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MSI Gaming Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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Most up-to-date vbios for my gtx 970 gaming 4g
Greetings,Can someone post the most recent vbios for both my gpu's? My current vbios version for both gpu's is in attachment. (v...
vitortheone 6 968 Last post 12-June-15, 20:52:54
by vitortheone
Request uefi vbios update msi r9 270
would like a update for my gpu win 8.1 s/n: 602-v305-01sb1311024762 thanks
jjjared07 5 1227 Last post 12-June-15, 17:10:41
by jjjared07
GPU differences
Welcome everyone,Would anyone be willing to identify and tell me the difference between these two cards?Cheers and Thank You,Mik...
avalon4 5 998 Last post 12-June-15, 12:18:09
by Svet
R9 270x gaming (2G) - Problem ;/
Hi recently I started to happen strange things with my card (.msi R9 270x gaming 2g) so I use it for six months and suddenly the...
krystianek10 1 836 Last post 12-June-15, 10:54:59
by Nichrome
most up-to-date bios for GTX 970 4G
S/N: 602-V316-130B1504019126 Current ver.
jb.orlandoenterprises 3 886 Last post 11-June-15, 18:18:30
by Svet
S/N: 602-V316-020B1412075050 Thank you.
dragolax 1 754 Last post 11-June-15, 15:20:21
by Svet
[REQUEST] latest Bios for GTX 980 Gaming 4G
Hi,I am requesting the latest Bios for MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4G.S/N: 602-V317-11SB1410097079Installed Bios: NV317MH.140 (
stedavs 1 833 Last post 11-June-15, 11:46:43
by darkhawk
Replacing thermal paste R9 290 Gaming 4G, warranty question
Hi! I would like to replace the thermal paste of my GPU. Does removing the cooler to do this voids the warranty? Moreover, can t...
HellFire90 6 1551 Last post 11-June-15, 07:58:05
by sales
R9 270X Gaming bf4 blackscreen
HI!I R9 270x gives me black screen after driver install.PC specs:Psu enermax 625 procpu 8350mobo asrock 990fx killerram mushkin ...
sales 5 986 Last post 11-June-15, 03:04:36
by sales
MSi GTX 980 4g Gaming Fan Replacement
Is there any way to just get a replacement fan for my graphics card?  One of the blades broke off and I would just like to repla...
bbspills 1 1311 Last post 10-June-15, 21:21:48
by Svet
[Request] vbios for N770 2GD5/OC
Hi, can I get the latest vbios for my card? S/N: 602-V282-380C1405023306 Thanks! 6 1116 Last post 10-June-15, 20:11:06
by flobelix
[Request] UEFI Bios for Radeon HD7850 Twin Frozr 2GD5/OC
Hello folks, new member here. I'd like to open by thanking this community for the great level of education and support provided ...
dj_groovin 3 1206 Last post 10-June-15, 17:06:12
by flobelix
Warranty and cooling
I have r9 280 graphics card and I was wondering if it was okay that I took the heat sink off and put a kraken g10 and it still b...
rjmsecond 3 809 Last post 10-June-15, 16:34:34
by Nichrome
Gtx 970 Memory clock halved
2 weeks ago I bought a new MSI GTX 970 gaming 4G VGA. I ran some tests yesterday thanks to some random black screen crashes, and...
Crunchyee 3 1698 Last post 10-June-15, 09:39:40
by Crunchyee
VBIOS for GTX 970 Gaming 4G
Hello, can I get latest bios for my GPU? Current version: 84.04.2F.00.F1 S/N: 602-V316-09SB1410085389 Thanks
csprogrammer 6 1028 Last post 09-June-15, 21:05:18
by csprogrammer
[Request] UEFI Secure boot Bios for: GTX660
My old motherboard died so i have replaced my computer, I now have:4690K32gig ramAsus Maximus hero Vii mobo.All set to using sec...
farrantcj 5 1676 Last post 09-June-15, 20:38:43
by flobelix
Hello all,  I bought a new MSI GT640 1mb(N640GT-MD1GD3) and trying to use it for a macpro 1,1 .  The current loaded rom on the c...
jsaultz1 4 1086 Last post 09-June-15, 19:56:28
by Svet
R9 280X Artifacts and striped screen
Hi. I have 3G version of this card. The serious problem i have are artifacts(when i changed to position 1 on PCB i rarely get th...
dark.mim3sis 6 1427 Last post 09-June-15, 15:57:11
by Svet
[Request] UEFI Bios for Radeon HD7950 Twin Frozr 3GD5/OC
Hi,I would like to request a UEFI bios.My S/N: 602-V277-05SB1206016862Link to my current VBIOS:XXXhttps://dl.dropboxusercontent....
devilhunter 1 766 Last post 09-June-15, 15:06:09
by Svet
VBIOS for GTX 970 Gaming 4g
Hello, can I get latest bios to my graphic card ? Current version NV316MH.184 My S/N: 602-V316-09SB1411042108 Thanks
emuleon 3 700 Last post 09-June-15, 14:23:53
by Svet
MSI R9 290 Power Supply
I'd like to upgrade my graphics card and I am ready to pull the trigger on this card but I am worried that my older power supply...
33betterthan23 1 646 Last post 09-June-15, 14:09:18
by Nichrome
Broken fan-blade
Hello there!I own a GTX 970 which i have managed to break off one of the fan blades on the front fan.Since the front fan is set ...
fredrik_joha 2 655 Last post 09-June-15, 13:10:18
by Svet
R9 290X 8gb gaming edition
Hey guys, Im trying to get an answer regarding the 8gb version of the R9 290x and where its gone ? My friend and I both purchase...
wstephens4413 1 793 Last post 09-June-15, 11:39:32
by badboy2k
SLI GTX 970 Nvlddmkm "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" Error
Hi everyone,I'm having an issue with driver crashes and was hoping someone on here would be able to help. The error I am getting...
joshebowe 4 1651 Last post 08-June-15, 21:29:04
by joshebowe
GTX 970 fan problems
I've been dealing with this for months but it's been really bad recently so I thought I'd ask for help.  My GTX 970 Gaming 4G wi...
nimbulan 3 1030 Last post 08-June-15, 20:13:01
by Nichrome
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