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REQUEST new GOP / EUFI bios for MSI R9 290 GAMING 4G
MSI R9 290 GAMING 4GS/N: 602-V308-02SB1401020608Link to current vbios: _
BrotherHYDRA 5 1176 Last post 09-December-14, 13:49:19
by Svet
The question about a warranty
Hello. Faced with the problem of warranty. I lived in the USA, and bought a video card MSI R9 280X. Now I live in Russia and fac...
shurik16doc 3 997 Last post 09-December-14, 15:10:23
by flobelix
help me
to function properly . additionally hassle-free smooth running msi gtx970 graphics card I want..a month is 4 separate pieces msi...
fthyrr1976fy 6 1167 Last post 09-December-14, 17:58:12
by flobelix
MSI GTX N770 TF 4GB OC freeze and stuttering
hello and thank for helping me with my issue...(and also sorry for my bad english)i'm getting lots of stuttering in games (far c...
samuel.j.rivard 7 1721 Last post 10-December-14, 09:00:44
by samuel.j.rivard
request: GOP / UEFI Bios for N730-2GD3
the current bios is NV809MS.Y80. Who for me has a GOP-compatible BIOS? The serial number is: 602-V809-286SD1408051791
reg200 1 1026 Last post 10-December-14, 10:00:44
by Svet
980 GAMING - VRM black fan questions !
So, there is any way to control the speed of the black area fan aka VRM fan from the 980 GAMING card ?I use the msi fan utility ...
CalinTM 1 938 Last post 10-December-14, 14:03:46
by Nichrome
Thinking about buying a Nvidia 970 GTX
However, I am starting to get completely lost. Right now I have:P67A-GD65(B3) Motherboard V 1.19Nvidia GeForce GTS 450i7 2600k S...
joshypoo06 5 1149 Last post 10-December-14, 20:38:44
by flobelix
Trying to boot with GTX 970 and getting no signal..
Installed a GTX 970 and since then the PC will switch on but I can't even get to the BIOS screen. If I take the card out then it...
craigrobson 5 1204 Last post 11-December-14, 17:04:33
by matt_miraglia
GTX 980 Gaming 4G is a thing of beauty
All those people complaining about coil whine, etc made me nervous.  My card is practically silent in OC Mode running 3DMark's F...
jfkeenan 6 1963 Last post 12-December-14, 03:31:00
by purge98
Request VBios for GTX 970
Hello,Hello, do you have update for my VBios ?this is my serial number : 602 - V316 - 09SB141... (just ask me if you want comple...
jicawuxew 2 1077 Last post 12-December-14, 11:28:52
by Svet
GTX980 displayport
Anyone know which dislayport socket out of the 3 on the card I use for running just 1 monitor  Is it normal that no video signal...
purge98 3 984 Last post 12-December-14, 17:21:17
by Nichrome
Latest official bios for 980 gaming ?
I know, another thread, but please dont close it, im really noob at finding bios'es and looking on them.So the official latest b...
CalinTM 5 1827 Last post 12-December-14, 17:22:10
by Nichrome
the platform does not support this application, but does under other account
Okay the MSI Gaming App works just fine under my own account on my PC on which I am the administrator. So it isn't a driver rela...
duncan.steijn 5 1400 Last post 12-December-14, 20:39:13
by duncan.steijn
Very HOT MSI 280x+Original Bios
I have a MSI 280x,brand new and is very hot even on an open case.I hit 87C when gaming,with the fans at 100%.I tried to switch t...
MihaiSG 12 2019 Last post 12-December-14, 22:19:53
by MihaiSG
GTX 970 packaging Questions
Receive my GTX 970 Gaming 4G yesterday beautiful Card can't wait to really benchmark itWas kind of sad not to find any stickers ...
xeshkar 1 890 Last post 12-December-14, 22:48:10
by Nichrome
Afterburner Question
Hi all,I recently purchased 2x MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4G. Everything is working fine, I have been overclocking, stress testing and b...
rscwingy 2 1005 Last post 13-December-14, 14:55:57
by boogeyman
Seeking MSI N760 TF 2GD5 / OC graphics UEFI BIOS
121024333 6 1474 Last post 14-December-14, 17:25:58
by flobelix
Pick your path game voucher question.
Yesterday I bought a GTX 970 from a store that DID NOT include a 'pick your path game voucher'. But I thought those vouchers wer...
AHMKHA97 2 1206 Last post 14-December-14, 18:11:25
by Nichrome
MOVED: BIOS not updating well . HELP
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
Svet 0 806 Last post 15-December-14, 14:57:42
by Svet
Blue Screen (atikmpag.sys) on MSI R9 280
Hello, i have one Video Card MSI R9 280 but with drivers problems resulting in failure to enter Windows by a Blue Screen.All the...
elmaster2040 5 1472 Last post 15-December-14, 15:40:39
by Svet
My gtx 770 is being listed as a GTX 660 in the device manager.
When I tried to re-install the latest drivers of my GPU after getting it to work since it sends no signal to my monitor last wee...
afamadico14 9 1785 Last post 16-December-14, 13:23:07
by Svet
[REQUESTS] Vbios - MSI GTX970 Gaming 4G
Hello. I'd like to request for a Vbios update for my GTX 970 Gaming 4G, I'm having issue with monitor blacking out and freezing ...
m-beeeep-99 8 4748 Last post 16-December-14, 16:48:09
by shahabi-89
MSI Gtx 980 core voltage LOCKED !
I just put my msi gtx 980 4g into my pc, was gonna take some benchmark testing and overclock, but i found out that in the msi af...
partynachim 5 2105 Last post 16-December-14, 18:16:09
by Nichrome
Random Crashing with from SLI gtx980
I have had random issues with My two 980 randomly crashing with 3 ROG swift monitors . Either i get a black screen across 1-3 sc...
pdotsika 14 2021 Last post 16-December-14, 18:51:18
by flobelix
MSI R9 270 - flickering blocks of pixels
Hello,I have some problems with displaying content - either in video games and while ordinary work (office/pdf/Internet). It loo...
thimgrim 7 2665 Last post 17-December-14, 16:33:38
by thimgrim
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