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MOVED: x570 Creation voltages
This topic has been moved to MSI AMD boards.
flobelix 0 304 Last post 14-August-19, 00:43:26
by flobelix
MOVED: Can I setup cpu intel gen 6 on motherboard chipset h370?
This topic has been moved to MSI Intel boards.
flobelix 0 413 Last post 02-August-18, 20:40:48
by flobelix
MOVED: PC build issues
This topic has been moved to MSI Intel boards.
flobelix 0 351 Last post 05-November-18, 08:56:24
by flobelix
MOVED: 970 Gaming Motherboard.... GPU card question
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
flobelix 0 384 Last post 05-November-18, 16:14:00
by flobelix
MOVED: MSI X58 pro - Effective reading problems ddr3
This topic has been moved to Older MSI motherboards.
flobelix 0 557 Last post 30-March-18, 12:31:42
by flobelix
(Poblem) MSI B350M Gaming Pro JOV1
Hi, there was a problem.After shutting down the computer, he did not want to turn on, everything on I see NVIDIA 1060 and before...
MINISTREL 1 700 Last post 05-June-18, 19:46:54
by flobelix
Alien: Isolation Review
Really good game. It's a few years old now but the graphics are still very nice and you can get it for cheap especially on a Ste...
ARMOR_152 1 1066 Last post Best Answer 07-October-17, 07:12:01
by dport78
Do I need a spare cpu to update bios on MSI b350 mortar mATX board?
Hello, this is my first pc build and I decided to purchase a MSI B350 mortar MATX motherboard to go with my cpu. The cpu I purch...
joshuamathesjm 1 552 Last post 30-September-18, 14:20:29
by flobelix
Bios update!
Successfull bios update, today this night! +45 FPS on PUBG on GTX 1060 and can oc the i5 7400 without K
marcelowskyofficial 1 629 Last post 28-March-18, 20:52:06
by flobelix
My MSI motherboard with gaming
Its pretty good but can use more RAM slots with every motherboard, and can also use more graphics card slots and 2 HDMI ports, b...
damienbitting 2 1632 Last post 10-July-16, 17:23:27
by HenryW
MSI Gaming Not Pairing With Mobile
Hello guys, I just bought a MSI B350m Bazooka yesterday, and upon trying it's MSI gaming app paired to mystic light, I encounter...
terelleleuterio 2 877 Last post 12-February-19, 19:18:10
by flobelix
Can't install Nahimic 2 Audio Software (Missing Realtek Audio Driver?)
Edit: My apologies I realised the silly mistake I had made. Please remove this post.
josh25 2 1567 Last post 10-November-16, 06:41:32
by josh25
MSI 970 GAMING was mediocre at best.The MOBO has served me for 3 years. >OC Genie>Audio boost>Good lookwere some of its features...
rjoshua23.ll 2 682 Last post 28-March-18, 20:53:30
by flobelix
Last Man Standing (A Free Steam Game)
Last. Man. Standing. Poorman's PUBG. (KIDDING)Last Man Standing is a free battle royale steam game. After several hours of game ...
mjrdnr 2 1825 Last post 07-October-17, 07:16:25
by dport78
msi motherboard and how it handles pubg
I believe I have enough hours in to give a review so here it goes....Bugs: I've found two issues. One is after a match I never g...
sebastiansebeche 2 1575 Last post 24-July-17, 20:33:39
by johnpaulthomason
A high fantasy fan's opinion on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
In one word: Awesome.The world and the story that you play through in it are immense. The settings and characters have been craf...
rjayw87 2 823 Last post 02-March-18, 18:40:33
by rjayw87
Need an new cpu. i let u guys decide
cooleramon123 3 771 Last post 29-July-18, 01:13:47
by acidburn2010
What do you guy's think of the new Dust2 on the csgo BETA atm?
What do you guy's think of the new Dust2 on the csgo BETA atm?"Perhaps the quintessential CS:GO map, Dust II has been a classic ...
teamrazer 4 1550 Last post 27-August-18, 06:58:15
by Zakato
Battlefield 1 and other thoughts
I read below that playing Battlefield 1 is not what the player expected on player against the computer mode. After playing for m...
airpilot555 5 1540 Last post 05-January-18, 11:35:25
by sachin
Msi z270 pro carbon on gaming
IT supports overclock. when I play Gta Online or pubg normally it gives me like 30-50 but when I open overclock mode I get like ...
goktugalkan3560 5 1328 Last post 11-November-18, 15:42:32
by mushroomking10
Watch Dogs 2
Watch dogs 2 has to be the best game I've played. Recently I've been trying to seperate myself from the dumb minecraft community...
dylanjyanez03 6 2375 Last post 31-October-17, 17:40:38
by ARMOR_152
Pc wont boot
Hi,My comp was knocked over and it worked for like 3 weeks. Than randomly 3 days ago my pc randomly would reboot. just this morn...
mexdale23 8 2851 Last post 08-December-15, 16:31:38
by flobelix
One of the best games I've ever played. Sadly the community is corrupt. it's turned far worse than call of duty and csgo. The co...
dylanjyanez03 13 3501 Last post 07-October-17, 07:18:37
by dport78
Starter PC
im getting a job soon so i will finally be able to make my own gaming pc, i put together some parts online and i iv been changin...
danbot02 16 3187 Last post Best Answer 06-March-17, 18:09:54
by Nichrome
Pretty Darn Happy!!!
I'd just built myself my first MSI gaming machine. It's last gen parts because us poor people wanna play games too! I'm going t...
keith.valdez 26 3807 Last post 04-May-18, 22:25:43
by koroglunuricagri
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