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MSI Gaming Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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diogosequeira1906 and 48 Guests are viewing this board.
Msi geforce gtx 970 gaming 4g wire melt
Hello  msi community, iv found that gtx 970 4g got a wire nearby radiator on a kind of iron hooks holding it.  But strange fact ...
nes.2014 1 1156 Last post 06-January-15, 08:55:14
[Solved] 290x BIOS?
MSI Live update has never notified me of BIOS updates for my 290x gaming. Is that because there hasn't been any or was my card u...
Pixelburst 2 705 Last post 06-January-15, 04:43:33
by Pixelburst
msi gtx 970 gaming 4gb lose display and then computer reboots when EXITING games
When the graphics card is no longer under stress the display will lose signal and usually the computer reboots seconds later. Du...
ashleyriot1 18 3156 Last post 06-January-15, 03:33:27
by Svet
where to activate xsplit?
Hi, just got a MSI GTX 980 GAMING 4G graphics card in christmas but i have been trouble on activating my xsplit :/ it gave me a ...
JakeSully 5 3293 Last post 05-January-15, 22:36:29
by JakeSully
Hi,I just purchased a MSI TWIN FROZ GAMING GTX 770SN 602-V282-220B1310063340VBIOS MS-V282 NV282MS.352BIOS 80.04.C3.OO.21(P2005-0...
vbikakis 1 1602 Last post 05-January-15, 17:16:52
by Svet
temps when overclocking
i never looked what my temps were at load when i had my gpu at stock clock speeds but anyway ive overclocked my msi 970 to 1400m...
arronlowley 2 864 Last post 04-January-15, 22:06:49
by Nichrome
MSI GTX 970 dual screen high temps
Hi.I've noticed that when I'm using second monitor, my GPU Idle temp rises to about 57C. If I disconnect it, idle temp drops to ...
Notrem 2 1010 Last post 04-January-15, 21:45:45
by nullifie
REQUEST new bios for MSI R9 290 GAMING 4G
HiCurrent not possible to insert a link to a file. Forum report - "Sorry, you are not allowed to post external link...
adam321 5 1060 Last post 04-January-15, 18:29:32
by flobelix
Request : R9 280x Gaming 6GB latest VBIOS
Hi all,I've got a R9 280X GAMING 6G, but display flickering/blinking in 2D and in game.After some research, update VBIOS may hel...
eddiewsw 5 1005 Last post 04-January-15, 18:28:06
by flobelix
S/N: 602-V284-260B1311016035Never flashed before, so its running on the BIOS it came with 8months ago. Any instructions on how t...
kubersio 15 2107 Last post 04-January-15, 18:26:27
by flobelix
HIRequesting GOP firmware for my CardSN: 602-V303-13SB1312110107XX
thomas 1 849 Last post 04-January-15, 16:06:41
by Svet
MSI GTX 970 GAMING 4G - Fans not spinning question
Hi there. I've read several post in this forum about fan issues with the 970 & 980 platform, as well as complaints regarding coi...
timwendel 4 1648 Last post 04-January-15, 15:16:27
by flobelix
Kombustor and SLI ?
There is no SLI profile for that sogtware. Is one of you have the SLI profile ? 
pstlouis 3 1205 Last post 04-January-15, 01:07:04
by flobelix
GTX 970 Bios
HiHave a 2 problems since i updated bios on my GTX 970.1: Can see pc posting on upstart and how the windowslogo and the dots und...
andreasontheweb 2 1333 Last post 03-January-15, 12:01:15
by andreasontheweb
GTX 760 No HDMI Signal to Monitor
So the other day I was playing Arma 3 and all of a sudden I noticed my frames started to drop about 4fps every 5 secs until it w...
blakehardy 8 1430 Last post 02-January-15, 17:09:47
by Nichrome
Title says it all...Can I get a GOP bios for R9 280X GAMING 3GB? Don't want to order the card until I know the bios is available...
kduvernay 5 873 Last post 02-January-15, 15:06:54
by Nichrome
Long bios load time with gtx970 - maybe need gpu bios update?
I just installed my gtx 970 and it all runs fine.  However I get a very long bios load time on boot up.  Normally it only takes ...
evan.zelkowitz 6 2134 Last post 02-January-15, 05:23:19
by evan.zelkowitz
msi gtx 970 4G low fps
Hello,Been struggling with this for about a week now. I took the offer on the Far Cry 4. I upgraded my card from a GTX 660ti sin...
david_bawden 26 5439 Last post 01-January-15, 21:42:23
by david_bawden
MSI GTX 750 ti + HP Pavilion + Legacy BIOS setting = still doesn't work
I recently decided to upgrade the video card in my ~3 year old HP Pavilion (h8 1237-c).  It's been running a GeForce GTX 460, bu...
thehillyards 3 1817 Last post 01-January-15, 16:31:26
by flobelix
Driver stopped and black screen R9 270x
Hello everyone.My VGA R9 270x Gaming since I first installed about 7 days displays the message the video driver stopped and reco...
julivanny 3 1458 Last post 31-December-14, 21:03:55
by Svet
[REQUEST] GTX 770 Twin Frozr UEFI Bios
Hey,I'd like to use UEFI with my graphics card, but need a corresponsing BIOS.My S/N: 602 - V282 - 20SB1307056703Exact model: N7...
cornelius.riemenschneider 1 1053 Last post 31-December-14, 20:11:18
by Svet
latest BIOS for MSi GTX980 Gaming 4G
Hias some others have done and to try and solve the no display ports working issue.this is the bios reported via GPUZ = 84.04.28...
r1_robbie 7 1976 Last post 31-December-14, 10:40:39
by flobelix
r9 270x was working now isn't
System Specs -AMD fx6300Asus m5a97 r2.08gb corsair vengeance 1tb seagate barracudamsi r9 270x 2gbcorsair 750w cx seriesi think m...
jamiegg95 2 836 Last post 31-December-14, 10:22:52
by tr4nc1d80m8
GTX 760 Crash's
When running games or in browser I randomly get a black screen followed by the application crashing.The message reads:"Dispay dr...
pearsonpatrol 3 1060 Last post 31-December-14, 01:48:43
by flobelix
MOVED: multiple monitor
This topic has been moved to Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 781 Last post 30-December-14, 19:58:42
by flobelix
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