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A Promising Star: Saigon Fantastic Five
Saigon Fantastic Five (SF5) is one of the top professional League of Legend teams based in Vietnam, sponsored by MSI. All the me...
badminiton 0 2368 Last post 23-September-14, 05:03:37
by badminiton
“Kick the Game, Rock the World!” MSI Partners with eSports Team K1ck
According to a recent survey by Price Water House Cooper (PwC), PC gaming is going to be bigger than ever. Thanks to the growing...
badminiton 0 6314 Last post 26-August-15, 01:59:57
by badminiton
2080 in a laptop?
Hey guys do you think the new 2080 video cards will come to laptops this year? That would be amazing for the new 6 core processo...
pettway1010 0 891 Last post 09-April-18, 14:59:29
by pettway1010
Energy eSports the most brilliant gaming star born in the most ancient continent
Energy eSports was founded in 2012 by individuals with the same goals, aspirations and beliefs in South African eSports. Today, ...
badminiton 0 2649 Last post 15-December-15, 01:22:21
by badminiton
The italian god of war TEAM FORGE fearless !
THE ITALIAN GOD OF WAR TEAM FORGE FEARLESS !Team Forge shines the power of MSI Dragon soulHOT! MSI eSport News Report, as MSI go...
Shrek 0 1420 Last post 12-September-18, 08:54:27
by Shrek
hello every one :))
1.What was the original intention when Detonator gaming team setting up? Would you please introduce the main organization and te...
kingofwar2402 0 811 Last post 15-March-18, 08:12:25
by kingofwar2402
Possible msi ( Trackmania Team )
Hello,Me and some friends talked a little bit about your products and so on and we like them.We thought why not a msi team for t...
tianvanrhyn640 0 1559 Last post 19-March-16, 13:11:17
by tianvanrhyn640
Looking to get sponsorship for a Halo 5 Halo World Championship team!
Currently a solo ex-professional player of Halo 2 as well as Semi-Professional Halo 3 player and Professional coach but not for ...
tsgodh 0 1162 Last post 16-June-17, 18:24:07
by tsgodh
[DOTA2]TNC Pro Team, no line up change?
[font="Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif]"Opo, hanggang TI7 ang line-up na 'to, ([/font][/color][font="Helvetica Neue", Arial, ...
cacaygeronimo 0 1724 Last post 01-February-17, 05:33:41
by cacaygeronimo
[DOTA2]Abed on in way to LA
Abed twitted on 7:02 PM Jan 31, 17 "Off to Los Angeles, CA. NA (North America) doto". Confirming that he will play for NA with D...
cacaygeronimo 0 1440 Last post 01-February-17, 04:52:04
by cacaygeronimo
Sponsor Ship 2019 Application
Good day.I am a co-owner of an esports team called sentinel. we are a South African based esports team.WE are currently in the v...
royelliott0 0 1403 Last post 13-July-18, 15:01:44
by royelliott0
PandaCute: Girl Power Shines at HK
Founded in 2016, PandaCute (PDQ) is Hong Kong's No. 1 all-female professional team playing League of Legends. Consisting of five...
Shrek 0 1496 Last post 13-August-18, 03:34:24
by Shrek
A New Era Begins for MSI Team Dragon Knights
1.Tell us about the history of MSI TDK. How did it begin? How was it founded, and how were the beginnings? Where does the name M...
badminiton 0 2332 Last post 28-January-15, 06:01:41
by badminiton
HWA Gaming, eSports Rising Star in Turkey
1.   Introduce HWA Gaming to us. Tell us where it all began. Who built this winning organization and how? How many players and t...
badminiton 0 2691 Last post 24-November-14, 04:15:37
by badminiton
MSI Partners with Australian eSports Team Vox Eminor ‘No Pain, No Game!
(MSI eSports News Report)2014 MSI continued to help popularize electronic sports and support gamers and teams selected from all ...
badminiton 0 2721 Last post 09-October-14, 04:36:59
by badminiton
High school eSports team start
Any tips for starting a high school eSports team? I teach audio video.
phil 0 334 Last post 23-March-19, 15:03:50
by phil
Welcome to MSI eSport Team Spotlight! Featuring Method Orange, the elite of WoW!
MSI hereby proudly introduce the great esport team Method Orange which sponsored by MSI and went all the way in the final round ...
Shrek 0 466 Last post 09-April-19, 09:13:28
by Shrek
Spotlight/Gaming Sweetie Bianca made her MSI Brand Ambassador debut
(MSI eSport News Report)2014 MSI continuedto popularizing the global professional Electronic Sport (eSport) and made every effor...
badminiton 0 2793 Last post 05-May-14, 10:11:48
by badminiton
Galactic, the eSports Team from Japan, the Cradle of Video Games
1. Could you introduce Galactic team's history briefly? Why choose the name Galactic? Is there any special meaning for Galactic?...
badminiton 0 2248 Last post 21-July-14, 12:14:54
by badminiton
The Upcoming World Champion: Team NXL
MSI, the highly recognized world leading Gaming hardware brand, keeping their original sponsorship decision in mind, continues p...
Shrek 0 482 Last post 30-May-19, 04:45:46
by Shrek
Vega Squadron: The Russian Sharks' Fearless Journey to the World
Vega Squadron is one of the best eSports organizations in Russia and CIS. Started as a StarCraft 2 team in 2012 by Alexey 'Vega'...
emersonyang 1 1824 Last post 01-November-17, 07:11:51
by tiatang
A New Power is Rising! MSI Allianced with the Dark Horse Team Snake eSports
A New Power is Rising!  MSI Allianced with the Dark Horse Team Snake eSports ! [font=DINP
tiatang 1 4543 Last post 15-November-17, 03:36:09
by badminiton
China's 1st CS World Champ wNv Seeks Return to Glory
As China's first eSports club, wNv was brought into being in 2003. The breathtaking victory of wNv in WEG2005 Season 3 CS World ...
Shrek 1 3393 Last post 04-May-18, 03:16:54
by Claire Gordon
PENTA Sports: The passion for gaming runs through our bloodstreams!
February 2016Through the history of competitive gaming, tournaments around the globe have provided us with countless amazing mom...
badminiton 1 4880 Last post 15-March-16, 06:01:18
Team Phoenix GaminG: We are the Game
Phoenix GaminG is a group of teams and individuals who participate in a variety of eSports titles. Founded in 2008, Phoenix Gami...
emersonyang 1 2744 Last post 08-July-16, 00:30:24
by james.yuenger
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