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MSI Gaming Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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MSI R9 390 Thermal Paste Reapplication
Made this thread just to share my experience with the 390’s higher temps and what helped lower them. I know it’s an aging card, ...
99games 3 862 Last post 02-September-17, 19:01:27
by badboy2k
1080 gaming x OR 1070 gaming z
Hello all, I would like your help all on deciding whether to buy 1080 gaming x or 1070 gamin z ? It is obvious that the higher n...
a.7.beek 7 1432 Last post 28-May-17, 14:21:38
by badboy2k
970+DP causing werid and random problems on my pc
ACER XB240H G-Sync Via DP(ONLY HAS DP) + viewsonic ips 21Inch Via HDMI(((BOTH FHD)))MSI Z170A GAMING PRO CARBONi7 6700kmsi Gtx 9...
a.a.33 5 780 Last post 12-December-16, 15:22:54
by Svet
MSI Gaming App (also)
Looks like there have been a few people having issues getting the gaming app running, and from what I've seen anyway, not many s...
a.e.brownlee.iv 8 1363 Last post 05-February-17, 18:07:45
by snazzy1989
MSI Gaming App - Save LED colour
Hello, got my 1080 last week and got the gaming app to change the LED.  However when I restart my PC the setting is reset and I ...
a.fenwick2608 5 6151 Last post 06-July-16, 15:57:48
by plutomate
MSI R9 290x Lighting Issue
Get this graphic card from amazon us for 6 month now but I'm still have some issues with it, I'm not sure weather it's the probl...
a4232874 22 4322 Last post 09-October-15, 22:38:09
by flobelix
How do i change RGB colours on my 2070 super trio ?
I have an asus formula z390 mobo, got one of these GPU's and tried downloading both dragon centre and mystic light. however drag...
a66as 1 83 Last post 29-July-19, 08:49:45
by LBJistherealchamp
R9 290 Bsod
I've recently bought a MSI Radeon R9 290 Gaming 4GB GDDR5 and I'm having trouble with it. I've got 2 screens connected with hdmi...
aaa-bamse 10 2472 Last post 11-May-15, 18:22:38
by aaa-bamse
Did my 770gtx dieded?
After 2,5 years of service my 770gtx did this trick while i was watching some ordinary video's. Those 72 years of gaming, as adv...
aalsen4 6 1206 Last post 08-July-16, 07:23:41
by Gameking002
1080ti lightning question - power draw
A question ! (to avoid shut downs and increase stability for mainboard)I want to buy a new psu : dark power pro 11 750 w  https:...
aandredor 3 749 Last post 23-October-17, 19:46:32
by Nichrome
UHD 980x2 SLI bug
I had earlier 970 x 2 SLI setup all worked fine except the fact that there was this half gig of very slow memory. I returned tho...
aapoxx 9 1675 Last post 17-March-15, 19:55:04
by Svet
Using ultra settings in 1080 hd 1070 gaming x
Hello peopsI am considering getting the 1070 gaming X,  can anyone please advise if I will be able to play all games on the Ultr...
aaron.ar79 6 891 Last post 19-January-17, 14:06:50
by ceedlorenzo
RX 480 Compatability?
Greetings,I replaced a very old NVIDIA GT430 with an awesome new RX 480 Gaming X 4G. When I plug it into my mobo (a Gigabyte GA-...
aaron.edwards5 5 773 Last post 30-October-16, 18:37:31
by flobelix
Gaming App LED Dull?
I recently bought a gtx 1080 for a new pc build, when i tweak the led color through the gaming app the logo is really dull compa...
aarongr95.15 3 686 Last post 27-October-16, 03:33:04
by matiasmr55
[Request]msi R9 270 2GB VBIOS
S/N: 602 - V305 03SB1402038138 I have attached the VBIOS from GPU-Z, I hope.
aaronortega007 9 2049 Last post Best Answer 07-December-15, 20:08:19
by Svet
[BIOS Request] RX 580 8GB
I have the MS-V34114-F1 BIOS. I simply want to know what the newest BIOS has to offer from this one? If it ain't broke, don't fi...
aaronortega007 1 423 Last post 28-July-18, 14:26:45
by Svet
After 2 years, my MSI R9 270 2GB has problems.
A day or two after installing the most recent 16.6.1 amd drivers, my R9 270 started BSODing while gaming on dota 2.How I'm posti...
aaronortega007 5 970 Last post 22-June-16, 20:19:47
by Svet
Question about RMA
I started an RMA for my gpu 20 days ago, I'll admit I've been lazy and have deliberately delayed my shipment of the gpu.In the e...
aaronortega007 1 636 Last post 10-July-16, 23:49:07
by Nichrome
RMA Packaging
Can I use my R9 270's box? It has a good cushion and anti-static wrap so it would be convenient to ship it in that (inside of a ...
aaronortega007 8 2754 Last post Best Answer 04-August-16, 02:07:04
by lloyd_dunamis
MSI R9 390 8GB issue on specific games
So here's the system Everything new but CPU and Memory went through and replaced everything else  trying to fix this.AMD FX 6100...
aaront 5 1518 Last post 30-August-15, 01:40:42
Request for vbios MSI GEFORCE GTX 1060 Gaming X Plus
I have many MSI GEFORCE GTX 1060 Gaming X Plus video cards. I don't like sharing my serial numbers with the public, but here's o...
aaron_firestone2 13 2472 Last post 27-June-17, 17:17:54
by darkhawk
Repeated system reboots after installing R9 390 Gaming 8G
I installed my R9 390 Gaming 8G last evening replacing a XFX R7-280X 4G card.  I performed a clean driver install, verified BIOS...
aaron_manning2003 13 3324 Last post 28-December-15, 16:53:59
by mack0y7
Green Flickers and Computer Freeze in GTX 1070
I am getting this green flickers and my computer freezes for a solid 1 min. Sometimes it goes back to normal, other times it res...
aavas898 1 599 Last post 27-February-17, 16:16:28
by Nichrome
GTX 980Ti Gaming 6g not recognized + can't install driver
My recently purchased GTX 980Ti is not recognized in the device manager. I tried installing the latest drivers but it won't let ...
aavdvorm 3 1070 Last post 20-April-16, 12:32:20
by Svet
My suggestion
can you make like this graphic card???Look at the picturei think it's will be powerful graphic
aaxvv 2 511 Last post 23-August-16, 21:41:47
by jorgeal2k
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