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MSI Gaming Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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Re: MSI N750Ti TF 2GD5/OC, random black screen from hdmi output
Hi i have the same problem but i have MSI GTX 760 and have random black screens and i try 2 different HDMI cables.i have geforce...
feomin 8 887 Last post 05-December-14, 16:39:14
by feomin
REQUEST: MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G original bios
My S/N is 602-V316-03SB1409075224 I would like to request the original vBIOS that my card came with.My card had problems with th...
adnan.moham 9 2022 Last post 05-December-14, 07:51:38
by Svet
REQUEST: UEFI/GOP bios update for R9270X gaming OC edition
Hi Just like in topic title. S/N:602-V303-070B1405073862 link to bios file:
Patone 3 799 Last post 04-December-14, 15:40:59
by Svet
SLI 980 Gaming 4G help
Hi all in my first post in MSI fórums.I have just plugged my 2 cards out of the box and done a fresh install of Windows 7 with 1...
jcmjcomptr 7 1137 Last post 04-December-14, 15:20:15
by jcmjcomptr
MSI R9 270X - Black Screen after Win7 logo
Hello there.About a week ago I upgraded my PC, buying several components and putting it to work. Here's the specs.Main Board: M5...
RPScorpion 4 893 Last post 04-December-14, 10:07:16
by RPScorpion
R9 290X gaming 8G - standard resolution on HDMI output
Hi, Could anyone help me with the problem - I just installed new card 8G 290X and from hdmi output I'm getting standard resoluti...
mielnior 1 607 Last post 04-December-14, 09:53:27
by JLio01
MSI fan controller and sli ?
I have 2 x MSI GTX980 Gaming SLI and I noticed that the fan controller gave me the status of the second card not the first one. ...
pstlouis 1 728 Last post 04-December-14, 09:07:25
by JLio01
MOVED: GS70 with gtx 970M - cant see nvidia controlpanel settings ?
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
Svet 0 690 Last post 04-December-14, 07:33:41
by Svet
MSI R9 270x 3 Monitor VGA DVI HDMI
I've just bought a new monitor.So now I have a VGA a DVI and a HDMI.The VGA is being converted through a passive converter and i...
daley.toland 3 1027 Last post 04-December-14, 07:14:53
by sebbe_l_89
Identifying my R9 280x Gaming 3G (board revisions?)
Hello everyone,I was looking to CrossFire another R9 280x Gaming to the one I currently have and I was looking on eBay for a use...
eagarcia8 1 1142 Last post 04-December-14, 02:24:49
r9 270. games randomly freezes.
 Sory for My English. This kind of problem apears only when im playing games. In Windows mode there is no problem. When I played...
Patriota 4 675 Last post 03-December-14, 12:35:27
by Patriota
MSI GTX 970 voltage
What is max (stock) voltage for MSI GTX 970 card?Mine is at min: 0.85 and at max at 1.225v ASIC value is 66.9% ... maybe the max...
warning077 1 1269 Last post 03-December-14, 08:54:29
MSI GTX 970 power throttle
This card is set to throttle at a power draw that is much lower than other manufactures and lower than the gpu rating.  Can we e...
nanook321 1 844 Last post 03-December-14, 06:36:13
Independent fan control?
I bought a GTX 970 Golden, but I didn't get the independent fan control software.
lieutenantovercast89 2 1658 Last post 03-December-14, 05:33:47
by lieutenantovercast89
Black screen problem when installing msi r9 270x on my intel DP55WB.
Hello everyone...I bought a new video card msi r9 270x gaming and install it on my old motherboard Intel DP55WB, When I try to t...
mstupel 12 1900 Last post 03-December-14, 05:22:30
by Svet
R9 270x 2gb Gaming Edition OC - Black Screen Issue
So I've had this card for almost a year and it was working fine until recently. The screen started going black while gaming and ...
RhymesWithDoge 2 1021 Last post 03-December-14, 01:18:31
by RhymesWithDoge
R9 270x Mini - ITX : Will not turn on.
Hello, I recently purchased a R9 270x and it seems like it doesn't turn on when the pc turns on.(the fan doesn't turn on and the...
calebd7 1 588 Last post 02-December-14, 23:19:22
by badboy2k
MSI gtx 970 gaming 4G
Hi....I've just bought this msi graphic it possible to order a backplate for this card? maybe something like the backp...
paotanit 13 2444 Last post 02-December-14, 21:37:16
by Nichrome
GTX770 lightning boostclocks on stock too high -> unstable
Hi Guys,As the topictitle stated, the boostclocks on my 770 lightning are higher than advertised, and need voltagebump to achiev...
jpmillman 3 657 Last post 02-December-14, 19:30:41
by flobelix
MSI GTX 970 Gaming - monitoring both fans
Is there a way to monitor the RPM of both fans on then GTX 970 Gaming card.MSI Afterburner monitors only one fan ... this would ...
warning077 3 977 Last post 02-December-14, 19:17:34
by boogeyman
Can I run a GTX 780 Lightning 3-way SLI with 2 Stock 780s?
Hello all, quick question.I currently have 2 of the release date GTX 780s from MSI running in SLI. Unfortunately, it's hard to f...
eva00 5 1154 Last post 02-December-14, 17:08:13
by badboy2k
How do i turn off the lights on the MSI GTX 970 4G?
I just got my card today. I heard that the lighting on it was controllable but I don't know how to change it or turn it off. I d...
noone123 2 10633 Last post 02-December-14, 07:08:27
by JLio01
Goldenvs. Gaming Edition
About to buy a GTX 970 for my son's new PC build (Christmas and graduation gift).I am strongly leaning towards MSI vs. Asus, EVG...
philzielinski 7 1265 Last post 02-December-14, 07:03:06
by philzielinski
gtx 970 msi gaming
I've ordered a gtx 970 msi gaming 5 weeks ago at techmania says they have no delivery date. In uk us and germany yo...
sillikuebler 1 767 Last post 01-December-14, 14:48:01
by Nichrome
Recommended PSU for SLI 980's
I currently have a corsair 860W PSU - is this adequate to run 2 MSI 980's in SLI?My other system info:I7 4770k (not oc'd)16gm ra...
aslird 1 658 Last post 01-December-14, 14:46:40
by Nichrome
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