
What's the max clock you got with your msi gtx 1080 gaming /gaming x /gaming z?
oszko.mate 0 726 Last post 06-December-16, 12:53:44
by oszko.mate
What are your experiences overclocking the MSI 980Ti Gaming 6G?
I'm building a new system based on MSI products and my graphics card is the MSI GTX 980Ti Gaming 6G.Up until now I haven't tried...
WebMaximus 0 935 Last post 29-August-15, 17:06:16
by WebMaximus
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