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What is the racing game shown on MSI GS66 Stealth page?
I have been searching for days and I cant seem to find what game that is.I have linked a screenshot of the game below from this ...
weatherman419 0 155 Last post 29-June-20, 09:33:12
by weatherman419
Best game of 2019
Just wondering of all the E3 games showing up what do you think will come as first. personally i think cyberpunk is going to win...
deva291998raaj14 6 1919 Last post 29-May-20, 10:24:44
by satineeraj13
What are you playing now?
I decided to play Planet Coaster. This is an amazing game.
hiptoon1 1 638 Last post 22-March-20, 10:02:14
by elenalarock
Trouble with far cry primal and software is confusing me
I am having trouble with all the new software of my new build and playing far cry primal, from what I know about all the spec of...
8thsinner 0 331 Last post 23-January-20, 06:46:24
by 8thsinner
whats your favourite class from tf2 and why? mine would probs be either heavy or demo, mainly cause theyre fun to play and i lik...
Nanasuru 1 504 Last post 08-December-19, 17:59:37
by mefe3234
Crowfall videos + open beta (free tests!) this winter
Crowfall is incoming PvP MMORPG in cartoony style - to enable battles with hundreds of players, with lots of physics and voxel b...
spantelic 5 1848 Last post 12-October-19, 23:46:46
by francisbaudelude
What franchise has stood the test of time?
I'm interested to hear what you think! Some franchises (a series of titles) have been around since the dawn of the home entertai...
Standard_Becky 2 570 Last post 05-June-19, 00:41:13
by Standard_Becky
Division 2
Anyone playing this? Loving it so far. Picked up the MSI Armor RTX 2070 along with the ROG Swift PG279Q monitor just recently an...
darkynick 2 654 Last post 10-April-19, 00:16:29
by darkynick
Who's your favorite Leon
Vote for your favorite version of Leon Scott Kennedy
j.a.morkel 0 388 Last post 09-April-19, 17:23:11
by j.a.morkel
Best resident evil character
Who is the best resident evil character?
j.a.morkel 0 493 Last post 09-April-19, 17:18:01
by j.a.morkel
Best game
What is your favorite game. my favorite game is gta 5
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ggplay092 75 12456 Last post Best Answer 21-December-18, 22:46:19
by lorenzopolak
Most Anticipated Games For 2019?
OK it's getting to the end of the year so I guess about now is time to ask what games you are all looking forward to in 2019?For...
shopping 4 1165 Last post 06-December-18, 15:10:15
by muratbilgic27
FPS with great story
Hi! I'm pretty new in the environment of the gamers, and I'm not a great player.Can I ask you a FPS to play often, with a great ...
stefano.ugolini.k 3 1296 Last post 15-October-18, 16:27:47
by aditya_inst
what is the worst game you ever seen or played
what is the worst game you have ever seen or played
ggplay092 29 4844 Last post Best Answer 11-October-18, 11:44:15
by martin.vladimirov1
So as im new to this forume, wanna say hello every1! How u doin ? So, lets start... I wasted 60 euros on this game, but its not ...
jurisicmarkojurke 16 3119 Last post 05-September-18, 13:02:21
by kumcu.mustafa
Rainbow Six Siege
For those of you who play it, what are your opinions on Rainbow Six Siege?
miracleboi 1 748 Last post 21-August-18, 15:50:41
by flobelix
Rainbow six siege
Anyone playing R6S. may friends keep bugging me to buy and play it. Is it good or worth it?
ardale_palillo14 7 2336 Last post 18-August-18, 11:04:11
by miracleboi
Hello, I heard that the new god of war for play4 and I would like to know if there are possibilities to play it on the PC, in XB...
cervantes.martin.m.a 10 2383 Last post 07-August-18, 01:36:15
by acidburn2010
What game(s) are you most looking forward to in 2018?
I'm still slowly catching up on my backlog of games from 2017, but that doesn't mean I'm not also excited for what's around the ...
johnathansalter 5 1486 Last post 31-July-18, 03:20:37
by miklet
PlayerUnknown's Battleground Or Fortnite
I Think Pubg is better as it has better graphics and better physics related stuff . Fortnite has the that build option which is ...
sankalpsharmafx 6 1819 Last post 11-May-18, 12:48:05
by denisshemetenkov
Game controller for PC games
I'm a casual gamer and just bought my 1st gaming laptop. I bought it for the Play Anywhere feature with Xbox. I'm new to that al...
edbutryn 36 9679 Last post 02-May-18, 01:32:55
by zachary
PUBG Optimization
Best Optimzation for MSI GE62 GQF Apache Pro for PUBG? Cant seem to get a good set up.
sambonful99 1 2190 Last post 30-April-18, 15:21:17
by anant.anytime
Far cry 5
We need far cry 5 all editions as fast as possible...
NAVISHKA PERERA 2 1059 Last post 19-April-18, 03:55:36
Warcraft 4
Who wants Warcraft 4, I love rts games. I think that blizzard is coming out with my second favorite rts game soon. Anyone else t...
pettway1010 1 853 Last post 19-April-18, 02:41:33
by johnathansalter
Best geaming Headphones under 125$ ?
I am Looking for some good Wireless Headphones under 125$ as my current headphones doesn't help me at all. Like playing Pubg my ...
sankalpsharmafx 1 1075 Last post 02-March-18, 07:25:19
by johnathansalter
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