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MSI Gaming Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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970 & PCIe cables
Hi, Does the 970 require two PCIe cables ,one 6 pin & one 8 pins. Or can I use one cable with a 6 & 8 pin connection? Thanks
Mmuk 2 857 Last post 01-March-15, 14:21:06
by darkhawk
GTX 970 Gaming 4G
My lovely GTX 970 arrived yesterday, I stuffed it into the motherboard as quickly as I possibly could. Seems to be running just ...
thegreatpoobarr 9 2530 Last post 01-March-15, 14:13:41
by flobelix
Gtx 980 no signal
Hi, first post here...I just bought a gtx 980 gaming 4G and it is not playing well with my Asrock z87 extreme 6/ac. Dr. debug co...
h.abualam 26 4802 Last post 28-February-15, 20:05:13
by h.abualam
BIOS request GTX780 Lightning
Can I get a link to the latest LN2 and stock BIOS for the GTX780 lightning s/n 602-V296-05SB1310026578
pav135 3 1209 Last post 28-February-15, 19:30:50
by flobelix
290x lightning bios update
Hi allI need some help with my 290X Lightning. I have just received my second card after I had to RMA my first. I have read a fe...
james.marks1 14 2505 Last post 28-February-15, 16:47:13
by Svet
R9 270X Problems, Have no clue what it is.
Pic: built my pc with an R9 270X last saturday, and everything has been going great. Until today. When I got ...
rpann1020 1 1004 Last post 28-February-15, 12:57:17
by flobelix
brand new 290x 8gb overhearing
So I just built a brand new pc. Set upi5 4 96 0k msi 290x 8fMsi g45 motherboardcpu liquid cooler and 3 fans 750 power supplyMy m...
terrystuebner 1 753 Last post 28-February-15, 12:48:06
by flobelix
Hissing sound through HDMI
Recently, I noticed a hissing noise when I connected my headphones through the audio out of my monitor. That monitor is connecte...
ridon_borlaza 3 989 Last post 27-February-15, 23:49:23
by Svet
Gtx 980 MSi Gaming App Clock speed problem
Hello guys, I've a problem with my GPU's clock speed.I've MSI Z97-Gaming 5 motherboard, and MSI gtx 980 4g twinfrozr so both of ...
behnanor 4 1722 Last post 27-February-15, 22:44:03
by behnanor
msi gtx 750 signal
hi all,i have big problem with graphic card msi gtx 750(N750 1GD5/OCV1 )i have monitor crt with vga conectorproblem is when star...
cattani_mh 4 1242 Last post 27-February-15, 15:39:48
by cattani_mh
Problems r9 280x
Factory problems r9 280x ? check this videos please i having the sa...
d_buracchio 2 1090 Last post 27-February-15, 14:15:24
by flobelix
Yet another GTX 970 Gaming 4gb Bios tread. Any changelog out there?
Is there a newer bios than NV316MH.185? What changes have been done?Have attached my current bios .rom (changed it to *.txt to b...
rune 1 1031 Last post 27-February-15, 14:09:50
by flobelix
Alternate OC program to MSI Afterburner that doesn't use Riva Tuner?
I noticed a 20-40 FPS frame rate drop in BF4 when using Afterburner with rivia tuner statistics server installed. I just re inst...
jlinfitt 5 2442 Last post 27-February-15, 01:59:48
by jlinfitt
GTX970 Golden availability/production run
I have 1 of these cards, but I was planning to eventually buy another for an SLI configuration.  I heard they were a limited pro...
lukacsmw 1 715 Last post 26-February-15, 20:13:18
by flobelix
HiI understand this FLICKERING/GRAPHIC corruption is a normal problem whit MSI CARDS , and after searching on the internet i see...
Commodore C64 12 2734 Last post 26-February-15, 19:08:51
by Commodore C64
I have been using the MSI r9 280x for sometime now, possible 7months and all has been good untill the other day; Playing CSGO My...
milomcmahon97 8 3193 Last post 26-February-15, 18:01:21
by n31ghb0r
Question about MSI GTX 960 fans
Hi,Just received my MSI GeForce GTX 960 Gaming 2G today. I noticed that the fans sometimes spin up to ~ 600 rpm for a sec, go ba...
mawie20 6 1851 Last post 25-February-15, 21:45:31
by mawie20
Bios for GTX 970 4GD5 OC
Hello, can I get latest bios for the GTX 970 4GD5 OC S/N: 602-V316-10SB1411081560 Current BIOS : NV316MH.191 Thanks
ghmo23 1 1838 Last post 24-February-15, 15:45:08
by Svet
Idle 300Mhz (Zero Core?) not working?
Hello all.When I first installed my R9 270X, the Silent Mode in MSI Gaming App used to downclock to 300Mhz and idle temps were a...
MadeInBeats 1 883 Last post 24-February-15, 11:05:29
by MadeInBeats
MSI crash didn't notice my graphics card blow up
yeah just as the title says my graphics card blow up.its was patch 12.14 <-- this patch makes me cry every time no it make me vo...
eduardcuizon 3 1105 Last post 24-February-15, 10:40:06
by Sapphirethunder
bios request for gtx 970gtx
hi which one can i use for my model:Msi gtx 970 Gaming 4GS/N: 602-V316-03SB140902xxxxbios:
Boogie37 5 1768 Last post 23-February-15, 19:03:25
by flobelix
[REQUEST] UEFI VBIOS for GTX770 Lightning
Hi, I'm looking for the latest UEFI VBIOS for my GTX770 Lightning. Currently running legacy BIOS, anything I need to know about ...
miny321 3 944 Last post 23-February-15, 18:57:15
by flobelix
Hi.Is this artifacts normal? This artifacts appears not regular. How can i prove that my card works not fine in service center -...
m2896 7 2544 Last post 23-February-15, 18:45:19
by flobelix
Gtx970 returns
Are msi allowing the 970 to be returned due to the ram issues I'm looking to pay the extra and get a 980? Anyone from msi like t...
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brenmotox 87 20505 Last post 22-February-15, 23:22:41
by badboy2k
gtx880 black screen flickers.
hi.i have a problem i got my self a new gtx 980 msi card and i played games for a week with no problems but now i have a black s...
jone3564 3 1157 Last post 22-February-15, 21:03:10
by jone3564
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