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Sticky Topics
The topic I want to discuss with everyone today is how to upgrade your own MSI Nightblade X2 gaming desktop. Although every game...
edcwtsai 36 12318 Last post 06-December-18, 02:19:34
by mahyar.ghazinour
Hi Gamers,After waiting for a long time, Aegis launched today!!! Let's see a video to learn how to upgrade Aegis in several simp...
ginolin 13 3482 Last post 28-October-17, 07:07:44
by jcioffi88
Hi GamersHave you already order Aegis? Don’t be hesitated. Aegis is an easy upgrade Desktop PC which lets owners can improve its...
ginolin 7 3759 Last post 20-March-17, 10:25:37
by habib.dinul
Normal Topics
MOVED: HELP!!! All In One 27t 6qe GTX 980M PROBLEMS
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
flobelix 0 63 Last post 06-February-19, 20:02:51
by flobelix
MOVED: MPG27CQ Monitor Software Issue
This topic has been moved to GAMING Desktop PCs / Monitor / All-in-One PCs.
flobelix 0 95 Last post 23-January-19, 19:05:47
by flobelix
Wi-fi antenna question - advice
Hey guys, My son just bought himself an MSI-Codex from Fry's. We got it home and all set up and appears to run very fast perform...
clhendrick 0 75 Last post 15-January-19, 18:49:49
by clhendrick
Which RAM to choose
I have 3 ram sticks to choose from,i know they are pretty much same but which one would go best with Ryzen 3 2200G and MSI B450 ...
mkdgamer814 0 134 Last post 03-January-19, 17:07:16
by mkdgamer814
Instructions for installing SSD on Trident 3
Hello,I bought a 250GB Crucial SSD for my Trident 3.  I'm having trouble locating any instructions specific to to taking apart t...
jlittle_97 1 170 Last post 01-January-19, 07:37:23
by jackson7840
msi trident 3 with rtx 2070 itx
Hello everyone, I am in possession of a msi trident 3(i7 7700,1060 3gb,8go) and I would like to know if it is possible with the ...
pourmongaming 0 162 Last post 24-December-18, 17:44:41
by pourmongaming
Triple Monitor Help needed
Hi,I have 3 MSI MAG27C Monitors and a Asus Strix GTX1070 card.The card has 2 display ports,2 hdmi ports and one dvi port.I cant ...
craig2013 0 73 Last post 23-December-18, 01:17:24
by craig2013
need help: msi aegis 3 water cooling
Good day,i have the msi aegis 3 - i7, 1070gtx, 16Gb.can i install water cooling for the cpu? if yes can you give me advice what ...
kiril0110 0 138 Last post 21-December-18, 19:20:12
by kiril0110
Install a liquid cooler inside MSi Aegis?
Hey guys, I have been running with my Aegis i5 6500 for a while now and was wondering if there is any way to install a liquid co...
vedran.simic87 2 997 Last post 20-December-18, 15:34:02
by vedran.simic87
Bricked my AE2420 3D because of MSI's poor design.
Installed AE2420 BIOS by mistake, instead of AE2420 3D. I have been using computers for over 30 years, I bought the first 386 pr...
julia_johnsonjj 1 94 Last post 20-December-18, 07:11:52
by drohrstestes
MOVED: Mortar Arctic b350m.Where are the front panel hookups
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
flobelix 0 119 Last post 12-December-18, 19:57:20
by flobelix
Optix Mag241c HDMI 1.4 supports 144hz?
I just want to clarify if this is true? I read it on MSI's official specs for the Mag241c monitor, but anywhere I search in Goog...
josepaulopineda 0 197 Last post 09-December-18, 11:39:04
by josepaulopineda
MOVED: Installing SSD Driver to a MSI Z370M Gaming Pro
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
flobelix 0 115 Last post 08-December-18, 11:23:13
by flobelix
MOVED: Blank Screen
This topic has been moved to MSI AMD boards.
badboy2k 0 235 Last post 08-November-18, 04:40:45
by badboy2k
MOVED: CORE FROZR L on a MSI B450I Gaming Plus AC
This topic has been moved to Other MSI products.
flobelix 0 212 Last post 25-October-18, 16:46:37
by flobelix
Aegis 3 - 1080 ti possible?
Hello all,I currently run 1070 on my Aegis 3.  I recently came across an Nvidia 1080 ti Founders Edition (as a gift).  I opened ...
jaythefencingguy 7 1999 Last post 21-October-18, 18:15:23
by marcos_okay
trident 3 8th with the i5-8400 upgrade questions
Just got my Trident 3 the other day and its already making me want to do new things to itFirst of all the CPU, can I upgrade the...
matt38y3 0 311 Last post 14-October-18, 03:39:00
by matt38y3
Liquid cooler and the MSI Infinte A
I have an Infinite A with a 7700 and 1080.  I wanted to put a 240mm water cooler in it,  more just for fun as the cooling now is...
big4570 0 251 Last post 01-October-18, 23:36:56
by big4570
Trident 3 case LED colors. Can they be changed?
I've been searching to find out if it's possible to change the color of the LED light on the Trident 3 case manually somehow. If...
Bort 1 1549 Last post 01-October-18, 02:41:04
by monkey_83
Hello there,Just bought from ebay the Msi Trident 3 i5-7400, 8gb RAM that comes with the Geforce 1050ti. The problem is the Msi ...
pedroagss 1 299 Last post 27-September-18, 17:03:34
by pedroagss
Can I put a RTX 2080 ti in my Aegis X3
The new 2080 ti is coming out and I don't know if I could fit it in this pc.
crimsonskyfire101 3 562 Last post 21-September-18, 10:18:24
by Nichrome
MSI MAG27CQ Vesa 75mm Mount
I have a MAG27CQ monitor. It has a 75mm Vesa mounting option by removing the included stand. I have an Ergonomics Mount that has...
gcameron0808 0 424 Last post 20-September-18, 17:45:53
by gcameron0808
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